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Oh wow, and actual entry! Haha. Recently I've been really busy with a bunch of projects, which is good.

I realized that I never wrote up the Miyavi concert last month. I don't know; I sort of felt overwhelmed, I guess, at the idea of trying to remember everything that happened. So, short version. It was amazing. Miyavi is amazing. He played a little medley of songs people requested, including Selfish Love, and Senorita, which I was really happy about. And, he also played We Love You, which I have to admit had me teary eyed, thinking of how he'd played it the very first time I ever saw him, years ago when all I knew about him was that had hot tattoos and my friend was playing the DJ set before he went on. As much as I like his newer stuff, it was great to hear some of my old favorites. (Including Wonderful World, which he ended the show with.) He was really adorable, especially talking about Lovelie and Jewelie. It was one of their birthdays, and people had brought a sign. He seemed really touched. My favorite part was when he talked about his daughters are when he plays his music,how Lovelie strums the guitar and says "Daddy?" while Jewelie looks on like (and I'm quoting Miyavi here) "What the fuck are you doing Daddy?" Hahaha. He had a bunch of new tattoos, including a HUGE one that looks like it takes up his whole chest, which he teasingly showed us a corner of. He played some new songs, which was exciting. He sounded amazing - both voice and guitar - and he even did some behind the back playing for us. What can I say? It was everything I could ever want or expect from a Miyavi show? Love and rock.
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Wow, I feel like I haven't written one of these in forever. So last night, Cy and I went to go see Simple Plan. The Cab was opening for them, which I was super excited about. When we got to the venue, we headed towards the ladies room...only to find the door blocked by a mob of girls (half in costume) surrounding this guy with blue streaks in his black hair, who for some reason, was taking photos and dispensing fan service right up in front of the bathroom. We didn't recognize him, so we pushed our way through and warded off death glares from other girls with "We're just going to the bathroom!" The girls were all shrieking "We love you Josh!", and when I looked up the opening band for the night (Mariana's Trench) it turned out that Josh is their lead singer.

Anyway, we'd arrived just in time to miss Mariana's Trench, and see the Cab. Although to be honest, we weren't sure which band was going on, until the lights dimmed and the band came out. Singer - I guess we can just call him Alex now, since the only other Alex left in the band is the one who goes by Marshall, sounded amazing. They all sounded amazing, really, and it was so much fun to hear the new songs live, and a bunch of the old ones too. I sang and jumped and danced my heart out. At the end of the show, Alex announced that they'd be out by the merch table all night, so I headed out and picked up a t-shirt because I really like the design, and a copy of their first CD, because that's one of the albums that my iTunes ate when I upgraded and downgraded and all of that stuff. Then Alex came out, and I waited with a bunch of fans while he signed things and gave out hugs and smiles and mugged for the camera with his arms around fans. Finally, it was my turn. He's basically my height, so we were pretty level.

Now, I knew what I wanted to say from the moment he said they'd be out talking to people. The Cab's current album took over 2 years to come out, and the only reason it came out at all is that they left their record label. They decided they wanted to release the album as it was with all the songs they'd worked so hard on, and so they left their label and they put their album out, out of their own pockets. And I feel so much respect for them for doing that. So that's what I told Alex. After we said hi, I put my hand on his arm, and said, "Hey, I just wanted to tell you how much respect I have for you guys for doing anything you had to do to put out the music that you believed in." He was looking right back into my eyes (he makes really good eye contact!), and he said, "Well, we just didn't give ourselves a choice, you know? It was just something that we had to do." I was so impressed by that. Then he signed a CD, and I thanked him, (and told him about my itunes....Why?? LOL) and left. He was really nice, and gave a real impressed on listening. The Cab, and Alex in particular have always been amazing with their fans. Even during our show, he took some girl's phone and sang into it for a few bars, presumably for a fan that couldn't attend.

