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-Watched a documentary on Errol Flynn. It was rather depressing. Also, he was very handsome, and apparently charming. And a sex addict, as judged by the one quote. And kind of sketchy, esp in his later years (if you can call late 40s 'later years'.)

- Billy Haines was awesome. (Reading a biography now)Why can I not find the documentary?

- Mary Pickford kicked so much ass. (Started another documentary.) (Wilful Peggy is fabulous) And she was gorgeous. Need to read a biography.

-Also, the official Coldest Girl in Coldtown cocktail is delicious. (Came with the book, has rose water and prosecco. And also vodka, which is less interesting.)

-Silent films that I wish were not lost: Three Weeks (I mean I actually read the book!), Anne of Green Gables, The Great Gatsby.

- 浪漫のお国で逢いましょう FINALLY came out as a tankoban!! I've literally* been waiting 3 years!
*the original meaning, not the new-fangled definition.

- Apparently there is a Heian version of Anata no tame nara doko demo. I need this in my life!
Speaking of Nakamura Asumiko...I wonder where my Doukyusei Art Book went?

- Apparently they came out with an omnibus version of Kimi wa Pet. I should invest in that.
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- GD's new album. And whatever this is counting down to.

- Blaqk Audio's new CD, out in Sept. I've been waiting since 2009!! LOL

- The Kitchen Diaries II. The first one is a big comfort read for me, so I can't wait for the sequel. (Out Sept)

- Speaking of which, all the various books (many of them sequels) coming on this fall!

- Finn & Sawyer, which is apparently getting made. Huck and Tom, now in their 20s, reunite in steampunk New Orleans and form an investigative business. Huck Finn with Elijah Wood is still one of my fav movies ever. I've always had a thing for grown up Huck/Tom, and steampunk!New Orleans! This is everything I ever wanted in a show. XD
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Today was (mostly, until about three) a rainy day, so I stayed in and was domestic. I baked Cy's favorite cookies, and also baked myself a chocolate loaf cake, and some Bird's Custard to go with it. I plan on having it for tea, while continuing to read 'I Capture The Castle', one of many books I picked up at the library the other day.

I also worked the dress I promised I'd make for my sister, but I'm a bit discouraged because it's turning out to be a lot trickier than I thought.

I've been watching 'Priceless', which is an Audrey Tatou movie that no one really saw, and I'd been wanting to see for a while. It's alright. I'm kind of watching it in half an hour increments. The main guys is a little too awkward for me, although he's getting better. But mostly the movie makes me feel anxious, since it's basically the two of them having an affair behind their sugar daddy/mama's backs. The parts where she teaches him how to be a better kept boy (aka get more stuff) was cute though.

I need to find a new dorama. I miss Love Shuffle... I just want to watch more of it. LOL

As I learned on the phone, my mother is grilling chicken with lemon and garlic stuffed under the skin, and my favorite salad of hers (salad leaves, pink pepper corn, strawberries dressed with balsamic vinegar) and for a moment I was homesick. Yum!!
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Now: Strawberry-Rhubarb crisp, and ginger milk tea.

Up later today: That food, and 'Wait Until Dark' at the fab art deco theater that runs old school style showings on Fridays of 'old news reel - cartoon short - feature'.

And this weekend: finish making Cy's Regency dress, and see 'Alice'.

Interspersed with: episodes of 'Be Good JOhnny Weir', and some soul searching AKA thinking about what I should be doing with my life and whether I've wasted my potential.
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My book: Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire , by Amanda Foreman. AKA the book that The Duchess starring Keira Knightly was based on. Georgiana's lived during the late Georgian and early Regency periods, so having all that Heyer under my belt makes the book that much more interesting, because I recognize people and cultural references. I am excited to see the movie when I finish, but I doubt it will do the book justice.

Gogo no Kocha AKA Afternoon Tea AKA the best tea brand ever, has a new flavor: Patissier Apple Darjeeling au Lait.
We need to get more apple tea in the US. I miss it, and love it.

This article: Japanese Shoppers Freaked Out by Singing, Dancing, Shirtless Staff at Tokyo Abercrombie
Holy International Marketing Fail, Batman!

The new Coke Zero CM in which Namie has a dance against All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby Team. It is truly bad ass.

