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I'm making a primer for MAX, but I don't know if I'll finish because it's 16 years which means a lot of material to cover and a lot of memories. So for now, I'm doing this.

Because I can.

Give me a Shake was MAX's first #1 hit, in 1997, when Reina was 20. (So was Mina, Lina was 21, Nana was 22). They've performed it every year since then, now that Reina (congratulations, I really do mean that!) is 33.)

What I'm going to assume is the first ever TV performance of Give me a Shake, because they're wearing the outfits/hair from the music video:

The rest are under a cut, cuz this is a lot of performances. )
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Reina just announced that she was married on May 16th, and is currently 5 months pregnant. While she is on maternity leave, Mina, Lina and Nana will carry on MAX without her.
Where have I heard all this before?

I want to congratulate Reina and her husband, I'm sure she'll really happy and thrilled to be a mother. And I'm sure she'll be a wonderful one.


Like I'm sure any other fan who went through the misery that was Mina's shotgun wedding and the subsequent BS that followed it...I can't be totally happy about this. Especially after we learned that what went on beyond the scene was a thousand times worse than anything the most angsty melodramatic fanfic author could come up with.

I don't trust VF. I don't trust their press releases, and most importantly, I don't trust them to right by our girls at all.

I honestly feel like I've been through too much at this point to feel anything other than really annoyed. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is...Did NO ONE learn anything from the first time around? Yet again, we've got a MAX member pregnant and married to a boyfriend we had no idea existed. It's ridiculous. Reina is in her 30s - she's a beautiful, still relatively famous woman, with a funny, sweet personality. It would have been very strange if she hadn't had a boyfriend. I would have at least liked to know about him. Not details, I don't care - just that he existed, so that this didn't totally come out of the blue...

Lastly, and this has been a theory for a while...I know a lot of companies (Johnny's, and PS Company, and whoever manages AKB etc, to name a few) put it in an artists contract that they cannot date (or at least not tell anyone if they do, in the case of PSC) so maybe getting pregnant is the only surefire way of assuring that you'll be allowed to get married.

That and the fact that the fact that a lot of Japanese couples don't use any sort of birth control or protection...

*sigh* The one saving grace (and I use that term very loosely here) is that honestly, it's not like anyone made the most of their comeback with Mina. The group was still languishing, for the most part.

I just hope we get this single they were working on.
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So to be honest, I'm not really feeling Ayu's new album. I think it's partly because I loved her last album so much - I thought the combination of TK's music and Ayu's lyrics worked really well together. I also think that there is too much Timmy on this album. One of the songs he wrote for her is really neat, the vintage sounded Eyes, Smoke, Mirrors, and I don't see many of the current J-pop song writers coming out with something like that, and certainly not for Ayu. But I find most of his other songs just...not very interesting.

However, Tell me Why makes up for the songs on the album I don't like, because I love it. I read an interview with Ayu where she talked about how she wrote the songs for this album long before she and Manny decided to get a divorce, but that after it happened, she got chills re-reading the lyrics she had wrote, because she realized, "Even at that point, in my heart, I already knew."

I can't help feeling that the lyrics to Tell me Why and Return Road are some of the lyrics that she was referring to.

Tell me why

What are you thinking about right now?
The truth is that the only thing I want to see in those eyes of yours
is something kind, something warm.

Why do you force yourself to look like your having fun when your eyes are so sad?
Why do you pretend to be so strong and say, "I'm fine."?

I want to hear you say it outloud
Because even those tiny, insignificant things that don't come across on the screen
have meaning.

Why do you always take everything on yourself, and suffer alone?
Why do you blame yourself and say, "It's all my fault that things turned out like this."?

Am I so powerless that I can't even give you any support?
Please, I want to share it with you
Your pain, your confusion, and your past.

Why do you always force yourself, with your eyes so sad...

Why do you pretend to be so strong, and say "I'm fine."?

Oh, oh, tell me why (x7)

Why do you say it?

Return Road

The reflection of you in my eyes
and the reflection of me in your eyes

Alone now, I close my eyes in silence
and think back on the moment we met
when our eyes locked and I forgot how to breath

That's all, so why am I sobbing so uncontrollably?
That invisible thing that we saw, that we felt, that we vowed
Is it still smiling down at us from somewhere?