We saw a little bit of Forever the Sickest Kids, and then finally, at 10:30 PM, Simple Plan came on. What can I say? They were amazing, and I had an amazing time. They played all my old favorites, and my new ones too. I've gotten my tin hat out of the closet, because Pierre and David were the same as ever. (Also, I forgot that David Desrosier is the king of fan service. He's always pointing at people and winking at them and smiling, and having little mouthed conversations. There were several times where I would have sworn he was looking straight at me!)Pierre looks amazing now. Particularly those washboard abs he was kind enough to give us all a glimpse of. Damn, boy! Jeff and Chuck look the same as they did back in 2002. I think they may be vampires, and they may be feeding on Seb, because the poor boy is looking a little gaunt. I'm not sure how I feel about David's new blond hair color.
Anyway, it's funny because before the show, Cy and I were realizing just how out of the loop we've been with SP - we didn't know Pierre's engaged and going to be a father, or that Jeff has two daughters. (Who are now 3 and 4, to show you just how out of the loop we've been!) But you know what? None of that mattered. It didn't matter that I don't remember the last time I listened to one of their albums, or that I don't even have their latest one, which came out this summer. While they were on stage, playing their songs, and I was singing along with Pierre, or with David, it was like it was 2004 again. I was just me, and they were the band I used to put on to cheer myself up whenever I was down. It was like we were in this timeless space just made up of music, those 5 guys, and all of us fans. People always talk about how they're one of the few bands who have never changed, and I believe it. They were just the same as they've always been, warm and fun and sweet, and such goofy dorks. They're the kind of band that make me think, "I'll probably see these guys whenever they come to where I am, for as long as they're performing."
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Last night Cy and I went to see My Chem. I don't know if it was, since we do see them every time they tour, but it felt like it had been a really long time since we'd seen them. There's just something so special about a MCR show. In her review Cy talked about how the MCR fans feel like an army (and they're called the MCRmy after all) but I think they really do. We're all there in this madness with Gerard as our charismatic leader, exhorting us to raise our fists and fight to be who we are. That's the feeling you get from a MCR show, somehow.

Gerard was Gerard, and that's the only way I can describe him. His crazy, irreverent, earnest, charismatic self.

As a sort of aside, Gerard made me think of Lestat (because I recently started to reread Queen of the Damned) and it all clicked in a way it never had because back when I read those books I'd never been to a concert, or felt that fanatical ecstasy over a singer or a band, but I can so see it now, the charismatic singer and the adoring masses, falling over themselves in an almost religious fervor just to touch him or see him smile 'at them'.

I haven't listened to them in SO long - not even the newest album, although I did listen to it a few times yesterday afternoon - but they and their songs (the whole Revenge album)were such a big part of my life. The video for 'Helena' came out in the very beginning of the year after I graduated from college, the year I was living at home with my parents, and somehow it just came along at exactly the right point in my life. I listened to it nonstop, because somehow it was just what I needed then. I knew all those songs by heart, and it was so wonderful to be able to yell out those lyrics with all my heart again, to find out that I still remembered them. That thing that connected me to MCR is still there. And the shows are still the same to, that feeling of all of us in this together, that ecstatic fist-pumping mass of upturned faces and singing voices.

It was a great show, and god are they a great band.
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Last night Cy and I went to go see Good Charlotte. We almost didn’t, just because it was a really long week, and it was miserable, rainy weather, but I knew we’d enjoy it once we were there, and I’m so glad we went.

It was the perfect show for us because 90% of what they played was from their first album. They even did songs they haven’t performed in years, like Emotionless and Seasons. All those songs, those are the songs that I fell in love with, those are the songs that I knew every word and every harmony of, that were the soundtrack for those last couple years of college. Those were the songs they sang last night, and I sang my heart out with them. I had a huge smile on my face from the moment they came on stage, to the moment the show ended. It was so much fun.

I don’t listen to GC’s albums much anymore, although I do still buy each new album, but I’ve never passed up a chance to go to one of their shows, because in a way, it’s like going home. I know that I can go to a show and Paul, Billy, Benji and Joel will be there, looking just like always, and they’ll play those songs I loved, and I’ll be there singing along, and smiling.
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Last night, I did something that a lot of people would see as crazy. I woke up, by my own choice, at 2 AM, to watch a concert being streamed live. While it wasn't 2 AM for most of my fellow viewers (honestly, we Californians got the shortest stick in the time difference game) I certainly wasn't alone. On the channel I was watching, there were almost 3,600 people watching with me. And was just the main channel, the one for computers. Who knows how many people were watching from the second channel for iPhones or iPads. And all of those people are in addition of course to not only all the people lucky enough to actually be sitting in the Yokohama Arena last night at 7 PM local time, but all the people sitting in theaters all over Japan watching it streaming onto the big screen.