Last night I made this cake for Cy's co-workers birthday. It took all evening, as it was surprisingly labor intensive, but it came out really well.
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Also known as 'How many metaphors can you think of for snow?'. Each song title links to a music video or a live performance if no video was made.

1. snow dance, dreams come true
I want to become the softly drifting snow, and stroke your cheek/I'll sing farewell, and then blow away, across the city

People gather around the fire I feel all the warmth that the cold inspires/
Frost covered tree tops are bright Shimmering silver tonight

3. eternal white, MAX
Our finger tips touched, and passion like a flickering flame, melted the cold north wind/We gazed into each other's eyes and I couldn't ignore your gaze/I'm starting to give you my heart

4. Powder Shadow, MAX
I held tight to your frozen back for the last time As long as it snows I won't forget/Our innocent powder shadow/The bittersweet pain flutters down from the white night and echoes in my heart/I'm sure that somewhere out there you're looking up at this same sky...

5. I'm in love, MAX
It looks like the rain will turn to snow today/The bustle of the town has stopped outside the window

6. snowy love, Miyu Nagase
Like the heavy drifting white snow we ended when winter did and all the kindness you left with me melted and disappeared in the spring sunshine/I can't even forget the words you said that day, and I want to hear your voice just once more even if it's only in my dreams

7. M, Ayumi Hamasaki
Maria, everyone is crying. But I want to believe/And that's why I'm praying that this will be my last love

8. shiroi hana, ZONE
My tears turn into white snow and stain your heart/The two of us will meet again someday/I won't lose my way in the falling snow now/In the endlessly unfolding night sky, white flowers bloom

9. Resistance, Mika Nakashima
The white wings of angels come fluttering down/Cry! crushed by this faithless city and days of sacrifice, give me a kiss of grief...

10. White Love, SPEED
This white love fluttered down from the mid-winter constellations and drifted into my chest/It seeped into my heart and turned into tears

Love Like Winter, AFI
Warn your warmth to turn away,
Here it's December, Everyday/Press your lips to the sculptures,
And surely you'll stay (love like winter)/For of sugar and ice,I am made.
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Happy September! Fall is here, as heralding by the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. LOL

Recent things, in pluses and minuses:

- Still having those abdominal pains and aches. It's been a week now. Can they stop, please?

+ Went to the doctor and she seems to think it's some sort of bug. At the very least she didn't seem to think my intestines are exploding or secretly killing me or anything.

- The VP people are moving to their new office tomorrow. I'm really going to miss them. They are some of my fav people here at work, so I'm sad that they're going. I see them more often than the people from my own office, and they're all so nice.

+ Today is Bill and Tom's 20th birthday! Happy birthday, boys!!

+ dúné's new website is amazing: it has lyrics, pictures (including some adorable pre-2006 ones), a vlog, blogs for each member...
Also, this new pic, which I found there:

+ Evan Taubenfield, formerly the front man of The Black List Club, who I saw open for hyde a few years ago, guitarist for Avril Lavigne, and super nice guy, is finally releasing a CD on Sept 15! I've been waiting for ages!! (since 2007, actually)

+/- One of the Japanese guys at work was talking to some guests about how he sees me at Kinokuniya 'like every weekend', and how I read Japanese manga. I've never seen him there. It's weird when people see you and don't come up and talk to you so you don't see them. Also, does this mean he sees me at the yaoi section of Kinokuniya? LOL

All in all, more pluses than minuses. That's good!
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I really like Non-non magazines. Both the models and the clothes are cute.

I really want a shirt dress. I've wanted one for years now. I thought I bought some, but they turned out just to be really long shirts - too short to wear as dress.

A t-shirt dress. Same deal as above. LOL

A frilly chiffon skirt, especially floral printed.

I would want those shorts that look like bloomers or knickers, but...I look bad in them.

I kind of want some cut off denim jeans, but I only like shorts if they're really short, and...I kind of look bad in them...

I want some skinny jean pants that roll up to just under the knee.

