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Tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving in a long time with my little sister, my first with her husband, and several friends who have just moved out, and my last Thanksgiving with the friends who we've had Thanksgiving with every year since moving out here 8 years ago, as they are moving across the country next month.

Took my floating holiday so I can make this: http://www.thebittenword.com/thebittenword/2011/11/thanksgiving-make-ahead-roast-turkey-and-gravy.html

I'm glad I have the day off, because I just calculated and including the time to make the gravy, the whole thing will take 4 or 5 hours. LOL I hope it comes it comes out well!

Best Dinner

Nov. 8th, 2014 08:20 pm
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 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich:

2 thick slices of Acme's Pain de Mie Bread
4 slices of pepper jack cheese
salted butter

1. Butter both sides of each slice of bread. Heat a frying pan.
2. Toast the slices on one side until browned. 
3. Flip bread over. Put cheese on previously toasted side and place other slice on top, toasted side facing the cheese.
4. Toast both sides of sandwich until browned, and cheese is melted.


Follow with an organic cameo apple. 

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Troublemaker, the duo comprised of Hyuna from 4minute and Hyunseung from B2st, has finally released another single called Now ~ we have no tomorrow~.
I don't like the song quite as much as their first single, the eponymous Troublemaker, but I love the concept and the video.

Bonnie and Clyde are having a huge resurgence in popularity right now. There's a musical, both here and in Korea, two TV shows beginning soon, and our local theater had a modern-art play telling their story only a month or two again.
The video for Now sets Hyuna and Hyunseung up as a sort of modern day Bonnie and Clyde - according to official statements - and although they don't actually seem to much actual criminal activity other than setting posters on fire. But it does capture the sort of doomed romance and us against the world feeling which is the reason that the myth built up around Bonnie and Clyde has continued to capture the public imagination for so long. 

Hyunseung is a cool and slightly effeminate Clyde, with his silver hair and slim body, a party boy drowning in booze and threesomes who can't seem to stop fooling around despite his love for Hyuna's Bonnie, or how much it makes him hate himself. Hyuna, with her blonde almost-bob and her red lipstick, makes a punk and tough Bonnie, with just as much, if not more fire and passion than Clyde. Both succeed in looking pretty badass, and of course they have great chemistry.  They drink and sleep with - or refuse, in Hyuna's case - other people, argue and push each other around, only to end up back in bed together, drawn together as the only ones who can understand each other, thinking back on happier times before their worse impulses got the better of them, doomed but unable to pull themselves away.

(black is both, pink is Hyuna, blue is Hyunseung)

Tell me now now now
Tell me now now now
Before today is over
Tell me now now now now now now

You stopped but you make me hesitate again.
You don't say anything, you just like you were yesterday
Look me in the eyes and tell me
before this night ends, because the light fades

Let's not leave like this again.
While we hesitate, time keep on ticking
I don’t wanna go
This is the last time. This is the end.

*Come to me now and tell me. We have no tomorrow.
Don't hesitate.
Before it's too late, now
Don't push me farther and farther away
The two of us, here and now
Before we disappear 
Tell me now now now
Tell me now now now
Before today is over
Tell me now now now now now now

We don't have any more tomorrows
So call my name
Bring it up right now in your own words, confess it to me
On this road,
I just want to rely on you. (Rely on you)

Let's not drift apart like this again.
While we hesitate, time keep on ticking
I don’t wanna go
This is the last time. This is the end.


We're together in this maze
You're the only one I can rely on
Close your eyes and hold me me in your arms.
Because tomorrow will never come again


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Author you’ve read the most books by:
Hmm...Georgette Heyer (23) or Anne Rice (22)....
Wait no...it's actually L.M Montgomery at 26!

Best sequel ever:
'The Dream Thieves' - The Raven Boys #2

Currently reading:
I'm currently reading about 5 books at a time, but the one of those I've been reading most today is Mary Pickford, America's Sweetheart AKA the the laziest title you could ever give your biography of Mary Pickford.

Drink of choice while reading:
Tea (afternoon/evening) or Coffee (morning).