Who was it, the artist who got us all there, glued to our screens? None other than Utada Hikaru, for the first night of what may be her last two concerts ever, a month before she goes on her indefinite hiatus, the term that every fan dreads, because when a band uses it, it usually means they're trying to find a nice way of not telling you that they're breaking up. Are the chances better that she'll be back, since she's a solo artist and not a band, thus dependent on no one's feelings but her own? As a MAX fan, I'm cautiously optimistic because I believe that those who truly love singing will always come back to it. I just hope that in Hikki's case, it won't take 7 years.

I've watched many streamed concerts since I first sat in my room in my parents house watching a Simple Plan concert streaming courtesy of AOL,and it never ceases to amaze me the way that the room and the time and everything else fades away, leaving only the artist on your screen, and the simple wonder at the fact that you're watching this concert as it happens, along with hundreds of other people all over the world.

I started at my screen, at the almost static image of the waiting stage, and as the announcements began telling everyone to take their seat, to refrain from the use of cameras or recording devices unless they wanted to be escorted out, it was just like I was there with them.

And then, finally, as my clock struck 2 AM, Hikki took the stage, singing 'Goodbye Happiness'.
She sang for two and a half hours, a time which is growing typical for Japanese solo artists, at least from what I've seen of Namie's recent concerts, but never fails to impress me, used to going to see American bands who usually play for around and hour. For the most part, she sounded wonderful, even when she wasn't perfect, although the high notes in 'Ultra Blue' had me open mouthed.

I found myself tearing up not just during the songs I expected like Automatic or First Love, but during seemingly random songs like Traveling. I've always felt like every song from Hikki is a gift, a wonderful bundle of four minutes of love, or pain, or nostalgia or whatever emotion the song evokes. And while it made me sad to think that we might not get any new music from her for years, or ever, the concert really made me thankful for all the songs she's given us in the more than 10 years she's been writing and singing her songs. Each song seemed to take on new meaning hearing it in this context.

One of the new songs she released was a cover of Edith Piaf's 'Hymne a l'amour', which had many people lamenting the sped-up jazz direction she'd gone with the arrangement. Not being very familiar with the original, I never understood it much, but during the concert, she sang a shorter Japanese-only version of her cover, sung just like the original, slow and full of emotion to the accompaniment of a piano, and I finally understood why the song is such a classic. It was absolutely beautiful.

Speaking of the piano, Hikki herself sat down at the piano several times to play a bit while she sang songs like Prisoner of Love, Stay Gold, etc. For the whole show she by turns powerful, soulful, whimsical and playful, evening singing 'Boku ha Kuma' with the audience halfway through, after declaring she needed an energy boost to continue.

When she chatted with the audience, she was utterly herself, genuine and down to earth, warm, laughing, nervous, thankful or seemingly struck by all the love she felt for and from the audience.

During the encore, she sang a version of 'Across the universe', it being the anniversary of John Lennon's death, 'Can't Wait Till Christmas', which had me tearing up again, and ended, fittingly, with the first song she'd ever written (in Japanese), 'Time Will Tell', which she wrote when she was 15 years old.

Finally, a word on the costumes, which were classic Hikki, avante garde and out there. She sang the first half of her set in a dress of palest lavender organdy, like a dream of an 80's prom dress, with its full skirt and one puffed sleeve like a ball of spun sugar, over thigh high purple boots. She looked gorgeous, her hair in a sleek black bob, and I was struck not only by her expressive face, but the creamy paleness of her skin. Hikki isn't sexy but she's sensual. She makes me want to use words like womanly to describe her. Later on, she changed into a tunic of crushed velvet of pale red, the lines of her colllarbone sharp and perfect against the curving neckline and beautifully tailored shoulders of the dress. It had bell sleeves, gathered with elastic around her almost painfully thin wrists, and beneath it she wore black sequinned leggings, which made me smile gleefully, because I have a pair myself. For the encore, she wore a black tour t-shirt and jeans rolled up at the ankles. I'd never seen her dressed so casually before, and without and embellishment or fine tailoring, she looked like a beautiful boy, all sleek straight lines. The most beautiful thing about her was her smile, how huge and joyful it was.