Also, lately I've been interested in slashing the shoulder/sleeve of t-shirts. I've seen it aruond and it looks cute. Also, a nice, soft thin cotton t-shirt, with a off the shoulder scoop neck, preferably white with a black design.
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Utada Hikaru - This is Love
Have you ever lost out after you decided something was over?/This is a spell to open a closed door/I hope that this time you can hear it.

Utada Hikaru - Automatic
You picked up the phone on the seventh ring/I don't have to say my name/You know me by my voice

Namie Amuro - Me Love pEace!
The sun sinks redly below the horizon/high in the sky two clouds are falling shyly in love

Eriko Imai - Red Beat of My Life
Shed some light on your rusted life/You'll see the road to the future is never ending/You can always start again

Mai Kuraki - Simply Wonderful
I can feel the magic from your eyes/I can feel the sunlight from your smile

Kumi Koda - Won't be Long
I've embarrassed myself to make it here/But you're by my side and I'm not scared of anything

Ayumi Hamasaki - Trauma
I've always measured my happiness by my own standards

Don't let your passion run out/Spread your wings and you can fly towards the unknown future

SPEED - Stars to Shine Again
Realize that We can do it/Even if my wish never reaches you/I won't say good-bye

BoA - Valenti
If what's between you and I isn't love/Then love doesn't exist in this world

globe - Feel like Dance
move ya chest/Roll up ya robe/Dance Trance All in a globe

globe - Is this Love?
We can't live on gentleness alone/But I like gentle people

Hiro - Hero
Sing me your love song some day/Because your joyful song gave me courage

Hitoe - Inori
Body temp at minus? is your heart being touched?/You can draw your dreams at a desk/But you can't add the color there

hitomi - Japanese Girl
Take pride/And love yourself no matter how you are/It's your Love Life Style

KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no uta
Warm me up with barely there kisses/I want to sleep here tonight

L'arc en ciel - Jiyuu he no shoutai
I'm with you so much but you're still far away/Please somebody give me an invitation for freedom

MAX - So Real
You've got dreams/So something will change/Even one second in the future is even more wonderful than now

MAX - Sunny Holiday
I could never put my excitement into words/But if I just show you my real self/I know these mysterious will come unraveled

Stuff XD

Jun. 8th, 2010 10:36 am
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- I'm on episode four of Nodame Canbile, and loving it! It's on so much wonderful crack!(And man, Chiaki is so goddamn hot! Wow. I love his voice too.)

- Just finished Chapter 5 of The Devil's Lexicon. I'm loving it so much. On Saturday here was a fan chat with author Sarah which I got the beginning of although I had to leave before Sarah got there as she was stranded in a downpour. I read a bit of the transcript, got spoiled like three times, and decided to read the rest after I finish the book. LOL Apparently she's having a US book tour at some point. I hope she comes to Cali!!

- Starbucks is on the lowest rung of coffee for me, since it's not really coffee so much as coffee flavored sugar milk, but...some days, you just need a Caramel Macchiato.

- I've realized I am really looking forward to Cinema Bizarre's new album. (August!) I know they're music isn't the best, but just like some days I need Starbucks, some days I need Cinema Bizarre. And I actually really like Strify's voice. On Sat Cy and I realized just how much fanservice they do, which was just a bonus. We also watched a vid of them being interviewed by Jeffree Star, which was amazing, if only for the sheer amount of makeup everyone had on.

- Gabe has a blog now, and it is amazing. I <3 Gabe and his stories of paying hapless band boys $300 to tear up stickers that are just tying them to the past and preventing them from living in the moment, bro!

- Lately I have been all about Audrey Kitching. (Apparently, she and Adam Lambert just met and he gushed and she decided he will be her new shopping buddy! <3)
I've decided that if one has pink hair, it just makes you look adorable and girlish even in the schlumpiest clothing ever. It's like...instant style.

Squee list

Jun. 4th, 2010 08:33 am
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- I Finally got my hands on Sarah Rees Brennan's 'Demon's Lexicon'! (Okay, so I suppose finally normally implies that one had to wait more than 2 days after the book came out, but it feels like finally, because I've been waiting for this book in theory ever since she announced she had a book deal (that would be Sept 2007), and more concretely since I read the first chapter after she posted it on her website. (I uh, don't know when that was.) So far I'm still on that first chapter, but any way. Yay!

