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1. WTF at Miwako's mother. She is SUCH a bitch. That was definitely one of those scenes where I was inwardly yelling at Haru's mom to speak up and tell her to STFU, especially that stuff she said about the way they raised Haru. Where does she get off telling them they were wrong, or cruel? If she'd just stop for one moment and look at how much the way she raised/is continuing to raise Miwako is fucking her up...
She has no clue what goes in at Haru's house, and honestly, she has no clue what goes on in her own house either. (Not to mention all the risky stuff Miwako is getting up to outside of the house.) I realize that she needs to blame other people because she can't blame herself, but honestly, whose kid tried to commit suicide here?

2. Will someone please tell Haru that possibly having feeling for Ibuki-sempai doesn't make him a girl? There are boys who like boys, you know! If nothing else, can someone tell him that bisexuality, you know, exists?

3. Also, what is Ibuki-sempai angsting for, and why am I supposed to care?

4. Finally, Haru and Miwako need to be together. Seriously. OTP
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So I finally finished Aishiteiru to Ittekure. I cried 2 and 1/2 times. Not because it was sad, just because it was so poignant. They are definitely a couple that earn their happy ending.

This dorama was the #1 show of 1995, and the theme song LOVE LOVE LOVE, by Dreams Come True, was the #1 song of the year. The show won the Galaxy Award for TV (the Galazy Awards are for outstanding production of TV, Radio, News Broadcasting and commercials), and Tokiwa Takako, who played the heroine, won the Élan d'or Award (presented each year by All Nippon Producers Association (ANPA) for outstanding achievement to newcomers in the industry.) The show even spawned a fad for learning Japanese Sign Language. It was written by Kitagawa Eriko, who penned many of the dorama now called classics - Long Vacation, Orange Days, and Beautiful Life, as well another favorite dorama of mine 'Tatta Hitotsu no Koi'.

Aishiteiru to Ittekure (Say You Love Me) tells the story of 20 year old aspiring actress Mizuno Hiroko, and 30 year old painter Sakaki Kohji, who has been deaf since the age of 7. The two meet by accident, and end up falling in love. The show follows their relationship as they learn to love and deal with their difference in age, Kohji's overprotective younger sister, Hiroko's childhood friend Ken, Hiroko's jealousy over Kohji's ex-girlfriend, and the walls Kohji has built around his heart.

The show also deals, of course, with Kohji's deafness, and the ways that it both brings Hiroko and him together, and pulls them apart. The show incorporates both spoken dialogue and subtitled sign language.

It's really about the triumph of love against everything else, and how no matter what happens if you love someone, you'll be drawn back to them. It's about how hard it is to understand someone else's heart, no matter what language you use, but that in the end, maybe love is enough.

I did have some issues with some of the sub-plots - Shiori's brother complex, for example, and it was a little heavy on the 'misunderstanding arises from something glimpsed across the street' kind of plot point (I'll admit I had to fast forward through a bunch of these, just to skip the inevitable misunderstanding), but when all is said and done, it was such a good show.

It wasn't one of those shows where the love between the hero and heroine feels fake or like insta-true love; The shows really shows the growth of affection into love, and the depth of a love stripped of almost all words, as Hiroko and Koji communicate through writing (especially that almost obsolete piece of electronics, the fax machine), and through sign language, which Hiroko begins teaching herself after she meets Koji.

All of the heartbreaking moments are heartbreaking because you know and believe in just how deep of a love they have for each other. The title phrase 'Say you love me.' appears in the show in two different scenes, said once by Hiroko and once by Kohji, and both times it made me cry.

As far as the sign language went, I thought it really drew you into the show, making you complicit with the lovers in a way. I noticed that by the last episode, simple gestures like 'What?' were no longer subtitled.

This is a really good video, that basically condenses the entire span of Hiroko and Kohji's relationship (minus the very end) into 3 minutes.


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So I finished the last two episodes of 'Mary Stay Out All Night' this morning.

As an overall show, plot definitely had some issues, mostly that it didn't seem like the writers really knew what to do with it, but the characters really made the drama wonderful. Mae-Ri and Moo-Kyul had such wonderful chemistry and such a natural, organically developing romance that it was worth overlooking any of the show's flaws to watch their relationship unfold. And Jung-In ended up being a great character in his own right.

As for the last two episodes...Episode 15 was an out of character, last minute angst fest. But I've been disappointed by the endings of shows I loved before, and I've learned to just kind of pretend that the offending episode or in some cases, entire next season, don't exist, and just enjoy the parts I loved.