The two of us aren't reflected in our eyes anymore
but that doesn't mean that something else is reflected there
Just that that thing we saw so clearly that day is nowhere to be found now

Other people will probably ridicule us for this
But no matter how much authority anyone speaks of us with,
We are only ones who know what happened with us.

That's all, so why am I sobbing so uncontrollably?
That invisible thing that we saw, that we felt, that we vowed

Other people will probably ridicule us for this
But no matter how much authority anyone speaks of us with,
We are only ones who know what happened with us.
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This the most honest interview I've seen with them in a while. What I mean is, they're always honest in interviews - always being clear about their feelings on things, even if they aren't positive, but I've never seen an interview where they talk so much about their love lives, both past and present...

Read more... )
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Fifteen years ago today, the four girls dancing behind Namie Amuro as the Super Monkey's released what was supposed to be a one time only single under the name MAX.


Happy 15th anniversary, ladies. You've come a long way.

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OUT 5.12, AKA MAX's 15th anniversary.
01. CAT’S EYE*
02. ARABESQUE ~アラベスク~
03. WONDER WOMAN returns**

*Cat's Eye is a (Eurobeat style) cover of ANRI's 1983 song, which was the theme song to the anime CAT'S EYE which MAX are well known fans of.

**'Wonder Woman' was a b-side released by MAX during the period when Aki was a member, so I guess this will be a continuation of some sort?

The CD only version (as opposed to the DVD version which includes the music video and making of clip) will contain a special bonus CD of MAX's Eurobeat Only Show from this February.
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I finished the last few songs of the Welcome to SPEEDLAND SPEED 2009 Live tour DVD today, and here are my thoughts:

I love the sets, especially for the slower songs - the background of the sunset, that starts out pink, fades to navy, and ends in the rain of light during 'UTAKATA', the rainbow that bursts into white light for 'Ashita no Sora', the four girls in white standing in the dark stage for 'White Love' - they all fit the mood of the songs perfectly.

Aside from the opening costumes which managed to be horrifically unflattering on every single one of them, I like the stage costumes. I especially love how the costume manage to keep the same theme (navy jumpsuits, all white suit like ensemble, etc) but still all be very different and really show of each girl's personality and fashion sense.

The girls don't necessary look older, they don't look their age to me, certainly, but that may be because in my head they're still teenagers, but they do have that undefinable maturity about them, in the way they carry themselves - they've sexy now. Especially Eri. And Taka is so elegant now.

I think that being a mother has really changed Eriko - she seems so much more mature. The love on her face when she was signing the chorus of 'ALIVE' was just so moving.

Their dancing has gotten so much better - and like I said, it's definitely sexier, not in an over the top way, it's just that the same moves look completely different when performed by 20-somethings vs teens.

As far as singing, Eri and Hiro both sound great, especially during the songs like 'Crying' that really use harmonies. They sound much better when they use their very different voices (SPEED is one group where you always know who's who during solos) to play off of each other rather than the old style of chorus singing where they just belt the song out in unison.

Taka and Hitoe's voices are still only passable at best, neither of them are really singers, as proved by how short lived both their solo singing careers were, but it's okay because they've always been the dancers, and they are really good at that.

As with MAX, one of the best parts of watching SPEED perform live is their connection - you can see just how close they are and how much fun they're having together, and that's always been the most important part of the group to me.

I thought it came out especially during the last song, where they all just seemed so happy and like they were having so much fun. It was a great way to end the concert.

Speaking of the end, Graduation and Starting Over totally made me cry, because I have so many memories associated with those songs: memories from my high school graduation, and then Starting Over is so linked to B.B Waves for me as well, since they always sang it at their concerts. Plus, it was such a fitting song, since SPEED really is starting again. (And when the whole audience sang back to them, and Eriko said 'Thank you!'!!) I was still glad they ended with Up to You! though because it's so SPEED like to end on a positive, upbeat note like that.

Watching the concert, it really hit me that even though I was never as fannish about the members themselves, SPEED's music and the girls themselves were really with me all the time - I have so many memories attached to so many of their songs. It was just kind of the way things were, SPEED's existence made me happy, even if I took it for granted, and I'm just really glad that they're around again.
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Thank you all for our continued support of DA PUMP. We have an announcement.
As of today, DA PUMP member KEN has left the group.

