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Mina has returned to MAX after 6 years. She was the cover girl of the very first issue of MINA magazine. Now after her marriage and the birth of her children, she'll begin again in 2009!

When she stood in front of the camera, the 6 years she'd been out of the limelight didn't matter at all. She was the same Mina who had entranced thousands of fans from the stage. She confided to us all the things she can only talk about now, about her decision to marry while MAX was at the height of its popularity, and her inner struggles that lead to her return.

This [dress I'm wearing in the this photoshoot] is my wedding dress. Once I began my maternity leave, I decided I did want to have a ceremony, so I gave my stylist who had been so wonderful when I was in MAX free reign to design a dress. It was a very simple wedding for members of the family, so the other members of MAX never got to see it, and MINA is a very special magazine because I got to be on the cover of the very first issue, so I really wanted everyone to see this dress. But I'm really so overjoyed to be appearing in MINA again. The first issue came out 8 years ago, when I was 22. I got married when I was 24. And now, at 30, I get to wear my wedding dress for a second time. (LOL) I'll be keeping a copy of this issue, along with my old copy of the first issue.

I have two children now. I got married just when I was enjoying work more than ever. Things were going really well for MAX, and I'd begun to broaden the spectrum of my work to other areas beyond music, such as MINA, which was my first time on a cover by myself. It came as a complete shock to me, but God chose the timing, and since I'd been blessed with a tiny new life, I decided to have the baby. It was a surprisingly easy decision to make. I make up my mind to accept that this was my destiny, to look ahead, and do my best for the new life inside me. The official story was a maternity leave, but I knew just what trouble and how much worry I'd caused for the other members of MAX, and for our company and all our fans, and I took that maternity leave knowing that was a place that you couldn't get back to once circumstance had forced you to quit. So why did I do it? Well, I think at the time, the most imporant thing for me was to accept my current situation, and that's really what allowed me to be able to be honest about my feelings, about the one thing I felt that I still had left to do, and to want to join everyone again if they would only give me the chance. That's my true feelings about it. I never regretted my choice, but I do think that a part of me always had unresolved emotions about singing.

When I returned home to Okinawa, it gave me the chance to really face myself. I was in Tokyo for the first 3 years after my maternity leave, and then I returned to Okinawa. At first, I tried to force myself to hate singing and hate work. I didn't watch any TV, and I didn't sing at all. That's how shut oiut I was, I just stayed in the house all day long. After three years of that in Tokyo, I was just exhausted by it, and I didn't think it was good for my child either. So my husband and I talked about it for about a year, and ended up moving back to Okinawa. And my heart felt so light, like 'What was I doing all that time?' And gradually I was able to watch old MAX videos, and I went to karaoke and sang for the first time in 4 or 5 years. And it was after that that I really started to face my past, and think about the future and what I wanted. I think what got me thinking about singing as a job again was when I helped my husband out by recording some demo vocals for something he was doing for work. My son had been watching and he said, "Mom, you're such a good singer! That was so cool!" and those words really brought me back to myself. I realized, 'It's still okay for me to sing.' and started to think, 'Maybe I can still move people's hearts with my singing.' It was like I'd put a lid on everything until then and that lid suddenly flew off. It made me realize that when it all comes down to it, I love to sing.

So I started teaching at a school in Okinawa, and began doing my own vocal and dance training, and even though I didn't know what the future would bring, I want to start moving. I started to feel like, 'I love to sing. I don't care how, but somehow, I want to be involved in music.' I think that was really my new beginning.

I want to do my best, as a mother, and as part of MAX. The fact that I was able to return to MAX like this, that the other members felt like they wanted me, and were able to ask 'Why don't you sing with us again?', is due to those 6 years. If I'd stayed in Tokyo like that, I don't know if I'd ever have sung again. If I think about it that way, I don't regret what I did. Right now, I just want to explore that new world of how it comes out when I sing just as I cam now, now that I've had children and my world is so much wider. That's honestly why. I'm going to continue to travel from Okinawa for work, and I'm so thankful to both MAX and my family who support me in doing that. Right now I'm just enjoying every single thing about work, and more than anything, my gratitude is much deeper than it was in the past. I think that's because I wasn't working for so long. This is just my own opinion, but I think that maybe that 6 year long blank was necessary for me to grow as a person. Although, at the moment I'm frantic to catch up to the rest of MAX, since they've had 6 years to polish their skills! (LOL) I'm like, Mom has to do her best!
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Today NEW EDITION hits the stores!


It's the start of our new journey and I've been waitng for this day for soooo long!

Apparently some people have already got their copies are have listened to it?

Thanks so much!


Which re-mixed song do you all like best!?

We put all our thoughts into this album, and had a hand in everything from the creation on, so we put a lot of love into it...

I'm so happy that the MAX team was able to take these songs that helped us grow and change them into something even better!

And course we were able to do that because of the staff supporting us behind the scenes!!


I hope that these thoughts reach even one person and make them happy...then this project is a big success.


Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, and to everyone who will buy one later.


This comes with a DVD including the music videos and photo shoot for the album jacket, so enjoy those too!

Well then!

Let me know which song is your favorite!




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