E-reader or physical books?
Physical books unless it's 1)not available as a physical book or 2)super long

Fictional character you probably would’ve actually dated in high school:
Hmm...that's a good question!

Glad you gave this book a chance:
Codename Verity, The Fault in Our Stars

Hidden gem book:
The Queen's Thief Series

Important moment in your reading life:
Maybe reading my first full length novel in Japanese?
Or crying at a book for the first time - it was Memnoch the Devil, haha.

Just finished:
Non-fiction: Three Squares
Fiction: Dancers in the Dark

Kind of books you won’t read:
I don't really like mysteries, crime novels, and I have to be in the mood for a modern day romance.

Longest book you’ve read:
Hmm...I'm not sure!

Major book hangover because of:
Fiction: Codename Verity
Non-Fiction: American Venus

Number of bookcases you own:
4, but we need more!

One book you have read multiple times:
I re-read books a lot, actually.
The one I've probably re-read the most is....Tale of the Body Thief. Haha.

Preferred place to read:

Quote that inspires you from a book you’ve read:
Too many to think of just one!

Reading regret:
I wish I'd read 'I Capture the Castle' when I was younger. I loved it, but I think it would have become one of my top favorites back then.

Series you’ve started and need to finish (in which all the books are out):
The Gathering Storm.

Three of your all-time favorite books:
Privilege of the Sword
Friday's Child
A Natural History of the Senses

Unapologetic fangirl for:
What I did for a duke.

Very excited for this release:
Third Untold book, Next raven boys book. Just One Year.

Worst bookish habit:
Reading a bunch of books at once.

X marks the spot—start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:
Sorcery and Cecilia.

Your latest book purchase:
The Gilded Age Lives. Eli Monpress

ZZZ-snatcher (book that kept you up way too late):
I can't remember...
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-Watched a documentary on Errol Flynn. It was rather depressing. Also, he was very handsome, and apparently charming. And a sex addict, as judged by the one quote. And kind of sketchy, esp in his later years (if you can call late 40s 'later years'.)

- Billy Haines was awesome. (Reading a biography now)Why can I not find the documentary?

- Mary Pickford kicked so much ass. (Started another documentary.) (Wilful Peggy is fabulous) And she was gorgeous. Need to read a biography.

-Also, the official Coldest Girl in Coldtown cocktail is delicious. (Came with the book, has rose water and prosecco. And also vodka, which is less interesting.)

-Silent films that I wish were not lost: Three Weeks (I mean I actually read the book!), Anne of Green Gables, The Great Gatsby.

- 浪漫のお国で逢いましょう FINALLY came out as a tankoban!! I've literally* been waiting 3 years!
*the original meaning, not the new-fangled definition.

- Apparently there is a Heian version of Anata no tame nara doko demo. I need this in my life!
Speaking of Nakamura Asumiko...I wonder where my Doukyusei Art Book went?

- Apparently they came out with an omnibus version of Kimi wa Pet. I should invest in that.
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- GD's new album. GD's new MVs.
I can't even choose!!

Coup D'Etat?

Or Twisted?

- Jamie's Great Britain TV show.(Just finished the Yorkshire episode)

- Dynamo Donuts Candied Orange Blossom donuts. They are so beautifully fragrant - it's like eating Florida.

- My favorite summer sandwich - toasted bread,heirloom tomatoes, feta and coarse ground black pepper.

- Maggie Stiefvater's blog. (Also watched this podcast.

- The cool summer pies from my southern pies cookbook: green tomato, rhubarb pie, strawberry cream, peach pecan, blackberry crumble... Maybe I'll make one soon.
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So I just finished the sequel to The Raven Boys, which is called The Dream Thieves. It took me forever to finish it, because I started it, got halfway, didn't want to rush through it before I had to lend it to someone else, and then, when I got it back a month or so later, started reading it from the beginning. Then for a little while I forced myself to read only a chapter at a time, because I didn't want to it to be over. And then, just this morning, after not picking it up for two weeks or so because I couldn't bear to finish it, I sat down and finished the last 4 chapters or so.

