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His heart was tinder, ever ready to take fire.

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Au fond, Claudine, tu n'es qu'une vulgaire, honnete fille...
In your heart of hearts Claudine, you are nothing but a common everyday decent girl....

想いには羽がある この部屋からあの空へ
My thoughts have wings, they fly from this room into the sky.

some girls were just born with glitter in their veins

Sweethearting in Tea Gardens

A necklace of violets is your charm against deception.

Sometimes you just have to let go...and don't forget to let your heart beat...

Yeah, if you like wayfaring Dickensian orphans...

are you Jack Sparrow, the one they call Jack Sparrow?

A Regency gentleman devoted his life to relieving boredom

Nick Jonas: Dominating Dominator

An interesting girl : American; very original and charming


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