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Dec. 11th, 2010 11:16 am
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Actual Quote from last month:

"I said to my manager, ‘I can’t do that thing where someone comes up behind you and you look scared’. And he said, ‘What? Acting?’. And I was like, ‘That’s it! I can’t do that!’ "
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Dear man sitting at a table near the door of Starbucks,

Raising your eyebrows with a lewd expression on your face is NOT a pick up technique I would recommend, especially when you already look really skeevy.

Not gonna happen,

On the other hand,

Dear So Beautiful I Cried!R,

Please feel free to sit at my desk when I come in in the morning when ever you want. I definitely enjoy the eye candy.



Sep. 3rd, 2010 02:54 pm
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Me: It involves many things that I like.
Rob: Shiny puppies having sex with Russell Brand?
Me: But it does have puppies..!
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Got into a conversation about Anne Rice with my coworker, who said the following, in regards to his attempt to listen to the audio book of The Vampire Lestat:

"It was the abridged version, you know? So it was basically 2 hours of homoeroticism, from what I could tell."
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After reading Oreska band's drunken post to Rob:

Rob: You know the funny thing about that? It sounds like one of your posts!"I love this band! So many hearts in my eyes right now! It's all sparkly!"

oritsu_luv: (Default) we know, Himura Kenshin, the greatest swordsman Japan has ever known dies a heroic death...

cut for spoilers for the entire Rurouni Kenshin series )
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You see something labeled 'Governor Perry Rant' and immediately think, 'Don't they mean Commodore Perry?'
oritsu_luv: (Default) sounds like maybe, maybe Pear Liberal Studies Simpson-Wentz is on the way!!!! :O

Just had the following conversation with Bike Messenger who always comes at 4.

Me: I'm so glad to see you! Because that means it's four and I only have an hour left to go!

Messanger: Yes. I signal the coming of the end.

Me: ...It sounds much more apocolyptic when you put it that way...
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Tom: There are always signs that make us laugh during each show - (laughing) I just wish there would be more signs for Georg.

Georg: Ahhhh! I’m actually glad that I don’t get signs saying “Tom, fuck you”.

Tom (Laughing): Oh, come on. That was in France and the girl wrote that sign in German. We all know that she wanted to say: “Tom, fuck me” and I’m sure you pray for a sign like that every night.
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I get a gold star for only snickering internally when saying, 'Shiva is downstairs for you.'


On a related note,'Krishna Copiers' always makes me laugh, and think of that story of Krishna making hundreds of copies of himself so he could partner with each and every gopi. XD
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One of the IT guys: Go! Go forth and do my bidding!
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I don't even know anything about Doctor Who, and I've read a lot from fans saying it has plotholes the size of God, but...

It has a casually bisexual omnisexual, morally ambiguous hero!

Who says things like this!!

Capt. John: Oh, that's gorgeous.
Gwen: That's a poodle.
Capt. John: [eager] It's nice!

He is attracted to everything!! Hahahahahaha
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This website kills hours. Only sometimes it makes me laugh too loudly.

Japanese teacher: So the 'sou desu' form is used when you want to say something seems like something else. Like, Tanaka San seems happy -- you could say 'Tanaka San wa ureshisou desu.'
Student #1: What if he's smiling and he just won the lottery? Would you have to say he seems happy, or could you say that he is happy?
Japanese teacher: Well, you are not Tanaka San -- he could find the money to be a burden -- so you'd have to use 'sou desu.'
Student #2: What if he's yelling that he's happy?
Japanese teacher: He could be lying. You never know with Tanaka San...
lots )

Work RPS?

Jan. 11th, 2009 03:05 pm
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So, the corperate support crew was going off on a field trip somewhere, but two of the guys were late. They finally appeared. (T is the head of CS, R is the new mailroom guy, who is cute and 20-ish, and has a girlfriend who goes to City College aka, not what you would think of as a slasher.)
T: Where were you guys!?
R: They were making out!
T: >_> No, they were just in the hallway there.
R *gleefully*: Look, he has make out hair! Make out hair!
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On Shun-kun's radio show, they did this exercise where Jun read Rui's lines as Domyouji and Shun read Domyouji's lines as Rui.