I'm not sure if that was the best way to read it, but that's neither here nor there. I loved it. The twist - I'm not sure if it was a twist so much as an answer - when it came, made me stop, gasp, and whisper it outloud in delighted wonder. I feel like there were several answers in this book, a few which I was delightedly surprised by, and one which I'd been hoping for, but was slightly surprised (and gratified) to be right about.

I made some notes when I started reading it, and I'm just going to C&P them here:

Already loving it. Her way with words in the first chapter made me think that she may write better than anyone else I've read. Makes all those other books seems not quite literary enough. every sentence feels perfect.

So dense. I don't want it to end

Speaking of Maggie's writing, here's a recent post by her about writing that I really enjoyed:

ETA: And another one:
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Work was super stressful today, so I wanted stuff that cheered me up.

- This video of John Green vlogging from the set of TFiOS.

- I'm so obsessed with Seungri's new album!

- Special Mention to FOB because some of the songs from Save Rock N' Roll came out and made me instantly happy.

- The Dream Thief. Now I'm reading about a page a day because I don't want to finish it!

- Zunko and Takarazuka. :D
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Getting back into Takarazuka. I watched their version of the French Romeo et Juliette, and it was really good. Some parts were kind of weird, and I feel like some of the vocal parts were a bit low for some of the otokoyaku, but I really liked the Romeo - Otozuki Kei - he had such a great presence and a really impressive voice, and Juliet - Maihane Mimi - was good except that sometimes she sounded off-key. But they were adorable together. And I forget how sexy otokoyaku are.

Also I am now obsessed with Elisabeth.
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I just watched a wonderful newish (2012, I believe) BBC Documentary on Clara Bow, called Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess. It included a ton of new footage I'd never seen before, includng a lot of clips from her talkies, and a clip from the newly discovered Red Hair, which is her only picture in color. I was surprised to hear that she actually sounds just like any other actress from the period. She slipped up on a few words here and there in the beginning, but that Hollywood accent was so much stronger than any hint of Brooklyn. I'm not sure why it surprised me so much - I guess I'd just gotten the idea that she couldn't transition into talkies. But the documentary reminded me that it was really more about all the scandals and personal betrayals along with the fear of microphones that led to her leaving pictures. And as far as mic phobia goes, so many actors and actresses had during the period, because movies were changing forever and you couldn't even act the same way anymore since a director couldn't talk you though an scene with microphones on set. Not only that, but usual, Clara got screwed over by Paramount - Greta Garbo got 2 YEARS to get rid of her accent, Clara got 2 WEEKS. It's all a shame, because from the clips, she seemed really good in the talking roles. Just as good as she'd been in the silents.

Watching anything about Clara is always such a rollercoaster of emotions, the early part of her life was so horrific, and she was just so grateful to be acting, and she just got taken advantage of by so many people. It makes you wish she'd had someone there to show her the ropes and protect her from all the greedy backstabbing people. But she was just so trusting and loving. I think that's one of the things that made her shine on screen though - she was so natural, and she had such a vivacity and a joy for life, and it really comes across.

Other than that, there's a bunch of other things I'm looking forward to watching - Jamie's Great Britain show, a BBC show on the Regency Period, more of Jamie's 30 minute meals which I've been loving, etc etc...

EDIT: Now I'm watching the episode on Clara Bow from the Silent Film mini series from 1980. The scenes of her in Mantrap are just brilliant. And what a treat it is to hear Louise Brooks talk about Clara. It's so fascinating to get her take on Clara, and there's something so heartwarming about her passionate defense of Clara as the best movie actress of the 1920s. (Remember that Kenneth Brown is only including Clara in this docu to rectify an earlier omission in his book on silent films after a FURIOUS letter from Louise.) What I would give to have been a fly on the wall during the voice test with Clara and Louise together! Wow! Speaking of voices, I love Louise's voice - of course she's an very old woman in this documentary, but I think her voice fits her perfectly! Arch and cultured and lovely.
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- What I Did for a Duke, by Julie Anne Long.
Despite the title and hilarious cover, I ended up loving this!It will definitely be one of my guilty pleasure rereads. The characters were brilliantly drawn and original takes on my favorite type of Romance hero and heroine - he older, debauched, wicked and sardonic, she innocent and earnest and full of passion (emotional and physical) just waiting to be unleashed. I loved their banter which was witty and delightful and the sexy bits were very sexy.