KEN has been a founding member of DA PUMP since [their debut in] 1997, but the continuation of their activities has caused artistic differences, and this decision was made after a discussion with the members and the staff.

So KEN, who has supported the band for many years, will be leaving the group, but the remaining members and staff hope to work even harder than before to continue to bring you a new DA PUMP. Please support continue to support DA PUMP.

A message from KEN to the fans:

First off, I want to take this space to announce to all of you, the 'companions' who have supported DA PUMP no matter what situation we found ourselves in, that I will be leaving the group. Even after SHINOBU and YUKINARI, who I shared so much joy and pain with, left DA PUMP, I stuck to the thought that 'DA PUMP must go DA PUMP's road' and put everything I had into DA PUMP.
Even after DA PUMP was down to only ISSA and I, we cheered each other up saying, 'Even if it's just the two of us, let's do our best!', but as ISSA and I continued to talk about DA PUMP, differences in thought and ideas about musical direction arose, and after discussing things, I have decided to leave the band.
I and truly sorry for worrying all the fans who decided to support the new DA PUMP and were looking forward to the shows in January. I'm sure that DA PUMP will continue to aim for ever higher places as a dance and vocal performance group. I have high expectations to see what kind of performances they will deliver, as the retain that DA PUMP style.
As Ken Miyamoto, I plan to continue my music and dance activities, as well as hopefully helping to develop young talent and produce music with them.

I hope you will all give your unchanged support to both DA PUMP and myself as an individual.
Lastly to all of you who continued to support KEN of DA PUMP and watch over DA PUMP, who's style you all loved...
It's thanks to all of you who supported DA PUMP, and to the crew who did our live staging and worried and helped we with our music production that I was able to work and grow as DA PUMP. Thank you so much.

No, Keeeen!! I was okay as long as at least Issa (singing) and Ken (rapping) were there, but this is ridiculous. Now Issa is the only member left!!!! How can they even call it DA PUMP anymore????
This makes me sad. I loved them so much.

ETA: Letter from ISSA )

blog from member Tomo who used to be huge da pump fan for years before he got to join the group. I love you Tomo. )
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I love both the song and the video so much!! So excited for her new album this month!!


The Meaning of Us )
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1) They are making a life action dorama of Peace Maker Kurogane. They better do Okita right. God, I love Okita. How is he so cool??? XDDD

* In the course of writing this I have realized that apparently I have a thing for seemingly beautiful swordmen who are cute and sweet but also happen to be really deadly killers and kind messed up in the head from it all. (Battosai, anyone?) Huh.

2) Mizushima Hiro is releasing a nude photo book. I am so getting that! He will be frolicking in fields of flowers in the buff! LOL
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Myself ten years ago and Myself ten years from now

The armor I wore have slipped off, and now I feel so much lighter.
To be honest, I never even thought I'd be married at this age (31 years old). When I was in my early twenties, I was working nonstop, so I never really had time to think about things like love. Ten years ago things seemed to be going smoothly: we'd released a lot singles, and been invited to appear on Kohaku every year. So I wonder why I never felt satisfied? I've always been a perfectionist, but it was getting really bad (LOL). How I looked, and my desire to be cool was way too strong and I think I was a little sharp with people. No matter how well our singles sold, or how many times we got to perform on record daishou or Kohaku, I always thought, "There's got to be more."
The phrase 'busting my butt' fits perfectly. There was a lot I should have reflected on, like the way I was so wrapped up in myself that I couldn't listen to other people's opinions. No matter what anyone said, it all went in one ear and out the other, back then. (LOL)

If I had to compare it to something, I guess the image I'd use is of someone in full armor battling an invisible foe. But I think that that armor could only be taken off with experience, and if I hadn't had that armor on to begin with, I wouldn't have survived. I think that I am who I am today because I went through that period when I worked so hard I couldn't see anything else.

So if I could talk to my past self, I wouldn't baby her by saying, "You don't have to swagger like that." Of course, even if I did say it, I'm sure it would just go in one ear and out the other! (LOL)

In the end, I think that for me, it took my marriage and my pregnancy to take off all my armor. I think that getting away from work and supporting MAX from the outside, having that period made it easy for me to get back my true self. And that's why I'm having so much fun now just taking each job as it comes. That's why I don't get stressed about it. We've got a great atmosphere now, because we've all had different experiences so I can tell that each of us feels even more passionate about MAX than before. I'm looking forward to getting older. Now I can say that with my whole heart.

