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There is only one problem with the Empires' (TomRad's new band, in case you missed that) song 'Make This Last'. Namely, that it is on my computer and not on my iPod, which severely hampers my need to listen to it nonstop.

This song is everything I want in a song right now.

(The only other thing is that I can't help imagining that all the songs are about William. Haha)

My aunt Lynn and her new husband Tom, and my cousin Erik and his wife Christi and their brood of kids were up for lunch when I came to my dad's yesterday, so I got to see them for the first time in...about two or three years. It was so great to see them.

All my cousins are at least 10 years older than me, and Erik was always my favorite cousin when I was growing up - funny, handsome, musical, supportive. He lived in LA for most of my childhood, and now he lives in a tiny town on the opposite side of CT, so he's always been a very sporadic person in my life, but he's always been there if I needed him. When I wanted to go to OAS in college, I called him to talk to how to bring it up to my parents. The conversation left a big impression on me, because he was adament that I had to live for myself, even if that meant doing things my parents wouldn't approve of or agree to.

Yesterday he told me how proud he was of me, that I'd learned another language, graduated from college, and am working in my field, and what a big accomplishment all that was. I was really really touched by that.

(Later that night I talked to my cousin Kirsten, which is always an odd experience, since I talk to her about once every 3 years, and she is a born again Christian. Apparently there's going to be a family reunion later on next year, which I should try to go to, since the last time I saw Kirsten's kids, Bethany, the oldest, was a baby, and she's now graduating college.)

After everyone left, we opened presents. Everyone was really happy and touched with what I bought them, which made me really happy, because I'd been a little worried. But I loved giving presents when people really, really love them. Also, I got two things I'd asked for but wasn't expecting to get: the drawing tablet for my computer, and a CD and DVD from CDJapan, although the latter haven't arrived yet.

Last night we all watched Project Runway. It was only the second time I've seen this season, but I love Christian! He is so bitchy and tiny and scene! I love his hair! I love his wee-ness!(And his clothes are cool too.)
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Last week was busy but very fun. On Tues was the Plain White T's show - first row again, and although we were alittle to far to the side to make direct eye contact with Tom (who was so adorable) the guitarist was playing right in front of us. They are so much fun.

On Wed I went into the city to meet Dad and Cathie. We went to a great little French restaurant in an alley, and then to among other places, an amazing fabric shop, a great chocolate shop, and an antique store with the most beautiful 19th century rings. I really love the city when I get a chance to explore it like that. For dinner we met Joely at the restaurant below her work, which turned out to be really good.

On Thursday I had dinner with Hank after work, which was also a lot of fun, we mostly talked about the Plan re:Vancouver, and he was very excited and enthusiastic about it.

Friday we went to dinner with Dad, Cathie and Dad's friend Andy. We were supposed to go to this secret Japanese restaurant, but there was a huge wait (too bad, the sushi looked out of this world, just a slice of the freshest fish imaginable on top of rice), so we at at an Salvadorean restaurant, which was also quite good.

Saturday we had pancakes and fruit salad with the 'rents at the apartment, and showed them around Berkeley. Dad had us walking for blocks and blocks to get to the original Peet's. When we finally got there, it turned out it had no seats, so he was the only one who got coffee, but we did find...a cupcakery! Which was amazing.
Also, it spawned this gem:
Cathie and I: Uh...you said the Peet's was across from Chez Panisse.
Dad: No. I didn't say it was directly across from it.
Cathie and I: That's what across means.
Dad: Well, I didn't mean literally 'across'.
Cathie and I: ....

Also, I have been in almost daily correspondence with Anna-san, re: this year's DS congress in Vancouver, a fact which makes me very, very happy. I like being someone that Anna-san depends on, if only for my translation skills.
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*The 'rents are cleaning out the fridge*
Dad: Can I put things back?
Cathie: Why?
Dad: Because I'll do it better.


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