- Jazz Age Fashion: Dressed to Kill, which Cy got for me.
It's all close ups of actual clothes from the 20s, and the details are exquisite.

- Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals show. Jamie will always be a comfort watch/read for me. I'm not sure if I could actually make all these meals in 30 minutes, since I feel like it always takes me longer to cook things, but I'd sure like to try! YUM

- The documentary Flappers, Speakeasies and the Birth of Modern Culture.

- On a Takarazuka kick again, thanks to Chicchai!Aileen. Although now I am a bit sad that I may have lost my copy of the 1997 performance of "http://www.takarazuka-revue.info/tiki-index.php?page=Romanesque+Mask+%2F+Golden+Days+%28Snow+1997%29">Kamen no Romanesque, AKA the best Takarazuka show ever, because Hanafusa Mari, Takane Fubuki and my favorite of favorites, Todoroki Yuu.

- Getting into watercolors again, which has been fun.
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I watched...

TV: Vampire Diaries. So much Vampire Diaries.

Movie: A Royal Affair, Jack the Giant Slayer


I read...

Book: The Dream Thief, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Manga: Koyoi Omae To, Kinoshita Keiko

Magazines: Biba, Marie-Claire, Tattler

I listened to....

Favorite album: Tomomi Kahala - DREAM,

Favorite song: Sistar - Give it to me, Oh - 2PM,

Favorite group:

I squeed over... France, Ireland and Scotland

Looking forward to next month... Koda Kumi's single, etc
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I watched...

TV: Vampire Diaries. So much Vampire Diaries.

Movie: Beautiful Creatures


I read...

Book: How the French Invented Love, One Night Of Scandal


I listened to....

Favorite album: Dune - Wild Hearts

Favorite song: NU'EST - Yoboseyo Fall out Boy - My songs know what you did in the dark, U-KISS - distraction

Favorite group: U-KISS

I squeed over... Fall Out Boy's Comeback!!!! Less so, news of U-KISS' new album.

Looking forward to next month... TVXQ new album (March), GD and NE2's rumored albums, Namie's new single
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JAN. 2ND, 2014 AT 6:09 PM

I watched...

TV: American Horror Story, PPL

Movie: Echoes of the Heart, Hansel and Gretel

Youtube: Vlog Brothers, EYK, SNSD's Romantic Fantasy concert, various clips

I read...

Book: Days of Blood and Starlight, Friday's Child (audio)


I listened to....

Favorite album: SNSD - I Got a Boy

Favorite song: SNSD - 'I Got a Boy','Maybe Baby'. U-KISS - 'Cinderella'

Favorite group: SNSD (Esp Tiffany and Jessica)

I squeed over... News of GD's solo tour

Looking forward to next month... Dune's new album, BB MV DVD, Daesung's solo album, Ayu's album, Namie's Tour DVD, TVXQ new album (March)
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- Nigel Slater's Chilly Weather Recipes. Spicy sausage rolls with onion sauce and potato wedges with spicy bacon sauce?? Yes please!!

- The conversation over at vc_media about the vamps riding public transportation, specifically Marius being that annoying guy who starts long philosophical conversations with anyone who sits next to him, Lestat considering it a moral outrage to have to take public transportation rather than take to the skies, and Armand controlling the DC transit systems and periodically raising rates just to make a commotion.

- Tomorrow/Today is U-KISS Kevin's 21st birthday!! :D Happy Birthday, Kevinnie!

- I want to see this movie!! It is playing now, but only twice a day at horrible times at random theaters, so we'll see if I make it to the theater before it leaves!