These last ten years were pretty exciting, so I don't know what will have happened in the next ten. I've never been the type to think much about the future, and I really just can't even imagine it. But I want to always feel fresh and new, and of course I'm confident that even 10 years from now, we'll still be MAX. My feelings as far as that's concerned are clearer than they ever were before.

Lately I've started to feel 'Getting older is fun.' I'll be 41 in 10 years, but I know a lot of people in their forties who are really amazing people, and that's how I want to be. What's harder for me to picture is that my eldest will be 17 then! I mean, by 17, I was a member of MAX!

Black Blenda, October 2009 issue.


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:01 am
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Today I got my Namie 2009 tour DVD, which I had totally forgot I preordered! Yay! Maybe I'll have a chance to watch a few songs before our company comes! (my cousins for a week this Friday, Cy's former baby-sittee and friend for a week on the 16th)
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They say time travel couldn't be done, but I just spent the last two hours traveling back to the past, wandering through my college and high school years.

I just finished watching 'MAX Live Contact 2009: New Edition' on DVD. )

In so many ways, this band and their music was my adolescence. They colored a huge chunk of my life.

I'm really glad to have them as part of my future.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thoughts before the big day
Current mood: blessed
Hey everyone~~

Howz everything going??

My poor pc broke... Sadly, it is the hard drive that went bad, and i have to get it replaced. So yes, i'm borrowing one of the twin black macs right now... (^^)v

So because my hard drive went stupid, i lose all of my precious photos! Photos of my family and friends, photos of when i was still working... and most sadly photos of my husband and i.... From the day we met, and all of the secret dates we went on, memories i wanted to keep forever!
Those photos are gone!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!! (>o<);;;

oh well, maybe its a sign for me to not look back and focus on the upcoming future which lies ahead.

we are expecting the baby very soon! I can already feel the difference in my tummy, so i can tell that its coming! We are so excited!!

It is a really strange feeling though...
i want to meet the baby sooooo badly! i want to see it's face, and say we finally met.
but on the same time, its so precious in my tummy that i dont want it to come out into this world. its the safest here. it wont ever get hurt.
is it weird to feel this way?? (o.o)?

But of course, i want to show the baby how wonderful this world can be, with all of the different possibilities. I want the baby to be able to open many doors and explore and experience everything!

by the way, there was a total solar eclipse today in japan!
here in tokyo, we were out of the total eclipse zone, so it was going to be a partial solar eclipse. unfortunately, it was cloudy here so we couldn't see any of it!
But we saw it on tv!! the moment is so mysterious!
They say that the next time we see a solar eclipse in japan is 26 years later!! our child would be around our age at that time! wow...

Anyways, im just enjoying my last days with the baby in my tummy, and my husband has been very very supportive all the way throughout my pregnancy. He even plays the guitar and sings for the baby.
This pregnancy has definitely been by far, the best experience in my life so far.

I'll keep you all updated... wish me luck!! (^^)* yay!

Form her mysepace Italics by me.
Here's something else Melody said about Miyavi a while ago:

"I chose my happiness as a woman, as a human being. I felt very strongly that this love is something i cant just throw away like i always did in the past. Please be assured that he is the most down to earth, loving, caring, and compassionate person I've ever met."

Why are they so adorable?? miyavi/melody = real life OTP!! I can't wait for more updates now that the baby's born!!!!
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For Music Lovers, MAX and SPEED went back to Okinawa for a special.

MAX got to meet various people they had crushes on 15 years before.

- Okay, so Reina had a crush on the 30 yr old guy who was a fellow catalog model at her agency. (Even though she had a boyfriend! Who used to pick her up after photo shoots on his motor bike!Hahaha) That's understandable. But how sketchy is it that the guy (who was 30 at the time!!) took her to see fireworks and held her hand a little and used to drive by the bus stop wondering if she was waiting, after photoshoots?? So sketchy!! (Although I loved Reina's cry of 'I was so shameless!! :O' after hearing she held hands with him. <3 Reina.)