There's no one out there like Hikki, both in terms of her presence and her music, and I for one, will miss her dreadfully. Thanks for everything, Hikki. It's been an amazing 12 years. I hope you find what you're looking for, and come back with new songs to sing for us. You're one in a million.
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Adam was here for our entertainment )

The tl;dr version: Adam Lambert has the best voice I have ever heard live. He is absolutely mind blowing.
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Yesterday was the Miyavi show here in SF. I won a contest which meant that Cy and I got to watch Miyavi's sound check, watch the show and then have a meet & greet with him. Here's my super long report of all that.
Read more... )

tl;dr version:
It was amazing. I love that man, I love his music, and I am so glad and so proud to be his fan.
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FRIDAY: Friday we went to a last minute Good Charlotte show! Well, last minute for us - we only found out about it the day before, thanks to one of Cy's LJ friends.

We couldn't figure the lineup out, but it turned out that The Ready Set were opening. Like Never Shout Never, The Ready Set is one of those 'bands' who began life as one boy with a MySpace, who writes and performs everything himself. Unlike Never Shout Never, I really liked The Ready Set. He had a great voice - nice power and clear high notes. After the show I ended up buying a poster which will get me a download of his new album when it comes out next week, and he was there at his merch booth and signed my poster for me.

Then it was GC. They played a good set - old songs like the Anthem, classics like The Young and Hopeless, crowd favorites like The River, and a new song with a line 'Like it's her birthday' which Joel taught us to sing. They were great, as always. They sounded great - I still maintain the twins do harmony like no one else, and looked great too. (Especially Benji, who of course has been into boxing, and looks it. Talk about chiseled!) Paul was his crazy face making self, and Billy had some amazing guitar solos. (Even though, on a shallow note, as both Cy and I noted, he's not pretty anymore. LOL)I just love GC, and I think I always will. I may not listen to them that often, or even think about them, but I will always come to a show when they are playing my town, because they were my first big bandom love. They will always have a place in my heart, and those songs will always make me sing along at the top of my voice, and transport me back to that girl I was when I ate slept and breathed that band.

Then was Boys Like Girls, ending a four year streak of successively being able to avoid them. I only know on song by them, but other than that the fun came from a teenage boy who the singer called up on stage because he was doing a Slow Clap during the singer's heartfelt acoustic song, and forced to do a Slow Clap on stage into the mic. ("Come on, this is your dream right?")

Then came All Time Low, who were amusing, and seemed nice enough, despite their bad rep. They seemed very mindful of and thankful for their fans! I didn't get an ungrateful vibe at all. I think they're just normal teenage guys! Alex's voice was way higher than I expected though, which was amusing to me.
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Last night Cy and Danielle went to see Nick Jonas and the Administration.

I want someone to love me For who I am )
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Last night I went to see Utada Hikaru aka UTADA aka Hikki at the Fillmore.

The Setlist, beause I know people were interested:

Concert Set List:
1.On and on
2.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)
4.This One (Crying like a child)
5.Passion / Sanctuary (Japanese vs. English mix, sung back and forth)
6.Sakura Drops (A capella with piano)
7.Stay Gold (also with piano)
8.Devil Inside
9.Kremlin Dusk
10.You Make Me Want to Be a Man
11. The Bitter End - Placebo cover
12.Apple and Cinnamon
13.Come Back To Me
14.First Love
15.Can You Keep A Secret?
17.Dirty Desire
18.Simple and Clean
19.Me Muero

Now on to the review!

I don't wanna crossover Between this genre, that genre Between you and I is where I wanna crossover )
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Last night, Cy and I went to see Anti-Flag play at Slim's.

Show review for Anti-Flag and Aiden )


Jun. 29th, 2010 08:34 am
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Bright and early on Saturday morning, Cy, Stef and I headed into the city for Warped Tour. After a quick (?) detour to get sunglasses and a $10 watch since none of us brought our phones and had no way of telling time (a necessity at Warped), we walked down to the Pier and into Warped.

