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Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Today I found something I thought I'd lost forever: The diary I kept during my semester at Bunkyo High School.
I was looking for another file on an old CD-rom I found, and there it was! It's funny reading old memories like that...some things I can recall very vividly, and some things it's like I'm reading about someone else's life. I had so much fun there. There were a lot of hard times too, especially until I made friends, but I think it really is the good memories that we remember the most.
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Oh man, I want every single this from this store!! I love everything green tea flavoured!!!

EDT: Also, I just found about about this new movie, Shinobi . It pairs Nakama Yukie (my favorite Japanese actress) with Odagiri Jo again (they were together in my fav dorama 'Kao'), as two Ninjas from rival temples who fall in love, only to find their groups have been ordered by Tokugawa Ieyasu to fight to the death. I love the old Onmyouji style Japanese. XD

Also, I just found out Chinen-chan recently released a sexy photobook and DVD. I want them! XDD Or at least the photobook. Idol DVDs kinda creep me out....
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Yay,I found it again!! A list of all the out of context inuendo in OotP!!! Hee hee


Now I have to go to the post office and deposit money for my Yahoo Auction I just won! (Amuro Namie with Super Monkey's tour 1996 Concert Pamphlet)


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