I'm so glad that the show recovered to give us a wonderful final episode in episode 16, with all the great things that made us love the show in the first place. I even decided I wanted a few more episodes with Jung-In living with Moo-Kyul (and Mae-Ri).

It's been a wild ride with MM3, which I wasn't expecting from the little K-drama that made me laugh and squee, but all in all it's been a good one, and I'm glad it ended on a note that made me remain almost if not entirely (since there are all those out of character bits I'm erasing from my memory) as fond of it as I was when it began.

This adorable Moo-Kyul/Mae-Ri MV, set to 'I Promise You', a song sung by Moo-Kyul, written about Mae-Ri, is everything I loved about this show. <3 <3

Photo from here
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Okay so these start halfway through the ep, since I suddenly felt like recording them...

I feel So bad for MK...he looked so happy when his mom suggested living together, and then she ran off just like he knew she would. No wonder he feels so dtrongly about abandoning his band...
It's so sad the way he smiled and got really happy after Mary told him she loved him, even though he knows she doesn't, and he knows she's just play acting, becausde he accused her of it a minute eralier. He still looked so happy as he dug into his ice cream. Also, it's so cute that part of her fake lover conversation is based on reality, because he really does hate ther cold, and she knows that because of all the time they've been spending together...

How adorable was it when he immediately said he wanted her to make him mittens! (sadly not bright pink) and how he wanted her to finish them.

The singing in the karaoke!! And her dadQ! He's a lady killer when he sings! XDDD

Whooa mystery! He's so pressured to marry her now though! It would be kind of bittersweet she really did love MK, and he wasn't just marrying her to get his dramam made.

Also...the two dads watching him carrying her inside...was kind of cute. For a moment you actually thought they cared about their kids being happy, rather than weird emotional transferennce and getting out of debt.

Awww MK put on her mitten1!1 And his phone rang 'Is it Merry Christmas!?' Such a smile1 I wish it had been. He's so falling for her...his smile and laugter when her read that thing she wrote...I really want him to make it into a song.

Yeess, his friends So know he likes her! Aww, and now he wants her to call, even though it was so annoying to him before!!

And! Show title reference!! XD (I've been wondering when she was going to stay out all night, to be honest...)

I love SeoJun's dress. I love KM's outfit... So pretty...

Yes, I knew KM could kick some ass! Haaa he looks so put upon when SJ hugs him. I guess that is his default have to deal with girls who love me (or at all) face. XD

Whooooa, KM is now JI's rival?? He's reallt serious about it now! I'm kind fo scared by the lengths he may go with this, given his workaholic personality and how much he has riding on it.
Also, he looks so gorgous in that scoop neck sweater. <3

Except...his touching/kissing her scar felt...so invasive and uncomfortable, expecially compared to how tender and intimate the moment was with MK....
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Four people living in the same apartment building decide to play a game called 'Love Shuffle', where they switch romantic partners for a week at a time. In their quest to find love, they end up finding friendship, dreams, and what they really want in life...

The tagline for this entry means "Say it ain't so, Joe!", and it's one of the many catch phrases and inside jokes running through the whole series. The inside jokes and running gags are one of the things I loved about this show, the way it used little incidents and connected them to the show and the characters as a whole. For example, in one episode one of the characters spends about a thousand dollars (literally) trying to win another character a stuffed panda from a crane game. Not only does this panda become a metaphor that is greater than an actual stuffed panda, it begins a running gag, not just among the three who were in the arcade, but among the whole Luv-Sha group, where characters will randomly say 'Yay, Panda!', which will usually be followed up by everyone else firing off as many panda puns ('what do you cook food in?' 'Fry pan da!'). In that way the experience shared by three characters becomes a bond and an shared experience between all six. I feel like the show does such a good job in showing how by virtue of this strange social experiment they put themselves in, these six people, most of whom start off as virtual strangers, come, through shared experiences and time spent together, to not only become friends and/or fall in love, but to really mean something to on another, and to care about each other in a very real way.

This was such a great. So. It made me laugh, get tears in my eyes, warmed my heart, and once, when the link to the video wouldn't work, yell out "Uso da to itte yo, Joe!"
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Tatta Hitotsu no Koi: Usually I have no patience for jun-ai stories, but this one is an exception. I love it. It's just...so good. Kame plays Hiroto, a boy from the other side of the track who works at a small factory that fixes boats among other things, and cooks for his cute little brother. Ayase plays Nao, the rich daughter of the president of a huge chain of jewelry stores. She always tries to tell the truth, no matter what. "Haven't you ever gotten hurt?" Hiroto asks incredulously, unable to believe someone could be so naive.
"Yes," She replies. "But if you keep lying, you stop knowing that's true and what's not."