We (thought we) had to buy a map/schedule for $2, which we chalked up to the recession, from a nice Australian man who I gave a $1 tip. Looking back I'm sure he raking it in because he was cute, Australian and also everyone still had money since it was the first stop once they got in the venue. LOL

For some reason, even though the tickets said 11, bands had started playing at 10, which meant we missed a few. (I missed White Tie Affair, which is the astory of my life. LOL) But we realized that Big D and the Kid's Table was playing right then, so we hustled over to catch the end of their set. They were good, as always. I swear that Dave doesn't age at all. He still looks exactly the same as always! (Later on Stef anf Cy went to a signing for them, and chatted with them, and found out that the cute backup singers were actually Tip the Van, a small local ska band from CT we'd all loved years ago!)

We watched the first 3 minutes of Brokencyde, because their single is hilarious and awesome, but decided that we agreed with the boys standing behind us, who said. "These guys suck live." "Yeah, really badly."

For some reason I was really excited to see Jeffree Star. (Partially because we put on the Warped compilation CD that morning and to my surprise I really liked his new single, Prisoner.) Jeffree was his fabulous, fierce outrageous self. (His new song says "You can fuck me until the sun comes up.", and to the girl behind me who snapped "No one wants to fuck you." I beg to differ. Well, not me, but I mean, I'm sure tons of people do.) I was pleased to see that his cousin Daniel Hilton Lucas (who I follow on twitter, along with Jeffree) was on stage dancing with him - very provocatively, I might add - in tiny black shorts and a cropped black hoodie. At some point Daniel took off his hoodie which was a bad move because it only exposed the fact that while he's really hot (and holy crap are those boys skinny! Do they eat anything!?) he's...not actually a good dancer. But anyway, they were fun to watch for a while. Daniel is from S.F and said that this is the first year he'd be missing Pride.

I love having Warped at the Pier because it's so hot, but there's often a nice breeze, and plus you can look out and see the water on either side of you. (Which turned out to be rather ironic since for some idiotic reason this year they didn't have ANY little carts selling water, which meant you had to buy it at the food stands. At one point I stood in line to for 20 minutes to get water! Not the smartest situation when you have people standing out in the 80 degree heat and sun all day.(on the plus side, I was in line near the Breathe Carolina stage, so I got to hear them play their only song I know/like.)

Then I went to see Sing It Loud, who I've seen before. They were super nice the first time I saw them, and the lead singer hugged me. They put on a fun show this time too - although I was surprised that the lead singer swore because he looks so young and cute. (He has the prettiest hair, all long and flowing.) The guitarist and he kept grinning at each other (and the guitarist kept grinning in general) and they just seemed like they were having such a good time. I think they were one of my favorite sets of the day. At one point this red hair guy bounced out and sang a little to deafening cheers. (Oddly enough, I asked two different girls, both of whom had been cheering, who he was and they didn't know. It turned out he was the singers 'good friend' from the band Rocket to the Moon.)

Later on I talked to one of the guys from Sing it Loud, named Ben, at their merch tent. He was super nice, and shook my hand and was all excited when I told him I'd seen them at the Warfield before. The lead singer was also there, but he seemed kind of miserable and heat stroked and like he didn't even know where he was anymore. Poor kid. The whole band is so adorable, I just want to feed them cake and watch them play with puppies. XD

Bad Religion played, and they were good, but at this point I was getting very tired and hot. Stef and Cy took a turn standing in line for water, while I stood zombie like staring out at the water. Then I noticed a beautiful boy with long hair (after thinking he was a girl for a minute). He had a sign saying free hugs. So I went over and said (like a sun stroked idiot)"Free hugs? Are you still giving them?" And he said yes, and gave me a nice hug, which revived me for a little bit. A few minutes later he went over to this guy who had leopard print hair and said, "Dude, your hair is amazing!! It's so cool! Can I touch it? Do you mind?" But the guy was an asshole and said, "Yes, I mind!" >:(

Then we saw Anti-Flag, who came out in green shirts that said "Free Iran." I love Anti-Flag. They were amazing as always, and made a huge huge circle pit and told us all to take care of each other.

