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BoA's finally back, and I'm surprised to find just how much I've missed her!

God, this is is SUCH a good video. It's so well done. Understated and perfect. This is a song that tells a story and this is just the kind of video a song like that should have: a video that matches it so perfectly that BoA is singing exactly what's happening in the video at several points. It's such a deceptive song for me, because it's so beautiful, but once you find out what the lyrics mean, it's heartbreaking too. I love the way the video has the 'mobile' version of BoA (her mind?) walking by the different memories of the two of them as the stationary BoA (her body?) is at the table going through her breakup. (Speaking of which, the part where she grips her chair during the line 'How am I going to get up again?', and then the handshake before she leaves which is presumably the last time she'll ever touch him...man, it just broke my heart. I really got teary eyed.) I love at the end when she talks about how memories of her will disappear from her mind, where her image turns into soap bubbles, along with all the memories of them, because it's such a lovely metaphor. A soap bubble is so beautiful but when it disappears, it leaves no trace behind. I love the end, where the camera disappears into BoA's eye after she walks away from the table and reemerges with her reemerging through the cafe door on their very first date.

The Dance version, which is the version I saw originally, is also really great. I love the dance - BoA has always been one of the best dancers in K-Pop. It's so sophisticated.

BONUS: BoA comeback performance featuring Yuhno from TVXQ. They are so cute together in the commentary I saw! And they are so well matched during their performance! What great dancers. I only which that part had gone on longer...
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Kevin: Flawless. He is such a good dancer. He's just so graceful, and he always looks so elegant.
Although he didn't sing as much as I wanted him to. I think he has more vocal control than Soohyun.

Soohyun: He definately has the power vocals in the group, although I wish he had a bit more finesse instead of just sheer volume. Still, he sure can belt. He's nowhere near the kind of dancer as Kevin - he looked kind of clumsy. His hands are HUGE. Also, he looks like the love childe of Gackt and Ueno Juri. LOL

Hoon: Hoonie's fan cam was kind of jumpy and out of focus a lot, so it was hard to tell about his dancing. He seemed like he was concentrating a lot. (With reason as I assume this is their first time performing 'Neverland'.) I find Hoonie's aegyo-ish face appealing. Also, I think he has the best voice, so far. I really like his tone.

Well, what can I say, my bias is showing? LOL

Those were the only members who have fancams. I tried to watch the everyone fancam, but it wasn't very good. (I just want to see Eli and OppaDongho during their parts, is that too much to ask?)

Can't wait for their comeback performance!!
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Apparently they are my new fandom? LOL

The first mention of them ever in my LJ is from August 2008!! "There's this korean band called Big Bang, and they have this new song which is the slashiest video ever." But I really started getting into them last summer, with Beautiful Hangover, and Koe wo Kikasete. In August I posted the latter video with this comment, "There's a special 'book in book' section on BIG BANG in the new issue of Vivi, so now I'm all into them. (LOL) I really like this song, even though T.O.P and G-DRAGON, who are my favs don't do much until the song is mostly over."

But for a long time I just liked their music and music videos. I didn't really start getting into them - like needing to watch all kinds of candid videos and read all sorts of interviews. etc until the end of last year when G-dragon and T.O.P released their 'GD & TOP' stuff.

Big Bang intro part one )
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Perfect, flawless, etc.

I love G.D's apple head and emo glasses, and T.O.P is a GQ motherfucker. Sol and the weights! D-lite's smile! Their stupid dances<33333
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- My new sweater from the Gap. It is white and fluffy.

- The new Carmel Brulee Latte from Starbucks.

- My new Slytherin hoodie, to wear to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter tonight <3 Since I lost my Slytherin t-shirt from college.

- Regency House Party

- Photobucket
Mary Stayed Out All Night, a fantastic k-drama with an awesome independent heroine, who finds herself embroiled in a fake marriage with a hot sort of homeless rock star pretty enough to be mistaken for a girl, and a forged marriage license to the rich son of a businessman. She has 100 days to pick which guy she wants to be with, but she just wants to go back to college and graduate! Hearts in my eyes for everything this show does.

- G.D's apple head: Photobucket

-F.CUZ's teaser for 'Midnight Sun'

- Co-ed School's 'Too Late'.

What makes it awesome is that it really takes advantages of the possibilities of a group with boys and girls. So you get a song where you hear from both the guy who cheated and wants to be forgiven, and the girl who wants to kick him to the curb.
Also, I just love this video. Dance battles, dancing in the rain, futuristic school uniforms...

SHINee's 'Hello' video. So adorable!! Adorkable, even.

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B.I.G.B.A.N.G. - Beautiful H.a.n.g.o.v.e.r. [PV]
Uploaded by _meg. - Watch more music videos, in HD!
I've been listening to this nonstop. I love it! And the video is awesome!

live performance. G-Dragon is so cute XD He's so yancha. And I love his red hair and leopard coat.

lyrics )

Interview )


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