It was absolutely hysterical, hearing Domyouji's lines read in Rui's gentle tone and inflection.
I was laughing so hard the people on the train were staring at me. I practically had tears in my eyes.

The best was the line from the subject: 'It might be shit made to look like curry!' said all sweetly.
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From certain angles, our waiter at the pizza place tonight looked just like a young William Beckett - like when he had chin legnth hair. It was very distracting.

On the walk back home, I was talking to my nine year old cousin Katie about what music she liked, as she had started singing that Rihanna Umbrella song. Turns out she likes Rihanna, Fergie, Gwen Stefani and...

Katie: There's this one song on the radio a lot. I don't know the name. It goes...Badada dadadada...Take a look at my girlfriend...
Me: She's the only one I've got...
Both: Not much of a girlfriend, she never seems to get a lot.

So I share some of my musical taste with a nine year old. Or, a nine year old shares some of my musical taste. I don't think I'll ever get used to that, and I don't know how I feel about it... ^^;

Also, I decided today that Patrick should just sing everything ever. Seriously.

Oh man...

Jul. 26th, 2008 11:55 am
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I was trying to find a notebook to bring to the beach, and I found this really old little notebook from...I think it was high school...
And what was in the notebook but old Sailor Moon fanfic. Mostly Rei/Minako, and one Seiya/Minako.
And...oh my god. Talk about badfic!! It was SO bad, I was actually laughing outloud. For example, the phrase 'the purple dark moon-clouds of their passion' was used. Oh god...

So so horrifically bad.
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Last week was busy but very fun. On Tues was the Plain White T's show - first row again, and although we were alittle to far to the side to make direct eye contact with Tom (who was so adorable) the guitarist was playing right in front of us. They are so much fun.

On Wed I went into the city to meet Dad and Cathie. We went to a great little French restaurant in an alley, and then to among other places, an amazing fabric shop, a great chocolate shop, and an antique store with the most beautiful 19th century rings. I really love the city when I get a chance to explore it like that. For dinner we met Joely at the restaurant below her work, which turned out to be really good.

On Thursday I had dinner with Hank after work, which was also a lot of fun, we mostly talked about the Plan re:Vancouver, and he was very excited and enthusiastic about it.

Friday we went to dinner with Dad, Cathie and Dad's friend Andy. We were supposed to go to this secret Japanese restaurant, but there was a huge wait (too bad, the sushi looked out of this world, just a slice of the freshest fish imaginable on top of rice), so we at at an Salvadorean restaurant, which was also quite good.

Saturday we had pancakes and fruit salad with the 'rents at the apartment, and showed them around Berkeley. Dad had us walking for blocks and blocks to get to the original Peet's. When we finally got there, it turned out it had no seats, so he was the only one who got coffee, but we did find...a cupcakery! Which was amazing.
Also, it spawned this gem:
Cathie and I: said the Peet's was across from Chez Panisse.
Dad: No. I didn't say it was directly across from it.
Cathie and I: That's what across means.
Dad: Well, I didn't mean literally 'across'.
Cathie and I: ....

Also, I have been in almost daily correspondence with Anna-san, re: this year's DS congress in Vancouver, a fact which makes me very, very happy. I like being someone that Anna-san depends on, if only for my translation skills.


Oct. 19th, 2006 10:14 am
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Unfortunately, my MEST CD didn't come yesterday, even though I pre-ordered it because they said I'd get it on the street date, but....I did just wake up from a very vivid dream of being at a MEST concert. For some reason, the concert was on the other side of a fence, and Tony had dyed the tips of his hair pink. His little dog was running around, so I had been looking at the dog, and he saw that, and pulled me against the fence, and sang to me, with much eyesex. Good dream. Haha.
I also had a dream that involved meeting up with Anna-san somewhere, but I don't really remember much of it.


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