Anti-Flag had a signing ("Come by, it would be an honor and a privilege to meet you all."), so we all stood in line for that. I was mostly there to give Cy moral support and make her tell the band that she has their lyrics tattooed on her. But then I got up to them, and I was shaking #2 (he introduced himself as Chris, which was weird, but that is his name...) 's hand and signing this petition for Amnesty International and wow he's so pretty in person, and then it was Justin and I was just really overwhelmed. I shook his hand and told him how inspirational they were and he was so geniuinely pleased and he gave me a big smile and said "Thank you, that means so much to hear.", and didn't even seem to mind that I was crushing his hand in mine. LOL. It was funny, because I've met celebrities before and I don't usually make a total fool of myself, but wow. Justin Sane. He's just...an amazingly GOOD person. It was really great to talk to them and see that they are really just as sweet and caring and genuine as they seem.

It was a great way to end Warped.
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So,my flight has now been delayed two and a half hours so I guess I've got time to post my show write up...

It's a little jumbled, but here we go.

...but our hearts beat for the diehards. )
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Yesterday Cy and I went to see the All American Rejects.

The opening band was called The City Lives. We only got there to hear the last two songs. The band played well and I really liked the singer's voice - he sounded amazing, which not a lot of people do live - but I don't know if I'd want to get their CD. They were a little folk/indie/emo-ish I couldn't tell if it was in a way I'd like.

The second band was called Jet Lag Gemini. They were really good. They had a great stage presence - the lead singer reminded me of someone but I couldn't think who. He seemed kind of like he should be British. He really knew how to get the crowd involved, and the pretty guitarist had these amazing rock star type solos. I also loved the guitarist who looked like he had escaped from a prep school or maybe Hogwarts to play the show. Afterwards, Cy and I bought their CD from the drummer, and when we went outside the lead singer (Misha) and the hot guitarist (Vlad) were taking pictures with people, so we went over and told Misha that the show had been awesome. Cy shook Misha's hand and then I went to shake it, but he gave me a hug instead. "I'm giving out hugs now!" He announced. Then he gave Cy a hug too. He was a very good hugger.

Now for AAR. what can I say? It was weird to me that this was our first time seeing them, I felt like I'd seen them before. The show was very companionable. Since this is AAR, there were beers laid out on the stage for them. They also came out on stage already drinking. Tyson got progressively drunk (drunker?) as the night went on, and as he got drunker his accent got thicker until, by the encore, he was back to a full on Oklahoma twang. I for one, did not mind, because his accent is really really sexy. During the encore, he announced that they would sing a song they had just written, and he needed the words for it (he had a sheet of paper). Nick played acoustic and Tyson sang. Just as I was thinking the song sounded familiar, Cy said 'It's Britney Spears!' It was indeed, 'Womanizer'. Tyson's version was really, really hot, sung in a low, growly voice, and punctuated with 'You're a motherfucking womanizer'. In the middle he went off into 'You and Me' (no matter how they toss the dice, it has to be) which he sang directly to Nick.

He did a lot of this. Now, I'd heard the rumors, but Tyson and Nick are the slashiest band couple since Pete and Patrick. Tyson was forever going over to Nick and singing into his face, or getting up all in his face or down on his knees, or leaning on him, and Nick sometimes went over to lean up on Tyson.

So the story goes that teenage Nick taught barely teenage Tyson how to be a rock star. I must say he did his job well. Tyson has a flair. He can sing - he hits his high notes perfectly, has power, and his voice shines best - lower, twangy and almost country - on the slower songs, particularly one that I think must be on the new album. He leans into the crowd, hang up (and rubs up against) the pole at the edge of the stage, sticks his tongue out and makes wild faces at the crowd, and had a habit of calling the collective audience 'Baby'. (As in, 'How you feelin', baby?') He banters well with the audience.

He came off as a real Southern good old boy, a bit dirty, alittle good naturedly mocking but heartfelt and real. Also? He is arrestingly attractive. He has the kind of shocking, intense good looks that models do - no wonder he's walked the runway before. But he's more than just gorgeous - he's also intensely alive and genuine.

Nick was pretty quiet, only as the show went on did he start to smile at the audience, which was adorable when he did it. As a whole the band seemed very energetic and they played really well.

I'd definitely go see them again.

My other favorite moment was when they sang 'Move Along' - that song always feels like a real message song to fans 'keep going, don't give up', and with all of us singing along with Tyson, it felt even more so.
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This weekend, we had the most teenie bopper Saturday ever.

