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- Namie's two newest music videos for her upcoming single. I also watched most of her 2011 tour video yesterday. <3333 forever.

Go Round:


- Big Bang's adorable 'Ain't No Fun' performance from M-net this week.

- Big Bang behind the scenes for , in which they record the voices for their characters in a video game. It's adorable watching them crack up as they try to say things like "Fire in the hole!" and "I've spotted the enemy!" with a straight face. Loving the in-game inter-member dialogues. (Esp Seungri: "You should have shot G-dragon instead!")


- The Meltykiss chocolates's A brought me from Japan. (I have chocolate, milk, strawberry and green tea flavors)

- Peepsters, which are chocolates filled with marshmallow flavored cream, or at least that's what it says on the bag. They taste really weird, but they're somehow addictive.


- Lately I've been really into making stews. Tonight I'm making French Onion Soup, because I thought it was perfect for a cold, rainy day.

- Numi's Vanilla Black tea.


- The two awesome books I got from the university library on the Belle Epoque. I loved one of them so much that I ended up buying a used copy to own!

- Cotillion, by Georgette Heyer, which I am re-reading for the 10th time or so.
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BB's first single since all the scandals last year. I'm so glad that they're back!
I haven't actually watched the video yet. ;)
But the lyrics are so pretty. The rap-ish parts are in italics.

Winter had passed and Spring has come
We withered and my heart is bruised by longing
I'm singing ma blues
I've grown accustomed to the blue sorrow of blue tears
I'm singing ma blues
I sent my love off into the floating clouds

In a different place under the same sky, you and I
I'm leaving you because it's dangerous
Adding one more stroke to the word 'lover'^
It's cowardly, but I'm hiding because I'm clumsy and stupid
This cruel breakup is the end of love
No words will comfort me
This is perhaps the last romance of my life
Now the curtain falls

I was born, and I met you,
and I loved you to death
My heart is frozen, stained blue
Even I close my eyes, I can't feel you, you know.


I feel like my heart has stopped
The war is over, and you and I are frozen there
The trauma is branded onto my brain
When these tears dry, I will remember my love mistily
It's not painful or lonely
Happiness is all a soliloquy
I can't handle anything more complicated
It's no big deal. I don't care.
Inevitable wanderings
People come and go

I was born, and I met you,
and I loved you to death
My heart is frozen, stained blue
Even though you're gone, I'm still me, aren't I?

* Chorus

Today again, under the blue moonlight
I will fall asleep alone.
In my dreams I'll search for you who left
And as I wander, I'll sing this song

* Chorus

^ Adding another stroke to the word for lover ('nim') turns it into the word for stranger ('nam')
님 --> 남
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22nd - w-inds - Fly High (s)
22nd Kat-tun - Chain (a)
29th - BIG BANG - ALIVE (ma)
U-KISS - Forbidden Love (s)
" - Shared Dream (a)
- ISSAxSoulja - ISM (a)


21st - Ayu - Party Queen (a)
- Namie - Go Round (s)
- Acid Black Cherry - 2012 (a)


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