- So...the famous singer who went to Actor's is...some Okinawa!famous singer...who is basically like the Okinawan Piko? AKA A Super flaming semi transvestite? Who says 'atashi'. LOL He didn't look like that in the '15 years ago' picture. I wonder if they were suprised when he came out?
But he knew Mina since she was 8! And 8 yr old Mina used to look after Hiroko, because she was even tinier. XD

- Oh, I like their silver and white outfits! The Medley was okay. I mean, they sounded great and looked good, but I'm tired of hearing the same old songs! Even though Seventies gave me goosebumps! Aww, memories! Oh man has it really been 10 years since Ginga no Chikai came out?? And it was cool to hear Mina sing an Aki!Era song.

- Nana had a crush on their karate teacher when she was 14. (No wonder, he was buff!!) (It's funny they never mention Namie, even though she was in karate with them.) Haha "It's smells like my Sensei!" I love how Nana keeps clutching at Reina's waist and arms and hiding behind her. And Lina clutching onto Mina. They're still just as physical as always! <3
Aww, Nana's thankful because he was strict about manners and being polite to your superiors. And who was the one who wouldn't listen to him?? Li-chan, of course! She used to wear flashy clothes, and he used to tell her to take out her piercings ('YOu're not a cow!') and stop wearing midriffs! <3 Li-chan!

- Yay for SPEED eating delicious Okinawa beef!! I loved Taka's "Nee, Eri-chan. Eri-chan. Eri-chan. There's one more piece. <3" XDD Taka-chan's dad's favorite Tempura place!! And apparently in Okinawa they just eat tempura on the go, like a snack...and have all kinds of interesting things you can't find in Tokyo, like weiners and umibudo...sea grapes? And it's cheap!! Only 60 yen!! Wow!

- Oh hey, the announcer/host is that guy from Yoru mo Hit Parade!!! That's why his voice sounds so familiar!!

- Aww Chinen-sensei the karate teacher wrote them a letter! Mina and Nana-san were sharp and understood what he was teaching them, Reina didn't stand out but she was ambitious! Li-chan...never listed when he scolded her about her lifestyle and was cheeky and precocious! (But also sweet and loved by her underclassmen.) <3 Li-chan....hahahaha
Aww, he always buys their CD and singles!! He wants them to remember they are the pride of Okinawa and to be good role models for Okinawan kids wanting to be stars! SO adorable! They are all teary eyed!

- Oh god, the pictures of them at 15! Hahaahahaha How so dorky, MAX??

- Rough Cut Diamond. I see why they chose this song now, because it fits in with all the old standards, but also have energy and seems like they're giving it everything they've got. And it takes on a new meaning hearing Li-chan say that the first line is supposed to be about MAX, which makes it "We won't hestitate anymore. We won't let it go again.", especially with Minako singing it solo in the beginning of the song. But I just realized the TV size version means Li-chan and Nana-san's solos get cut. Something's never change, I guess.

Aww, I've missed this MAX. So many hearts in my eyes. <3
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12 Keywords for 'Adults'.


Mentally, I think that becoming an adults means an increase in responsibility. In the past, when it came to appearing in a drama, I felt like things like memorizing my lines, and not causing trouble for the other people around me were my responsibility. But now, it's just expected that I'm able to do those things; I need to go to the next level. Because I think if I'm getting lead roles, I need to be prepared in proportion to my role. In my current drama, I'm planning to take things on even beyond acting; I want to help make a good atmosphere on set. I want to be a person who can take his actions straight on, and accept them without trying to run away.


I've been going surfing a lot recently. I even surfed my whole summer break, even though I'm not even any good at it! (LOL) I've been taking a lot of surfing trips, but now that work's begun I can't go anymore. I think, "What if I got injured?", and when I start thinking like that I can't enjoy myself! I used to be more reckless (LOL) but I need to fulfill my duties. Now I can take care of myself better.


I use my time off differently too. I don't want to just use it as a break, I want to use it to better myself. I make a conscious choice to read and watch movies. One book that really left an impression on me was Ayumu Takahashi's "LOVE&FREE - words that fell on the side of the road." Along side the photos from his 2 year world trip are poems. It made me think just how amazing the power that words give people is.


Lately people tell me, "Your face has changed.", and "You've grown up.", and "You're a lot calmer now." But I don't know myself what's changed. I am happy they think that though, because I do think I need to be a grown up. I don't think I'll be able to get away with things with the excuse "I'm still young." any more. I'm conscious of the fact that I can't keep do things the way I always have, and I want to be a calm and collected adult.