First I dragged Cy to go see Twilight with me. Your scent is like a drug to me. )

Then, on Saturday night, we went to go see Metro Station. We're one mistake from being together/Let's not ask why it's not right )
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On Saturday, Cy and I went to go see 'Spring Awakening'. Basically Spring Awakening is to Cy as The Secret Garden is to me: it's her favorite musical ever, and she knows all the words and inflections to all songs and can talk about it at great length and with great enthusiasm about it if only given the chance.

It finally came to the city, so we went to see it. I knew the story and the music, and I'd seen some bits of it performed on TV, so I knew I liked it, but seeing the live production was amazing. The set was really neat, the cast was great - I loved the way they arranged the dance numbers and the vocals, the way the cast would back up the main singers, the way members would withdraw a mic from inside their costumes when it was time to sing (sometimes very cleverly).

I've been listening to the soundtrack all morning, and I'd definitely like to see it again before it rolls out of town again.

For anyone who doesn't know, the show - which is based on a late 19th century play - is about teenagers in a small town in Germany circa 1890. It's about their growth into adulthood, their intellectual, and sexual awakening, their struggle to find meaning in a world rules by parents and teachers who won't tell them what's going on. At the forefront the play deals with sexuality and the consequences of not being given the information to deal with it. It feels like a particularly appropriate theme these days, what with the recent talk of abstinence education and Palin, and just what happens to teenagers who don't know what their choices are, or who may not have any choices at all.

If it comes around to a city near you, I would definitely recommend it. Great songs, a great cast, and a thought provoking story.
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Yesterday Cy and I went to see Metro Station and GC at the Community theatre only 30 minutes from our apartment. It was on the high school campus, so it was *filled* with high school students. (High school students are so TINY!! Were we really that tiny??)

It was an actual auditorium so we had seats. Somehow, I had managed to get us seats in the second row of the second section, which meant we were super close, since the first section was a tiny VIP -ish section. The only bad thing was that being mostly teenagers, the rest of the audience filled up all available space. (And not so available space, a couple of kids tried to squeeze behind me in the space between my body and my seat!) Security was constantly going around forcing kids back into their seats and out of the aisles, due to the huge fire hazard it presented.

First the Maine played. They were okay. The most notable thing about them was their cute matching white t-shirts and black vests, and emo hair.

While things were getting set up for Metro Station, the tiny girls next to us suddenly let out an ear piercing shriek of 'TRACE!!!!!', and I looked over - well, squinted into the distance really - and finally I saw Trace, standing at the side of the stage. Wow that boy is TALL.

Finally, they came out. Unfortunately some tall people came to stand in front of us for the first part, but then security moved them later on. So for a while I really had to strain to see. But man, we were so close!! Trace up close is slightly more gangly and amusing than Trace far away, but he's still insanely hot. I swear he looked at me for a line of one of the songs. At after a song or too, he went over to the side of the stage (right in front of where we were) and stripped off his shirt. For a moment I stared, mesmerized by his back, and then he put on a vest (sans shirt, as always). Wow. He has a really nice body. Trace sung and flirted and was generally exuberant and provocative, and seems to have added a new move (that Haha! laugh that is in one of the songs) to his shtick, since he did it several times. (Aka 'I know you're dying to take off your clothes! Yeah. Haha!') Once again, Trace had that magnetism, that seems so brazen at 17. He remains I believe, the only band boy that actually makes me think about going home with him. Hahahaha. Mason sounded great, although his hair looked funny. I couldn't see Anthony at all, and Blake was very boppy.

Then after a wait, GC came out. GC and I have had a complicated relationship in the past. They were a HUGE part of my life that last year of college, a real source of comfort and joy to me. I felt like I Knew them in way. To Cy and me they were 'our boys'. But then I felt like they were changing as people and as a band, and I didn't like what they were becoming. For a while it was very painful. But I've come to realize that it doesn't matter anymore. After a certain point, it really is about the music, and about what you feel for the hour the band is on stage or that half and hour you have the CD on your iPod.

