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When I used to work the earlier schedule, there was this girl named Angela who used to take the same trolley as I did. I remember I noticed her first, because she had this nice green coat, and she always looked very put together, in her green coat with her Starbucks. We used to smile at each other, and I think we may have spoken once or twice.

Today, as I was walking down to eat my lunch on the bench outside the bookstore, Angela was walking in the opposite direction. She waved. At first I couldn't place her, I just knew I knew her from somewhere, and then as she got close to me, she stopped, and said, with a smile. "I haven't see you in a while!" Her tone was bright, as if we were old friends. I smiled back, and explained to her that my shift had changed so I took a different train in. And then she said, still smiling. "It was nice to see you again!"

It was a nice moment, because in a way, we were old friends, in that way that sharing the same space at the same time every day, can make you comrades of sorts, even if you only ever exchange smiles and half a dozen words.

I made my way to the bench, still smiling.
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So I was walking to the train on Friday when this very familiar looking boy with black hair with a huge bleached patch in the front passed by. I recognized the strange dye job immediately. It was James, of Pisser and. One of the punk boys I'd made friends with on the train a few weeks ago! So I ran after him, and taped him on the shoulder. 'James?' He turned around. 'Oh my God, it's you!' We hugged, and exclaimed over the craziness of meeting again. He asked if I'd heard from Pisser. I said no, to which he replied, 'I haven't heard from him since that night. The show got pretty crazy and some cops showed up...I hope he didn't get arrested.' I hoped so too. We exchanged phone numbers ago, and James said, 'Call me any time you want to fuck shit up old school.' I said I would. He told me his band has all it's members now and he'd get me into a show free. I said I'd love to go, and then we parted ways. For some reason, he was talking in an Irish accent the whole time, so the last thing he said was, 'Well, I'll be seein' ya, lass.' LOL

Also, unrelatedly,last night Cy and I went to go see Lewis Black at the Paramount Theatre, which turned out to a really beautiful old Art Deco style theatre, with an actual powder room with chairs and rows of mirrors. It made me want to dress up like a flapper.
I'd never been to a stand up comedy show before, it was a lot of fun. I especially liked the first guy, who named uh...Jim Short, I think, from Australia.
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New Year's was fun. The list of New Year's events in SF looked like episode summaries for QAF:booze, drugs and go-go boys, dildo toss, and nearly naked gay boys. As these things are fun to watch on TV but not necessarily my idea of a fun night out, especially when one is required to stay until at least midnight, Joely and I stayed home and had a nice quiet New Year's with many movies and a cake I baked, MTV's New Year Show featuring FOB and the requisite dance party after the ball dropped. En Vogue was performing in the city, and they did 'Never Gonna Get It' after midnight which was cool to see (on TV). There were also fireworks that we could see from our front door which was also cool.

Now we are battling not only unspecified rodents (who thankfully don't seem to be coming in the apartment anymore) but also mold from permenantly damp closets and Joely's whole room. (Thanks to the weeks and weeks of non-stop rain). So last night we had to move everything out of Joely's room so our landlord could take up the rug, seal up the hold and vacuum up all the water. I went to Joely' work to give the kiddies a presentation on Katakana as this week is "K" week - they were so adorable! - and came home to find my rug in the closet taken up, and also the rug in Joely's room up with the vacuum is running. So I guess it's a start.

I have these intense craving for Irish Stew. I was going to make it but I do not have the right pot/dutch oven because I went to the store but they only had Le Creuset (sp)which is what my mother has but was also $150 for a smallish one. So yeah. I must look into alternatives. Maybe my mother could be prevailed upon to give me her cast iron non-Creuset for my b-day...
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Apparently the first and second seasons (?) of The Naked Chef are available on DVD in the UK. Maybe I should just get them - when I have money to buy non-essential things like DVDs, that is. I feel that it would be a good investment.

Today we've got a thrilling day of laundry at the laundromat, the weekly grocery shop, and stocking up on essentials like mixing bowls, a whisk, etc, etc.

Yesterday we...

- 1) Went with Aileen and Jorge to a bbq at the house of a classmate of Aileen's. As parties go, it was kind of a bust, since non of the other guests, even the host, were very socialable at all. I did have a chat with the host's roommate, but he may or may not have been hitting on me. But the house was really nice, up on the Hills (so it was insanely difficult to get to, involving windy narrow roads up the side of a mountain), and it had the most incredible panoramic view of the entire Bay Area. It was literally breathtaking.