This show takes one of the classic stories: rich, sheltered girl and poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks fall in love, and through the sheer emotional authenticity of its characters, turns it into something beautiful and resonant. One of the ways it does this is by not shrinking away from the harsh realities that this kind of pairing would actually entails, just how different the worlds they come from are and the way their very different upbringings have shaped them.

Also, the narration in this movie is just well done. There's one line in particular that stuck in my head long after I'd finished the show: "The memory of her voice calling me a 'liar' was like a sugar cube dropped accidently into a glass of cold water: no matter how hard I stirred it, it wouldn't dissolve. It stayed in my heart and sunk to the bottom."

Papa to Musume no nanokakan: It's basically your old Freaky Friday plot, but this time it's the daughter (high schooler Koume) and the father who switch bodies. It's also fresh and heartfelt and makes you forget you've seen this plot before. (And it includes some things I've never seen here: For example, the mother snuggles up to Koume!Papa, and Koume thinks frantically, 'Oh no! Is my first time gonna be with Mama!? But if I refuse, that might lead to divorce?'. Thankfully, her mother just falls asleep) Both actors are great at portraying each other, but the best is watching the 50 something salary man talking like a high school girl and texting on his blinged out cell phone. I laughed, I cried, I paused the video and ran around the room flailing my arms...this was a really great show.

Katagoshi no Koibito: I love this show, but I am getting lazy, so I am just going to link you to this great pimp post. Also, it has the (literally) gayest ending ever.

Princess Princess D: I made a whole post about it here

Also, have you seen Hana yori Dango and last Friends? I forget.
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I watched the first two episodes of You Are Beautiful yesterday. I'm really liking it! It's so fun!

I just have two thoughts.
1) If that's what Go Minam's brother sounds like, he must be a castrati or something.
2) JEREMY!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Speaking of Dorama, I forgot to mention that I watched the first episode of Kame's new dorama, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, otherwise known as the dorama based on that REALLY weird manga I read in college.

As long as you accept the fact that it's entirely divorced from any type of realism, because almost everything about it is ridiculous and implausible, it's pretty good.
Also, Kame is ridiculously, ridiculously good looking. Goddamn, boy. The pacing was much better than the first episode of Shinsengumi Peacemaker.

Speaking of (otherwise known as the dorama based on Peacemaker Kurogane), it kind of jumped all over the place, and somehow managed to be kind of boring, despite the epic battle sequence, Okita (not enough!!), Shinpachi and Sanosuke being awesome in a lametastic way, Yoshida the second to main villain being super hot. Oh, and Yamanami-san is adorable (Yamanami! T_T) I hope the dorama doesn't skimp on character development because the characterization was one of the best parts of PMK!
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Finished! I like how it was a show very focused on romantic love and the theme ended up being about love in ALL forms.

Spoilers )
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Finished! What a wonderful series...

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I just finished the first episode of 'Tatta Hitotsu no Koi' (My One and Only Love), starring Kame and Ayase Haruka.

Kame plays Hiroto, a boy from the other side of the track who works at a small factory that fixes boats among other things, and cooks for his cute little brother. Ayase plays Nao, the rich daughter of the president of a huge chain of jewelry stores. She always tries to tell the truth, no matter what. "Haven't you ever gotten hurt?" Hiroto asks incredulously, unable to believe someone could be so naive.
"Yes," She replies. "But if you keep lying, you stop knowing that's true and what's not."

Kame is really hot. Even in a workers jumpsuit with dirt on his face, he's beautiful. Somehow it makes it even more resonant, especially the scene where Nao goes to confront him after she finds out he was lying about who he was (he said he was medical student at the prestigious Keiou University), and he just walks to towards her, totally exposed for who he is, and still so beautiful.

The show is very jun-ai. (Pure Love). It's hard to describe what I mean by that, although I would classify jun-ai as a genre for dorama. It's very pure, and bittersweet, and I have a feeling it's going to hurt at some point. I don't know if I can watch another episode tonight, because of that.

But I like it, so far.

ETA: On ep 2. Kame just made stubbing out his cigarette in a cup hot. How did he do that? Wow.
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This is mostly for my own reference. *All text from [livejournal.com profile] rainscenes

Kou Kou Kyoshi.
She's the schoolgirl in love. He's the terminal teacher using her to offset the loneliness of his impending death. Together, a doomed co-dependent mess masquerading as romance!

This drama is sort of awe-inspiring in the new and creative ways it gets UTTERLY FUCKED UP. It's about a girl in love with her teacher, who is slowly dying from a brain tumor, who leads her to believe she's the one with the fatal illness so he'll have someone to UNDERSTAND HIS PAIN. Toss in some sex, suicide, rape, underage prostitution, middle-aged men lusting after schoolgirls (yes, more than one) and you might as well slit your wrists now. It's what the characters of this drama would do, anyway.

