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So Cy and Chicchai!Aileen and I began our Epic Re-watching of Sailor Moon S this weekend, and so far it's quite amusing, and we come up with character meta that my 8th grade self never dreamed of. (Such as the fact that Haruka and Michiru are swingers, attempting to lure each of the senshi in for a bit of fun, and how Usagi and Mamo-chan have really bad sex in the present, but had super hot dirty sex both in their previous lives on the moon kingdom, and in the future in Crystal Tokyo). Dirty minds aside, I still have such a fondness for the show, and the darker themes of the manga that inspired it, and well, the world just seems a little more magical with a reincarnated Moon Princess running around saving it from evil.

In that spirit of nostalgia, here is a (MASSIVE) picspam of my favorite pics from the Sailormoon art books. (Looking at these brought back so many memories!)

Warning: one or two slightly NSFW images under the cut. Yes, you read that right.


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Thanks to yesterday's perusal of blogs, I have somehow become an Ayaka Komatsu fan.

Komatsu Ayaka played Aino Minako/Sailor Venus in the live action show Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Whether or not she was a good Minako was kind of a moot point, because the show completely changed her character. Either way, she wasn't a very good actress, or a very good singer - fact I'm surprised she continued to release CDs and act.

She looks the most 'idol'y out of all of the PGSM cast - everything about her is tiny, save a certain important part. (And it's not her eyes, although those are pretty big too.) She looks fragile and cute and not entirely bright. She's kind of awkward looking, and she only has two expressions, possibly three.

FACE #1: Press lipped smile

FACE #2 Kissy face/pout

FACE #3 Serious/Sexy/Grown up (???)

And yet.

I am completely infatuated by her. She is so adorable and I love her! <3

She is so cute and cheerful and hard working!

She works so hard! She has more on her resume than a lot of the other girls, and seems to be active in the most variety of fields (gravure modeling, singing, and acting).

(#3 is my least favorite expression, because...I'm aware she's a gravure idol and all, but...I just don't find her sexy. Adorable yes, but not sexy.)

From time to time she gives a question corner on her blog, where I learned fun facts: XD
Miyuu is giving her chocolates for Valentine's Day. She says she would need to lose weight to be a regular model (Please no, there will be nothing left of you! :O ) She has a secret recipe (including apples and honey) for her curry! She used to be a cat person, but she's recently awakened to the cuteness of dogs!

<3 <3 <3 Komacchan!

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Back in 2003 - 2004, there was a live action tv show of Sailor Moon, called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. After I came back to the Us, I fell behind and eventually stopped watching, but while I was in Japan, I watched every single episode. I was even the official unofficial synopsis writer for the big PGSM fan site.

The story - which started out as pretty faithful to the original manga - ended up deviating rather extremely from any of the previous versions of the Sailor Moon, but for the most part it kept the spirit of the originals - I especially thought Usagi was perfect - and I adored it with that special nostalgia tinged fondness one has for the things one loved way back when.

Today I was looking at some Jpop singer's official blog, and one of the blogs that popped up on the popular blogs of the day list was the blog of Mew Azama, who played Mako/Sailor Jupiter. I went to have a look, to see what she was doing lately, which of course led to me looking for the blogs of the rest of the cast:

All the girls in PGSM were idols of one sort or another - magazine models, tarento, gravure models, and after the show ended, they continued being idols.

In addition to her modeling, Miyu has been in movies, tv shows (both dorama and variety), stage shows, and done some voice acting.

Chisa, who now goes by her real (?) name of Rika Izumi, took 2 years off to finish high school, and then returned to modeling after she got into university in 2008, and is now an official model for RAY magazine. Apparently, she is closest to Mew, and they appear in each other's blogs a lot.

Mew, who is a graduate of Okinawa Actor's School, and a former member of B.B WAVES, and got into Law School in 2005, has been in tv shows (both dorama and variety) in a addition to her work as an official model for NON-NO and CAN-CAM magazines.

Keiko is the only one of the five who is an actress, and has been in 13 movies and 4 dorama since 2006.

Ayaka is a gravure idol** with 7 DVDs and 6 photobooks under her belt to date. In addition to her work as a gravure idol, she has been in several dorama, movies and stage shows, and released several singles and albums under the name Aino Minako.

**Gravure idols are models who appear in men's magazines, and release photobooks and DVDs, often wearing bikinis and striking seductive poses. However, in the traditional definition, these DVDs and photobooks are relatively tame, highlighting the physical beautiful of the idols; they do not appear nude nor in sexually explicit positions.

The girls remain good friends to this day and, from the frequency they appear in each other's blogs (either all together, or in pairs, especially Mew/Rika and Ayaka/Miyu) they see each other quite often. The only exception appears to be Keiko, who doesn't seem to be in any other photos when the other four get together. Unless he is always the one who takes the picture.

And now for a picspam, courtesy of the girl's official blogs! XD

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