Apr. 14th, 2015

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Young People's Pride: A Novel, by Stephen Vincent Benet
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Theodore Billet and Oliver Crowe are best friends from Yale (Class of 1917). They served in France together, and are both engaged (or soon to be) to a lovely young woman. Oliver is toiling away in Advertising, trying to sell his Novel and make enough money to marry Nancy, who is currently back with his family in St Louis. Ted is musing over mutual friend Peter's lovely sister, Elinor, while at the same time attracted to the gorgeous older Mrs. Severance. When Oliver and Nancy 'bust up', and Ted loses Elinor by confessing 'what he did in France' a minute after confessing his love, Ollie puts his effort into getting his friends back together...


This was a bit hard to get into, but at the same time, I finished it very quickly. It was very fast moving, despite being very wordy. In some ways it reminded me of the Great Gatsby, with the wordsy musings on life, and the lovely metaphors.It definitely had a different feel than the other books, most likely because it was chiefly a book about young men, written by a man. It was a very young book, all about the young men trying to make it in life, trying to reach their dreams and deal with money problems and figuring out what love is. I enjoyed the banter between the guys, and the book had some beautiful phrasing in it. A lot of the character's problems were also recognizable to me, showing how little people really change.


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