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This is the first mention of Fall Out Boy in my Journal, from July 2005.

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I don't even know.

I just wish things like this were clearer. I feel like the endings are always so...undefined.

I just wish someone would come out and say, YES WE BROKE UP.

Because so far, no one has.

theres no official decision one way or another. pete loves fob. i love fob. patrick loves fob. and joe loves fob. its just that we're in different places right this very instant. )
So yeah.

I guess the only thing we know is that they won't be making music as fall out boy for a long time, probably ever, and that sucks.


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Early in the recording of My Chemical Romance's fourth album, the band gave mixer Rich Costey a preview. "Everything he heard was just noise and spitting," remembers singer Gerard Way.

Taken aback, Costey asked, "What are these songs?"

"They're protest songs," Way told him. "It's the sound of 'no.'" Only later did Way realized exactly what he was protesting: "I was protesting us."

After a grueling tour behind 2006's The Black Parade, MCR were worn out and fed up. "I thought the band was going to break up," says guitarist Frank Iero. "I was expecting a call from Gerard saying, 'We can't do it anymore.'" Instead, they took a year off and changed managers. This past February, they went into the old A&M studios in L.A. with Pearl Jam producer Brendan O'Brien.

"The plan was to knock it out and not to overthink it," says drummer Bob Bryar. They expected to be done by April, but the record ended up taking all year. The goal, Way says, was to drpo the theatricality of The Black Parade -- which had lots of Floyd-ian pomp an da Liza Minnelli cameo -- and "to harness everything that's great about this band into shorter songs. Almost protopunk, like the Stooges or the MC5."

The song that pushed them in the right direction was "Trans Am." It begins with the lyric "I got a bulletproof heart" and then stomps through four minutes of fist-pumping rock.

With that new direction -- impassioned but melodic -- MCR put aside the noisier material they had been working on and wrote a new batch of songs; the fast-and-dirty "Still Alice," the anthemic "The Only Hope for Me Is You" and the super-catchy "Death Before Disco" (featuring the chorus "Everybody pay attention to me"). "We simply embraced rock n' roll and where we're from," Way says. "We learned how to be an American rock band instead of a British rock band."

On an October afternoon in L.A., MCR are polishing the album. There's only a month or two of work left to do: some mixing, some overdubs, and sequencing. Today, Way is working on that pivotal cut, "Trans Am" -- which he thinks would be enhanced by "1.2 seconds of Queen."

So he warms up his vocal cords, slips on some headphones, and asks, "Can I get a little bit of reverb? Yeah, it's a crutch." then he sings, "These pigs are after me, after you" a dozen times, creating a "Bohemian Rhapsody" harmony. His performance is stylized, almost like a yodel. With a grin, he announced, "When I start sounding teenage-girlish, that's the sweet stuff."

Way's in a good mood, and not just because he's almost done with the record. In 2007, he married Lyn-Z (bassist for the band Mindless Self Indulgence); this May, they had a baby girl, Bandit. Way took two weeks off and then came back to work "like a zombie, long hair and unshaven." But fatherhood gave him a new perspective on his lyrics, which focused on despair and death. "I wasn't writing a record about becoming a dad, I wasn't writing a record for my baby girl, but I was writing a record for the person that she would turn into when she was 15, if anything ever happened to me."

[Source: Rolling Stone Magazine (RS 1092)]
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So uh...remember two years ago...all those rumors saying that William and his girlfriend Christine had a baby? And no one believed it because William never mentioned anything???




Also, in lesser bandom secrets, Remember all those Paramore rumors that Hayley and Josh were sekritly dating? The ones they kept denying?? Yeah, that was true too.


Jul. 9th, 2010 11:58 am
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ETA: Wait, this may be a hoax. I can't tell if I'm relieved or not. XDD
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So everyone seems to be making epic Panic posts, even Cy, so I guess it's my turn.

This whole thing has been a shock, particularly because I haven't been following Panic news at all really, and wasn't there to notice Brendon and Ryan had stopped Twittering each other or to watch to gradually split of the band into two factions.

A lot of people are surprised that Ryan left Panic, since he's the one that put the band together, he's the one that got them signed,and he seemed to also be the driving force to a lot of their first record and aesthetic, along with Brendon. But I'm not really. I think Ryan has changed more than any of the other members, as I person, so I'm not surprised he wants to go and do something else.

I am surprised that Spencer chose to stay in the band rather than go with Ryan, because they've been friends for 16 years. But I hope they are still friends, even if they don't want to make the same kind of music together. I'm not too worried about the four of them as friends, because they are the only people in the world who know just how they felt during their whole speedy rise to fame, the four of them were on that crazy ride together, and they seemed more insular and 'us against the world' than any other band I can think of. They were a world in and of themselves. And I don't think that kind of connection disappears. They may need some time apart, creatively and personally, to realize that, but I think they'll always be special to each other.

So I'm sad, but more in an abstract way, because here's the thing...