Because when those boys came up on stage and started to play, nothing had changed. All there was was those four guys and those songs and everything else melted away. I was smiling like an idiot the whole time, just couldn't keep the huge grin off my face as I sang a long to all those old, beloved songs. I can't even explain how much those songs meant to me, and how much they still mean.

They sounded great, but then they always do. They always put on an amazing show. At one point, when Joel was singing, it struck me how comforting his voice is to me. Something about it is really deeply calming for me.

They sang 'Where would we be now', which Benji sings the first verse of, and he sounded amazing. It made me so proud. He looked amazing too, definitely the slimest I've ever seen him. But he also looked...lighter somehow, calmer and happier and more settled into his own skin. Like he's really in a good place right now. He smiled a lot. He was in front of me for most of the show, and I felt a lot of times like he looked at me and smiled, or our eyes met.

Somehow, I really felt like we were friends, all of us. Like we were equals. There was no band/fan dynamic or powerplay. Just like we were old friends, that kind of connection and affection.

And I thought, 'I may not follow your news, or listen to your records that much any more, but I will always come and see you guys, when you come to play. I'll always come back here for this.'

PS During 'Where would we be now', the twins looked at each other and sang directly to each other, and it was beautiful.

Here is my crappy pic of Benji from my cellphone.

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I just want to say, quickly, that the ham & cheese turnovers from Acme Bread is one of the best things ever. God are they good. So crispy and flakey and buttery, studded with savory cubes of ham and cheese with just enough bite...

More importantly, last night was Anti-flag. I'm actually sort of overwhelmed trying to write this report, because I don't know if I can capture the feeling or the experience in a way that does it justice.

The crowd couldn't have been more different than the MCR shows. It was over half men, and not just emo guys either, big, muscular, tough guys, hardcore punks and guys in tight shirts with buzzcuts. (I suddenly felt very small and very short. Haha) There was a circle pit, and most of the bands, including Anti-flag exhorted the audience to join the pit, to make it from 'wall to wall'. The circle pit was this amazing seething writhing thing, a whirling dervish of people, pulsing with energy.

One of the things that struck me is the power of music, in the hands of people like this band, to move people and to galvanize people and to bring them together. And that seemed all the more amazing because it wasn't tempered - in most cases - with an adoration for the band, with fans starry eyed in love and falling over themselves just to be near the band members. There was no sexual component to this show. What was bringing people here was just the music, the idealism, and the ideas. Both Justin Sane and Number 2 called us brothers and sisters (until the sheer energy of the show caught up with Number 2, and he started called us 'motherfuckers'. Haha) and I felt like that, very close to them, like we were comrades. Just...comrades in life.

I wish I could remember all the things they said but all that's stuck in my head is this. 'Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. There is power in this room.'

I'd alway thought of Justin Sane as the front-man, mostly because he writes all their blogs, I guess, but Number 2 did most of the talking last night. He was just amazing. Not only is he beautiful - but he is, god he so good looking, in a way that has nothing to do with make up or fancy clothes or styling, he's just got this lovely simple purity of features. He's also got a sweetness of expression that shines through even when his face is contorted with rage or righteous anger or exhortion, and when he smiles...he has the sweetest, most joyful, most geniune smile. But more than that, he has so much charisma It's not flashy like say, Gerard's, but he has the same power to command, to bring people together. And so much energy. He seems so healthy and so *alive.* My eyes were glued to him for most of the show.

I think, the overall impression I get from him, and from the rest of the band is that they're putting everything they've got into this, into what they believe in, and there's a very strong purity in that. You get the impression that they are true to themselves and what they believe in. No lies, no bullshit, no posturing. Just them and what they believe and how they feel.
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If anyone hasn't heard L'arc en ciel's new single, they should. It's called 'Hurry Xmas', as the title suggests, it's a Christmas song. It manages to be simultaneously really Christmas-y and really L'arc-y. And it is sooo adorable. I can't wait to see them perform it live on TV. It's all about white christmases and giving a present his beloved has been longing for, and hoping she'll like the tree decorated with candy canes, etc. Then, the last line is 'Thank you Jesus'. It made me laugh so hard the other people waiting for the bus stared at me. Oh Hyde.

Also, did I mention Simple Plan's new album come out on my birthday? Because it does. <3

Last night, Cy and I went to see New Found Glory.

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