There are a lot things that make me feel like I'm not an adult yet. I don't have a lot of experience with things like weddings or funerals, so I don't know what to do. And going to restaurants is a big mess too. (LOL) I'm going to be in a drama about wine, but like, even if I look at the wine list, I can only say, "Give me something that's easy to drink." I think knowing about wine versus not knowing about it makes a big difference. People who really have manners and customs and all of that down really seem like adults, you know? So I study it by playiing a game called "Common Knowledge for Adults". I'm always surprised, like, "Huh, is that so?" (LOL)


I'm not the type who has an idea of what book or item of clothing I want beforehand. I like to go to the store and look around and buy what catches my interest. And I put on airs a little. Like, checking out a novel or a book of travel photography. When I went to Paris recently, I went to a bookstore, and bought so many books that my bags were really heavy coming home, because they were full of books. But I like it when I try to extend myself like that. (LOL) But I do think that if I don't try to act a little bit more grown up than I am, I'll never really grow. The important thing is to try something, even if you're just putting on airs at first. Because something will definitely come of that. Looking back, I've always done that. Whether it's play or whatever, you have to make a move. If you're just waiting around, nothing will ever happen.


I think that people should really have all the experiences they can. I feel this way especially when I'm filming a drama. Even when it comes to the tiny thdetails of every day life. Like, if I have a scene where I do the laundry, I do that normally, so it feels very real. Like, I put the delicates in a ewashing net, for example. (LOL) Of course, doing things that are everyday necessities like laundry, or cleaning or cooking by yourself is of course something that an adult needs to be able to do.


As I get older, I'm drawn to women who have things that I don't. When it comes to both women and men, just the fact that they've seen or heard things I've never experienced makes them wonderful to me. I even think that people who take the train to work every day are amazing. So I can't really give a specific example of a woman I like. If she was the type of women who thinks "I want to be together all the time.", I'd want to do that for her, but if she was the type who said, "We need to make time for ourselves.", then I'd wouldn't mind just seeing her from time to time. It's not that I want to be a slave to her every whim (LOL), but I guess I want to encounter things I don't have myself, and be stimulated that way.

Aligning myself to what someone else wants, well, I've guess I've always been that time. And I don't think saying "This is my kindness", and pushing that on someone is really being kindat all. I think that kindness is something that takes different forms for different people. I wonder what made me start to think that way? I think a big part of it is that I'm the third of four brothers. Sometimes I have to be the big brother, and sometimes I'm the younger brother. I think I did a lot of thinking about how we could have fun as a family. Come to think of it, I'm still the one who plans famiyl birthday parties. Even within my own family, I do things according to how other people's situations are.


Sometimes I feel impatient at the way I always put other people before myself. Even when it comes to my solo parts during shows, I tend to decide how my song should be based on how the other member's songs are. If what I want to do ends up being the same as what someone else wants to do, I withdraw. (LOL) So I get depressed because I feel like I don;t have this strong cord of 'this is who I am.' But I know that if I pushed my own wants I'd just feel even more depressed. (LOL) Like, "You know that would screw up the balance of the show. Just forget it." I think I'm one of those people who wants to do things so that the balance is preserved. But I think that the best thing to do is to find a way to incorporate your own thoughts into that. I want to be able to strike a balance between my own feelings and other people's.

Compared to the past, I'm not able to be so invincable anymore, like I'm not afraid of anything. But that doesn't mean that I want to just curl up in a ball. I think that the real battle begins after you know just what there is to be scared of. I think that's what 'KABUKU' means. The word comes from Kabuki Theater, and was a popular phrase during Oda Nobunaga's era, and it means "to wear a striking costume". I think that means to know the basics so you can break them down, and be adventurous. That's the way I'd like to live my life.

12. WINE
When I heard that the theme of my new drama was wine, I got excited that I'd be able to have a new experience. I always liked wine more than beer anyway. (LOL) But I don't know much about it, so I have a lot to learn. I hate saying my lines if I don't actually understand them. I also want to become better at decanting. I tried it at home the other day and it was really difficult. I'm going to practice so I can look cool doing it, so please look forward to that.

From the February 2009 issue of WITH magazine.

I'd like to note that Kame is giving an interview about being an adult when he is 22. LOL


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