Apr. 19th, 2015

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The Romantic Lady (1921)
Michale Arlen

The Romantic Lady – The story of a beautiful Italian woman who choses her new husband by inviting a man home and forbidding him to ever see her again.
Fay Richmond – A man finds himself a frequent guest and friend in the house of the beautiful Fay Richmond, engaged to an Italian count, and unable to realize that he himself is in love with her.
Consuelo – A man reminisces about a beautiful woman who he loved, although she was married to his best friend.
The Romance of Iris Poole – a beautiful woman is caught between two brothers.

I was surprised by this one, because I didn’t know it was a book of short stories when I started it. I really enjoyed the first three stories though. My favorite was the first one – I would have read a full novel of it. The stories all followed the same pattern, so common in older novels – the narrator meets a man who tells him the story of whatever the plot is, and that story makes up the book. They also ended relatively similarly, with some sort of twist.
The language was really lovely in there. They felt very old-fashioned to me, both in terms of language, and theme.


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