2)killed some time in the library looking up old childhood favorites. I was overjoyed to see they have 'The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms' by Jane Yolen. That was my favorite book when I was in Elementary School.

3) Lastly, we went to go see Narnia. It was very good. I liked it a lot. It was so interesting, because as we were watching, I kept getting very vivid memories of the cartoon version, so I sort of remembered the plot as it went along.
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'll just take this moment to say once again, because it can never be said enough, just how much I love all of you, and all of my friends who don't read LJ as well. You are what makes life life.

I think today's the second or third cloudy day since we've moved here. Almost every single day has been sunny with cloudless blue skies and temperatures of anywhere from 65-80, just brilliant. And the best part is, it's Thanksgiving, so we'll be pottering around the apartment and cooking our first every homecooked by ourselves thanksgiving meal.

Yesterday I finally went to that Hawaiian restaurant, which is now my new favorite restaurant, because I got incredibly delicious food for only $6. I had a fun chat about Mochi's Hawaiian food with the guy working there, who was really nice. And, I'd almost forgotten, but Kalua Pork may be the best thing every invented. God, is that stuff good.

I also had my meeting with the Japan Society guy, which went really well. He's really nice and he gave me another translator I should call, and some other ideas, and said to keep in touch. So that was a good contact made.
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Last night we went to go see GoF for Joely's birthday. I really loved it. It's definitely my favorite of the HP movies. My love for the Trio and the Twins knows no bounds. And there was quite a lot of Seamus in it, which made me happy. (Also, Hermione/Emma Watson is hot. I don't know if I should say that, but she is.)

Tonight we are going over to Aileen and Jorge's to watch movies and/or make Joely a birthday cake. It should be fun. (For her actual birthday I made a Boston Cream Pie, upon her request. It came out pretty well, but next time I'd double to custard recipe. Note: Megu, it was the same cake we used when we made our rose cake, only this time I made sure to use self-rising flour. LOL)

Next week is Thanksgiving. It will be the second Thankgiving I've spent away from home, the first being Thanksgiving in Japan, which I spent with Britany, Kara and Erika in the dorms, eating vanilla and pistachio American style pudding and going around saying things we were thankful for. So at least this time we will have actual Thanksgiving food. Speaking of which, we've got to plan the menu. Maybe we can do that this weekend. That's kind of fun, planning my first own Thanksgiving meal, even if it will be only for two.

I also have to try that interpreter woman again, as she wasn't home last time. Hopefully something will come of that or of my meeting with Sigur. I should also call back the recruitment agency again, I guess. Thanksgiving was the date I'd tentatively set to have a job by, which is kind of worrisome.

Also, lately I've had the nagging feeling that I'm doing more reading and possibly writing about life than I'm actually doing living it. But I suppose that will change once I get a job, and once we get to know more people some how. And I would like a lovelife, since I've not had one for a very long time, and even then it wasn't much of one. But I suppose that comes after establishing a worklife, and a social life.
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According to From Anna, Anna-san's going to NY tomorrow! Or, maybe today, depending on Japan time....
I e-mailed her, but I don't know if she'll be able to check it before she goes. Or after she's there.
OMG...if I could see Anna-san in NY, I will die. I really really really want to see her....
/fever of love


EDT: I got a reply...to say she couldn't read the e-mail. ;-; I sent another one, hopefully she will be able to read it in time so I can see her.....


May. 29th, 2006 09:51 am
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Well, I'm back from New Orleans! A big thanks to Mels and all of her family for being so warm and showing me such a great time!
It was my second time there, but my first time staying with friends, so even though I was still a tourist, it was a very different experience, since I got to do things that I wouldn't have if I'd just been staying in a hotel. The first of course was getting to spend the time with Melly! It was so great to see her again! (I can't believe it'd been a whole year!) And her family - her mom and dad and Natata and her extended family - were all so warm and so sweet! I had a great time!
And I still love N.O, it's just so beautiful and atmospheric, and I think I'll always associate with with Lestat and co, no matter how much time has passed. I was really sad to leave it all.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip:

- We went into the French Quarter twice!