Now, I LOVED Panic as they were on A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. I loved every single thing about them - the music, the lyrics, their image, the way they interacted with each other... It wa slike someone had climbed inside my head and created a band just for me.

But the truth of it is that Panic stopped being the band I fell in love with when they came out with Pretty.Odd.

The music, the lyrics, their image changed completely, and even the boys themselves seemed different. (And I'm not just talking about the drinking and all the pot. Although. If nothing else I blame the lyrics on the pot.)

So I lost interest, mostly, except for feeling a kind of residual love. I still loved the boys, I just didn't like their music anymore. But for the most part, and my love for them was mostly nostalgia. I was fond of them the way you always are of something you once loved.

So I'm sad, but I'm more sad for them - to know that they changed so much that they couldn't find a compromise anymore - because the band as I loved them haven't been around for a while.

It's a little surprising to me to realize that I do have a side in all this. Not because I blame any one band member for the split, because it takes two (or four) to tango, but just because well...

From what I could tell, it seemed like Ryan and Jon were a lot of the driving force between Pretty.Odd, and if that's the kind of music they want to keep making, I'm just not interested. It's just not what appeals to me.

I loved Ryan's lyrics on Fever. But I didn't care for the lyrics on Pretty.Odd. And while I loved his voice as a compliment to Brendon's - and I did, I LOVED all the live trakcs from shows where Ryan and Brendon added more harmonies - Pretty.Odd taught me that I...don't actually care for Ryan's voice in anything more than small does. As lead vocals, Ryan's voice doesn't appeal to me at all.

I love Brendon's voice, and I think he is extremely talented. He's improved so amazingly since Fever, and I think that vocally, he will only get better. And the songs that I liked on Pretty.Odd were written by him. So as things stand now, I just like his music better. And I like his voice so much that I am willing to listen to him sing pretty much anything, at least at first. So I'm just glad I'll be able to keep on listening to him sing.


Jul. 6th, 2010 01:59 pm
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Apparently Ryan and Jon has left Panic at the Disco to pursue their own project. Spencer and Brendon are going to be continuing on as Panic.

I have a few thoughts:

1) I don't...care so much? I mean, I haven't really be a fan since the second record when they changed the music, the lyrics and who they were as people.

1a) And yet, I'm interested in a vague mostly detached way, like their an ex of mine or something.

2) Way to break up my OTPs Panic! (Ryan/Brendon 4ever!!)

2b) Really, this is not the division I would have envisioned all, on either side.

3) I'm not interested in Ryan/Jon's project much. I don't like the music Panic made after Jon joined, and I don't like Ryan's voice as anything but backup.

4) I still love Brendon's voice, so I may check out what he and Spencer do.

4b) But at least change the band name! Half of the band gone!!

Mostly I just think: Huh.
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Bad Religion
Big D and the Kids Table
Breathe Carolina
Escape the Fate
Hit the Lights
Jeffree Star
Madina Lake
Sing It Loud
Streetlight Manifesto
The Maine
The White Tie Affair
There For Tomorrow

Baby Way!

May. 28th, 2010 09:21 am
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Congratulations to Mr. Gerard (of My Chemical Romance) and Lindsay (of Mindless Self-Indulgence) Way on their new arrival!

Welcome to the world Bandit Lee Way!!

*Bandit is a girl, apparently. Huh.


May. 20th, 2010 01:40 pm
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I only know one We The Kings song (Check Yes Juliet) and I wasn't too hot on it, but now I totally love the lead singer, Travis, after reading his huge essay about himself where he basically did one of those 'questions for your character' things for himself. LOL

He's so adorable.
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billbeckett I just got my first tattoo. Snakes and Suits for life. Little League Records next?about 10 hours ago from Tweetie

I want to see what he got!! XDD
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At least, other people's twitters. My own is kind of useless since none of my friends have a twitter. But being able to follow the random thoughts of celebrities both A list and C list is perversely interesting.

gerardway@michaeljamesway mikey way...you're my hero

rustyrockets (AKA Russell Brand) Some of you have observed that at my last riot I unwisely stripped all nude at Eros. This time I shall arrive nude and slowly dress up. x

thisisryanross I practically invented decline

ztnewetep (AKA Pete) Dinner w/ bdon and spence. Off to planet lil wayne. See you soon.

which was four hours later followed by:

ztnewetep blue blood crush red veins going insane. im here. zombied out. would it hurt to tell you id like to mean more than a bumper sticker? gch yes

AlexAllTimeLow Dinner with the label lovelies to scheme diabolical schemes. A copy of 'Nothing Personal' in every box of Kix cereal, perhaps? WHO KNOWS!?

michaeljamesway Benefits of home-brew Dunkin' Donuts coffee: You can make it borderline illegally strong.about 18 hours ago from web

billbeckett jet lagged and jubilant.

jeffreecuntstar gotta turn my lights off now, 3 guys just came over.. I hope I don't get pregnant.

ztnewetep dear twitter, you get me in trouble with my wife. i say text im going to bed then "13 minutes" later i gotta tell @markhoppus some bad joke

Also, the conversations:

ItsJoelMadden@ztnewetep Pete! your back! can you get me a gift bag from the Kids choice awards?? i heard they have the new nerf rocket launchers in them

ztnewetep@ItsJoelMadden yes sir. as long as you have a license to carry that thing.


billbeckett@ztnewetep meet me in TX tomorrow. let's jump in the gulf of mexico. Nature's exfoliate.

ztnewetep@billbeckett fine if we go to mexico there and do things you cant do in the states.