Katagoshi no Koibito
She's an office lady dreading the approach of her 30th birthday. He's the sixteen year old runaway who crashes at her apartment. Together... well...

Nodame Cantabile
He's the talented but arrogant conductor. She's the messy, disorganized spaz who can replay the classics by ear. Together, Beethoven!

Another classic! If you haven't seen Nodame, drop everything and check your sanity at the door. Herein lies quirky romance, gay voyeurs, musical misadventures, mismatched fashion, electric violin, purple ooze, stalker afros, mongoose costumes and flying pink sparkles, and it's all set to Mozart and Chopin.

He's a solider who washes ashore a small town in 1950s Japan with no memory of his past. She's his spunky pseudo-sister fighting her feelings for him. Together, they listen to Elvis!
Utahime ends vastly different from how it starts, and that what you think is zany 1950s silliness will come to own your soul with love and heartbreak and poignance and well-rounded characters. It starts cracky and only brings out the big guns halfway through, but this is a drama where everything was planned from the first episode, and the sheer level of detail in how everything comes together is fantastic.

ETA: Also want to watch: Tatta Hitotsu No Koi, and PRIDE.
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Hideaki Takizawa (27) has picked up his first starring role in a serial drama since 2005. He will share the screen with Ryo Nishikido (24) in a TBS series tentatively titled "Orthros no Inu," named after the two-headed dog from Greek mythology.

The thrilling human drama has Takizawa playing the role of a mysterious and ambitious man with a wicked heart, who possesses the power to heal pain and illness with the touch of his hand. Nishikido, on the other hand, plays a high school teacher with a gentle heart, but who has the ability to kill with his touch. The two happen to meet, resulting in a battle of good and evil.

Takizawa's last starring role in a series was in the 2005 NHK taiga drama "Yoshitsune." Before that, he played the lead in Fuji TV's "Boku Dake no Madonna."

TBS will broadcast "Orthros no Inu" on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in July.

source: jpopasia

Aww, I watched Boku dake no Madonna in Japan XD
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So, I finished Last Friends. I think the final episode may win for sheer number of times I cried during it.

I cried...6 times...

cut for spoilers )

Yukan Club

Jul. 15th, 2009 09:01 am
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Yesterday my internet was not working, so I watching part of the first episode of 'Yukan Club' which I had bought a while back. I bought the show knowing nothing about it, only the it was based on a manga, and that it starred Bakanishi and Emi Suzuki, who is a model for Pinky I really like. (I have her photobook.) The show takes place at a super elite school and follows the members of the student council aka Yukan Club, who are all super rich, super beautiful and very unique. (It also stars Bakanishi's fellow KATTUN member Junno, as the bleach blond son of the Swedish ambassador, which cracks me up to no end.)

The show is pretty amusing, although I think it makes a tougher transition from manga to dorama than say, Hana Yori Dango. One of the things that I love about the HyD dorama is how much I bought all the guys in F4 as being super rich, super priveleged and having been brought up so accustomed to luxury they took it very much for granted. They wore their designer clothes like they were jeans and t-shirts. There was none of that self-consciousness that there is in a lot of shows about super rich kids.

The best part of the show is definitely Bakanishi, because one, he's one of the better actors, and two he's so goddamn lush and pretty I just want to watch him. Also, his character's shtick is sucking on a lollipop, and well, we all know what a great mouth Jin has...
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I'm slowly but surely making my way through 'Last Friends', being now half way through episode 5.
I have to watch it when I'm in the mood, because it is a rather dark series, but I'm really loving it. Someway during the last half of episode 4, I thought 'I can't wait 'till this comes out on DVD.' It's just really well done. It manages to deal with topics like domestic violence, alternative sexualities and gender in a way that feels emotionally realistic to me, and it also brings the same kind of real emotions to the friendships and relationships that all the characters build. At times it has me riveted to the screen, mouth open, and at least twice already it's almost made me cry. It also makes a very effective use of music, especially with the way it will start the theme, and then stop it abruptly and then kick back in, or not.

Cut for spoilers )
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Happy Halloween, everyone one!!

So, I just finished Hana Yori Dango Returns.

cut )
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I've spent most of this morning watching 'Hana yori Dango Returns', and man I forgot how good this series is. It's got me on the edge of my seat, mouth gaping, fists clenched, arms failing, yelling the the TV.

Also...good God is Domyouji(MatsuJun) hot. He has the most beautiful collar bones...


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