- Mel and I went to Destrehan plantation, which turned out to be where they filmed two scences in 'Interview with a Vampire.' XD

- Went to a yarn store with Mel's friend Laura and got stuck there for about 2 hours when her car broke down!

- Went dancing until 3 am at the House of Blues with Mel's friends Laura, Shellie and Victor (free tickets thanks to Victor's cousin!)

- Went to a birthday party in Metairie cemetary for Mel's dead cousin. The cemetary was so pretty! And it turned out that Anne's family plot is there, because we passed it on the way out. It was very elaborate.

- Had a lot of good food, and good company! XD
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I spent this weekend with Joely. On Sat. we went to the mall, where I bought the Gir earrings I 'd been wanting, a cool necklaces with crosses (I just can never help myself), and thank to a 50% off sale, a Slytherin t-shirt so I can finally represent. I also bought the first MCR CD, and Joely bought the Bride and Prejudice OST. That night we went to see Robots (which was pretty funny, actually) with her little bro, 'EJ'. When we got home we watched Henry and June, which is about Anais Nin, and very good, despite being 1) on crack and 2) kind of like a PWP what with all the graphic sex scenes. Today we went out to lunch and to the library, where we took out some of Anais' books (which is how we found out that the casting to the movie was just spot on, because the actresses/actors really looked like the actual people), then went home and watched 'Cellular' with her mum, which turned out to be really good (Ryan Rocks!) and had dinner. All in all much fun was had.

Also, my perfume from that perfume place that I had y'all vote on finally came. But the whole box smelt and I couldn't distinguish one from the other, so I've put them on my dresser and will try them a day at a time, at my leisure. LOL But they sent me a free extra sample of:
Jezebel - Biblical witch, priestess of Astarte, and general troublemaker. A true role model for today's upwardly mobile Modern Woman. A gloriously decadent blend of honey, roses, orange blossom and sandalwood.
which was very cool. Yay, I am excited to try them all.

Tomorrow I am going to visit Subaru for a week, which is very exciting. Yay. And I have JC, and the biography of Anais to read to keep me occupied for the 4 1/2 hour train ride, so hopefully it won't be too boring. XD
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I just had the nicest time! A bunch of us went to dinner at Indira's, and it was just so nice. Kai-chan and I walked over together, which was fun. The food was delicious, all home-cooked Indian food. For most of the dinner I sat on the little couch squeeshed in with Arti and Katharina, where the three of us spent most of the time cracking up hysterically at little things. I talked a lot ot both of them about various things, and a lot to Katharina later on about languages. I really like both of them a lot. Arti has such pretty eyes.
Really,all of us chatted and laughed and just had a great time. It was so nice to hang out with people in a real home, and laugh hysterically together and be squeshed up all cozy and just eat good food and be with really nice people.
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Here are the two pics from Halloween that came out.

The Pics )

In other news, I just dl'ed Tomo-chan's new single, it's a nice ballad, and the b-side track is a remix (a recording?) of 'I believe', which is sooo natsukashii...
Speaking of old TK things, it's globe's 10th anniversary!! So they are on tour now, and there's a big special web page up with lots of little videos and stuff. <3 Keiko-san

The weekend

Nov. 1st, 2005 07:25 pm
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Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!!

My Halloween Weekend )
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I am very annoyed right now. I am annoyed at myself, mostly. My grandmother and step-grandparents sent me some money for my birthday. It was quite bit of money combined ($125), which I was very happy about, because it is quite a lot to add to my go to Japan in Feb to be in Break the Wall 2 fund, plus the card from Nana was very sweet, also having added sentimental value now, because she's 88, and I'm paranoid now, what with Pop-pop passing away last year and all that. I seem to remember puting it either on my desk or in the drawer. However, when, tonight, I decided I should clean my room, I realized that I couldn't find it. So I searched everywhere in my room, even my trashcan, because the money was in the card still, and I thought I might have thrown in away by accident. But I can find neither the money, or even the cards. And I've looked everywhere I can think of. And I'm really mad at myself, because I really need that money, and it was alot of money to lose/have stolen? and it's not like money grows on trees, especially when you're 88. Not to mention the sentimental value of the card.
EDT: Mocchin has come to help me look for it, but to no avail. I suppose I will keep looking. It really makes me sad. I hope I find it. In the meantime, Mocchin has cheered me up a bit with a really cool Koda Kumi video for True Emotion where she and Yuna do the same dance (Koda Kumi is v. hot), and I showed her the Love Screw PV, which she liked very much, which made me happy.