I wish Miyavi had a twitter. I feel like he would have amazing gems to reveal to us in 160 characters. LOL
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Last night Cy and I walked home lamenting the fact that we would have to wait until tonight to hear the new Fall Out Boy album. We got home, and when I went to open the door, my foot hit something. "Something's in the door way." I said, and it turned out to be a package. The pre-ordered FOB album and swag. So we rushed inside to open it - with a brief delay when I had to go back to the store when we realized we had no eggs to make brownies with.

Inside was two shirts, a wristband, a poster, and of course, the CD. I kind of wished I had preordered my own copy so I got all the cool stuff too, but oh well.

I made brownies. The box wanted me to make batman brownies, but I did one better, and I made Fall Out Boy brownies! Just my little way of celebrating.


Why celebrate a record release? Well, not only have I been looking forward to this album for ages, but well, four guys (plus a whole bunch of other guys) spent a huge chunk of their time to create it, I figure the least I can do is spend a tiny bit of mine to make brownies. Plus, yum brownies!

So far, my favorite song is '27'.
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This new picture of Pete does things to me. The juxtaposition of his tie and shirt and his tattoos. His expression. The photoshopped 'blue' of his eyes. (Which people more perceptive than I am have pointed out are that 'what color will I be?' undecided murky blue that newborns eye have) And most importantly...the ring. And all that it symbolizes.
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All the members of MyChem have twitters now. Their conversations are posted at their official twitter, which means that we are now privy to fascinating conversations like this:

bob: Im almost to your house. We need to work on this picture stuff. I can't see pictures at all.

gerard: Really? I can see them all...buy is the Twitter updating slow on the front page?

bob: I'm on my phone. People sure love to honk horns here.

bob: @g I just passed the motorcycle place that we met fabio at.

gerard: But they still can't find the turn signal! Zing!

bob: Haha

bob: You want coffee bean? I'm stopping.

bob: The Dix needs espresso

gerard: Oh boy..yes...same as you...iced white chocolate mocha

bob: 5 shots???

gerard: Oh please
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Pete and Ashlee welcomed a 7 lb 11 ounce son, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, late Thursday evening.

Here is what Pete had said about baby names: "I want to meet the baby first. My friend said it—you've gotta have a baby with a name that could be a rock star or a senator, so he'll get work either way."

I don't know. Haha.

I don't know I feel like about Bronx as a name in general. It's slightly Hollywood, but not overly so. It sounds like a name that will gradually become more mainstream, and by the time Bronx is a toddler, he'll be in good company. Mowgli is the best of middle name ever. And of course Pete named his kid Mowgli, of course he did. It's so Pete.

I just don't know abut how 'Bronx Wentz' sounds without the middle name. On the other hand, he can be called BronWen.

Anwya, congrats Pete and Ashlee!

Patrick <3

Oct. 14th, 2009 11:05 am
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So...apparently...the new FOB song, which is the one that Patrick said Pete basically wrote from Patrick's POV, also includes guest singers singing lines from old FOB songs, like Dance Dance, Grand theft autumn, thnks fr the mmrs,sugar, etc. What guest singers? Gabe, William, Travis,Brendon, Singer, Doug (of Doug does Decaydance) and...Elvis Costello.

I need to hear this song right now.

ETA: Solos as follows:
Elvis Costello - Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet (Reprise)
Gabe Saporta (Midtown)- Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy
Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) - Sugar We're Going Down
Brendon Urie (Panic At The Disco)- Dance Dance
Doug Neuman - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
Alex DeLeon (The Cab)- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
William Beckett (The Academy Is) - Growing Up


Oct. 13th, 2009 09:11 am
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FOB just posted a message that they're delaying their album release.

"6 months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day but this is not the election to be cute. This is the most important election of our time and, as much as the record is a social commentary and the term "folie a deux" is relevant to the candidates, we felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election. This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick."

I understand their reasons, but still...I really wanted that record on Election Day - to be something to celebrate to, or something to cheer me up, depending on the results of the election. I'd even made a plan to get it on my lunch break. It was really nice to something to look forward to other than this gut-wrenching election.

They said they're putting on some extras and releasing mroe podcasts, and doing a bunch of secret shows in November at tiny clubs, but...as far as the release date goes, FOB is pressing for a release before the new year, but now it's 'in the hands of the record company', so...

Now we just went from release date: Nov 4 to Release date: TBA. And that just plain sucks.

ETA: New release date is Dec 16th.
Only a little over a month delay. Not as bad as it could be. I'm glad they got a date so soon.


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