Dune's new music video, in anticipation of their new album, coming 2013. <3
Speaking of which, the tracklist for the album is out :D

Remember Valentina (It Takes Will)
Wanted Out
Last Soldiers
The Sun Over Green Hills
All That I Have
Save Your Fears For Tomorrow
The Eyes of the World
Reach For the Star

They've come so far since even their last album, which I had to special order from a Danish website! Now you can preorder the now album on iTunes!

Bonus performance from the Danish Music Awards, featuring Mattias' bare chest. LOL. I have no idea who the lady he sings with in the beginning is...

- how Orange Caramel's Japanese career apparently consist of them covering old 70s/80s j-pop hits. Their newest release is Lum's Love Song.(Awww Lum!! So much nostalgia!)

On a final note, I just want to add something about the people I love, all my friends and family, whether you're in CA, some other state, or another country, I love each and every one of you. Thank you for being you.
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Fibber, Liar, Come on now… Surprise me!!
Trick me, Cheat me, Deceit me… Surprise me!!

Touch baby baby, touch!!
You love to surprise me 
Every year on our anniversary, you always prepared an elaborate trick. So come on...
Smile and pull the big reveal like you always do
Surprise me. Say you were lying. Tell me, This is surprise
Before I realized it - I can never touch?i> Your heart started to move away from me
Oh, all over…

Fibber, Liar, Come on now… Surprise me!!
Trick me, Cheat me, Deceit me… Surprise me!!

Touch baby baby, touch!! Fess up now, put it all on the table
Everything you just said, you were just pretending to be sad, right?
Smile and spill the beans like you always do.

Surprise me. Say you were lying. Make a joke. This is surprise
Even if I want to touch you - I can never touch?i> - All I can do is pray
Tell me you were just kidding, and make me laugh.
Baby tell me this is surprise
But the clock just keeps on ticking...Oh, all over…

Fibber, Liar, Come on now… Surprise me!!
Trick me, Cheat me, Deceit me… Surprise me!!
Fibber, Liar, Come on now… Surprise me!!
Trick me, Cheat me, Surprise me,
Surprise me now baby come on!!

Surprise me. Say you were lying. Tell me, This is surprise
Before I realized it - I can never touch?i> Your heart started to move away from me (All over...)
Tell me you were just kidding, and make me laugh.
Baby tell me this is surprise
But the sadness just keeps growing until it overflowsOh, all over…

Fibber, Liar, Come on now… Surprise me!!
Trick me, Cheat me, Deceit me… Surprise me!!


Right now
 I want to tell you My heart I love you.
The Two of us met, and for the first time I felt an overwhelming presentment 
I promise never to leave you
No matter what, I always believed 'I know we'll meet one day'
And it was you. Miracle Our fingers touched, binding our love together
We become one Stay…Stay…Stay…「Stay…」

Feel now I become so strangely honest. Why is that?
In the place deep within your soft eyes I see a Romance that began before we were born
The continuation of our Destiny
Someone else Never again (Again) 
Will I reach (Ev’rytime I need) that warmth
Staying together forever and finding a miracle together
Maybe that's what it means to love
Tomorrow and tomorrow Stay…Stay…Stay…「Stay…」

No matter what, I always believed 'I know (Anytime I hold you) we'll meet one day'
And it was you. (You’re the only one) Miracle (Miracle)
Our fingers touched (All my love) binding our love together
We become one Stay…Stay…Stay…「Stay…」
Someone else Never again will I reach (Ev’rytime I need) that warmth
Staying together forever and finding a miracle together
Maybe that's what it means to love
Tomorrow and tomorrow Stay…


Unlucky X’mas day</>It's not fun at all
being alone on this special night.
The worst X’mas day Unhappy X’mas day
It wasn't supposed to be like this...

Oh no oh no… Oh no oh no…
Um… So unlucky

Everyone passes me, rushing by
with presents under their arm
They keep glancing at the clock,
Hurrying with a light heart
to the place they promised to meet

Why did I let my anger get the better of me
And say something like that?
Now all I can do is sigh
because you're not here.