Diva's )
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Today turned out to be a really good birthday. I didn't think it would start out very well, because I misremembered the time Ballroom Dancing started, and got there 15 minutes late, but in the end, the really nice butch instructor, who is very handsome, was really sweet and let everyone in the class, even though we're many people over the limit. There a vintage girl with platinum '40s/'50s style hair and red lipstick, who complimented me on my earrings (I was wearing the 20's style peacock feather ones from Mom). It will be interesting if she dresses like that all the time, and I do my hair in pincurls one day. I also ran into Azusa there, and we squealed and hugged, and talked, and made plans to meet up soon.
Then I went for lunch at Blanchard with Mels, San, and Caroline, the girl from Earth Science that liked Buffy. I was girls with Gryffindor and Ravenclaw scarves (of course I wasn't wearing my scarf, once again), and we spent a lot of lunch talking intellectually about HP.
Then San and I had our Anthro class which was a lot of fun. Professor Roth seems really nice, if a bit flighty, and said he'd love to use my Takarazuka videos in class.
After, I ate dinner with Subaru and Ka-chan in Blanchard. Then Ka and I were supposed to go to my UMASS class/her movie showing, but we couldn't find the car, as Lea had taken it. So I went back to Subs to bother her, and hung out with her and San until we went with Ashy to the big Y to get a keiki. We got a pretty cake with white frosting and pink and neon yellow roses. Then we ate cake in my room along with Mochi, Mels and Ka, and chatted. It was a lot of fun. I really missed everyone so much, and it is so nice to be back with everyone. After, Mochi and Ariana and Laura came by with a piece of cake they have bought me, and candles, which was so sweet, and made me very happy. Then we chatted for a long time about random stuff, until I got really tired.
Also, I got a birthday message on the BBS from Anna-san, in which she said again what she said to me when i said goodbye to her, 'even if we are far apart, our hearts are one', among other things, and from some other people too. And I got birthday e-mails from Macchi Mama from the BBS, and also from Okaasan-tachi.
So, although I wasn't sure at first, it turne dout to be a very nice birthday. It's just so great to see everyone again. I love all of you so much!!
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NOTE ONE: I'm going up to MHC tomorrow afternoon now, because of the snowstorm coming on Tues. Eww packing.
NOTE TWO: Not that anyone reading this really cares, but MAX's single has a new release date of April 28. It's been postponed 3 months. That sucks. It had better be damn good. And they better still be coming out with an album this year. Oh well. Namie's new single, 'ALARM', comes out on March 17, so this should be a good spring, anyway.

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Today I went to go see 'Last Samurai' with Dad. It was fun, because we never do any father-daughter outings anymore. Also, I saw the display for PoA!!! You know, the cardboard stand-up streetlights with Sirius' wanted ad one them? And like the dorky fangirl that I am and squeeled and ran over to it, popcorn flying everywhere. LOL
Then I got to talk to Mocchin on the phone, who is in LA doing an internship for Hank's company. It was the first time I spoke a lot of Japanese, or talked to Mocchin in a long time, and it made me very happy.

And now for the HOUSING DRAMA.

I FINALLY found out where I'm gonna be. N. Rocky
At first I was severely disapointed, and depressed, because I am not in Abbey with y'all. Or with Mels and Lea.
But then. I discovered that I am in the same dorm as Mocchin.
Not only that, but....
I cannot believe it. I have double checked multiple times, but it seems to be true.
But I am kind of scared that they made a mistake and it's not true. So, I guess I will wait until I see it to believe it.
But still, pessimism aside. YAY
And I am only a short walk away from Abbey, which is better than it could be, I suppose.
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Happy New Year everyone!!
I guess I'm still a bit jetlagged as we all went to bed at around 2:30, and I was still up at 9 am. LOL
I came to the PC to write new year's e-mails to all my Japanese friends, host family, etc, but the Japanese text support is being tempermental, and when I try to write in Japanese, it comes out as gibberish. So, there go my good intentions, for a few hours at least.
New's Years Fun )


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