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Ignore the entirely unrelated images. This is the only video I could find with the song by the original 1991 broadway cast. (Which, btw, is the cast I saw perform, way way back when.)

The song is 'I Heard Someone Crying' from the Secret Garden. The song takes place Mary's first night at her Uncle Archibald's house, she's unable to sleep because she can hear someone crying somewhere in the house, through the night, Mary and Archibald "mourn their losses" while the ghosts of their respective past (the ghosts of Mary's parents and others from India, and most importantly, the ghost of Archibald's wife Lily who died 10 years ago after the birth of their son.)

The original Broadway cast featured Daisy Eagan as Mary, Mandy Patinkin as Archibald Craven, and Rebecca Luker as Lily Craven. There are dozens of performances available on Youtube, mostly of amateur or high school productions, and although many of them have one cast member who is quite good - the Archibald Craven part seems comparatively easy, for instance - the Lily part features a lot of extremely high tones, which most of the singers struggled to hit.

Also, I honestly think you can't get better than the original cast here. Mary sounds a bit thin, but the strength of her personality and her stubborn will really come through, and I think it's very appropriate considering that so much of the musical is about these two children (Mary and Colin) caught in a world made by the adult's passion, obsession, love and loss. (Also, Daisy Eagan won a Tony for her role as Mary, at only 11 years old!) Mandy Patinkin has an amazing voice, which has been documented by people far more official than me, and I really think the song showcases it beautifully. Many other singers could sing this part, but the raw emotion he puts into it is amazing. And then there's Rebecca Luker. Her voice is so indescribably beautiful (her part in the background of around 2:16ish just gives me chills); she hits these crystalline highs effortlessly, and the haunting quality is perfect, as Lily is a ghost for entire musical (save the flashbacks).

I love the part that Archibald and Mary sing together, because I think that the way that the same words mean something very different to both of them - the widower lost in his grief and unable to move forward - and the girl trying to to find out what life means - really comes through.

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Miyavi and Gackt are having a conversation via Twitter, which is very adorable. I am not sure why they are having the conversation in English, but it's still so heartwarming.

It started after Miyavi posted this first: From Germany #prayforjapan http://instagr.am/p/C7Lqa/ about 5 hours ago via Instagram

That prompted this exchange.

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL Are you in Germany right now? It is morning here, I am fine but some friends don't call back yet...How is your show there?

@GACKT hey sup bro, cool 2 hear from u. just had the show in Italy n now got 2 Hungary. everythin is great here but u kno so worried abt jp.

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL U r in Hungary right now? I know U r worried about Japan, we are ok, still fighting. we never give up, right?

@GACKT yeh, i kno. we never ever give up our bright future. lets keep sendin our luv n hearts 2 the victims in the disaster sites.

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL Of course I keep on sendin my luv there, 2 every1. There are a lot of people who r still fighting in the disaster areas.
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Apparently they are my new fandom? LOL

The first mention of them ever in my LJ is from August 2008!! "There's this korean band called Big Bang, and they have this new song which is the slashiest video ever." But I really started getting into them last summer, with Beautiful Hangover, and Koe wo Kikasete. In August I posted the latter video with this comment, "There's a special 'book in book' section on BIG BANG in the new issue of Vivi, so now I'm all into them. (LOL) I really like this song, even though T.O.P and G-DRAGON, who are my favs don't do much until the song is mostly over."

But for a long time I just liked their music and music videos. I didn't really start getting into them - like needing to watch all kinds of candid videos and read all sorts of interviews. etc until the end of last year when G-dragon and T.O.P released their 'GD & TOP' stuff.

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There is no use expecting logic or emotional consistency from Pete.

I think Andy's right when he talks about how burnt out the four of them are, and how they need some space and some time apart, and that whatever happens in the future, the four of them love Fall Out Boy.

And in some ways, I think Pete loves it hardest of all.

Why? This is Pete, and we all know how hard and how fatalistically he loves.

And this is his post from yesterday. The day after he said he could never imagine playing in Fall Out Boy again.


So whatever happens, even if this break up is forever, Fall Out Boy brought so much happiness and love and fun into my life.

So thanks for the memories, boys. You remain the only band I would ever wait for 7 hours in the rain to go see.


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