Unlucky X’mas day Not being able to laugh together
On this holy night, this is
The worst X’mas day Unhappy X’mas day
We would have been laughing together right now...

Oh no oh no… Oh no oh no…
Um… So unlucky
Oh no oh no… Oh no oh no…
Um… So unlucky

If I could have one wish,
I'd wish that my real feelings for you
would reach you, where ever you are in the city right now
Along with these warm lights

Unlucky X’mas day But because it won't help anything
to be stubborn on this silent night
The worst X’mas day Unhappy X’mas day
I know I can't go home feeling like this
Unlucky X’mas day On this holy night
I catch the powdered snow, falling as if to comfort me 
X’mas day Unhappy X’mas day
Maybe I'll give you a call, if it's not too late to fix things

Oh no oh no… Oh no oh no…
Um… So unlucky
Oh no oh no… Oh no oh no…
Um… So unlucky
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After long last, a new song from Hikki, who is still on her indefinite hiatus. It's the theme song for the new Evangelion movie. I wish that this meant she was ending her hiatus soon, but I think it's just a one off. Still, it's beautiful...

Sakura Nagashi

You were so beautiful,
as you watched, full of regret,
the flowers falling when they'd only just opened,
saying, "Every year, it happens so quickly..."
I wonder what you would think if you could see me now
Living without you
Everybody finds love
In the end

If you could hear the healthy newborn cries
echoing again, somewhere in this city that you protected,
I know that you'd be so glad
The sound of the footsteps that will come after ours

Everybody finds love
In the end

I can't believe that I'll never see you again
I haven't told you anything yet.
I haven't gotten to tell you anything yet.

Is this the disconsolation felt by the trees
As they watch the petals fall from the flowers that had only just opened?
No matter how frightened I am, I won't look away.
If there is love in every ending

* Sakura Nagashi is a kigo (seasonal word) used in haiku, which refers to cherry blossoms being scattered by the rain, and floating in the water.
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- Donna Hays magazine. Beautiful pictures and fun recipes. May be my new favorite food-styling, now that Gourmet is no more. It's funny though, because it's an Australian magazine, so the Oct/Nov issue is the Spring issue :D

- SPEED's new album. Finally!

- The new Moleskin planner I will get soon. (LOL)

- BIGBANG. Just in general. So much love.

- The super old-school regency romance my co-worker lent me.

- Having co-workers. Yay for my new job!

- Miyavi's super sexy new photo book. (He called the photoshoot, with famous photographer, Nitta Keiichi, "like the most incredible sex" O_o

- The teaser for Girl's Generation's new album coming out in December. (And they're making a Korean comeback in January!)

- There is finally an article in an English language magazine article about HyuNA! (AKA the girl in 'Gangnam Style', who is a big star in her own right.
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I've been listening to a ton of SPEED lately, I'm not quite sure why. And this is the song I've had on repeat. This was the b-side to their 'Let's Heat Up' single, so there's only a fan-made video (which seems to be only Hiro and Eri. Which I guess is okay since Taka and Hitoe don't have solos, and this shows who sings when, but...still. Sorry Taka and Hitoe...)


Love you, love you, love you, baby...

Hold me, and cover my lips with yours
Because any words will only hurt each other
I don't want any more nights on my own
[not since] the two of us met

I want to fall asleep still joined as one
So that our hearts don't untangle from each other
I know that when tomorrow comes, I'll be crying again...

*Who do your gentle arms belong to?
I can't hold back the tears that well up
Each time I see you, I fall deeper in love with you
Even if this is a dead end, I can't turn back
It's a bittersweet STORY

This was supposed to just be a bit of fun
so why did that night stir my heart?
We both know that one day we'll have to say goodbye
But the two of us--

I wish this night would never dawn
Being apart from you is too painful
I want you to fill in deep and tight the empty hole in my heart

I wanted to stay drunk on your love
So that I wouldn't awake to the sad ending
Even if I just stir my memories
If I divide them by zero, it all becomes an illusion

* repeat


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