- I've decided I need more dorama in my life, and to wit, spent yesterday perusing [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's dorama pimp journal, laughing hysterically and deciding I wanted to see every single show there. I think I'll start with this one though.

- Yesterday Cy and I went to go see 'The Brother's Bloom', which was quite good, in that it is a film about con men that manages to con the audience, not once but several times. It was also really cute, and also slashy, and I am very very surprised that no one in fandom has written a bandom AU of it yet.


May. 20th, 2010 08:40 am
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- Somewhat predictably, am now totally in love with the new SPEED song and have been listening to it nonstop.

- Blue Bottle now sells delicious delicious granola in tiny mason jars, and I love it.

- Adam was great last night, as usual. I voted about 30 times, with help from Cy, Lyda and redial. I hope he wins. Cy and I were talking about how he and Kris are like two different sides of America - the awshucks down home simple side and the glammed up rocking fabulous side. I like Kris and I like his voice, I just like Adam('s) better. Also, I think the thing about Adam winning is...it would mean a lot to a lot of people. I've read so many articles, posts, etc from people who have so many emotions about Adam being on Idol and being proud and unapologetic about who he is, not spelling it out maybe, but not hiding it either. For being together and confident and saying, America, it's okay to be who you are, and love what you love, even if people think you're weird or crazy.

- Caught the end of 'Glee' last night, and I might love it. Singing and dancing!!
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Scream for my ice cream - Blood on the Dance Floor
scream for my ice cream/tell me all your dirty dreams/scream for my ice cream/well show me all your fantasies
Remember that boy I posted a pic of earlier? Dahvie Vanity, the King of Hair? Apparently he is also the singer/frontman for the duo Blood on the Dance Floor. (The other half of the duo being Scene Boy extraordinaire Garrett Ecstasy.) They're kind of like...a slightly straighter (Vanity is straight and Ecstasy is gay, but still it's all extremely gay.) version of Jeffree Star. Explicit lyrics half spoken/half sung over bright and cheerful Electronica/Eurobeat. Every single song contains a demand for oral sex, (eventually they just threw away all pretenses and named a song 'S my D'.) and it's all dreadfully misogynistic, but it's just all so ridiculous (lines like 'Bitch I'll Make You Fucking Cry/Get On Your Knees And Blow' are followed directly by 'You're such a fuckin' cutie pie!' , not to mention the fact that the song in question is called 'I <3 Hello Kitty')especially in Vanity's petulant effete, Valley girl tones that you can't take it seriously at all. Instead of being offensive, it is laugh out loud funny. Also catchy as hell.

'Pieces - It's Alive!
She loves the taste of pain And its clear shes already used/I somehow find in her this easy, kind of love/This love is deepening/So shake it, shake it off/But my body’s needing it
/Just watch her set me off

Angsty rock with rough raspy vocals.

'Wrapped around my finger' - Kelsey and the Chaos
When you walked in, It was so unlike anything I planned/You caught me when, My whole world was falling out of place/And I fell in, the moment you touched my skin
Pop Punk/Rock with a female vocalist! Strong feisty vocals with a more mature sound. In my opinion, Kelsey is better than any of the girl fronted groups out there now, better than Paramore, better than Hey Monday, and it's a crying shame they don't have a more widespread record deal.

Let's get it on - OhMIE
Let's get it on and do it all night/But I don't care about you/You caught some feelings/I choose to lie
So far as I can tell, OhMIE is basically just a guy named OhMIE, plus a drummer. I don't know what to it is...dance rock? electronica? Dance pop? I just know that I LOVE it. Even if every song seems to be about no strings attached hook ups. I don't care, because it's so much fun!
My other fav track is 'I Like'.

'Fall from a star' - Kill Paradise
Fall... Don't you really want to fall from a star?/You know that heaven is not that far from a star./I've bet you fallen deeper in the dark.
This one is...sort of Electronica and sort of Eurobeat? It sounds like real Eurobeat, like the Italian kind. It's the kind of song I can see people making QAF vids with.

'Love Struck' - V Factory
You got my attention when you make that move (ah ah)/Can't help it 'cus im stuck like glue (why why)/Am I the only one to see/Girl I really want to get that get that
Take a trip back to the 90s with me; this is a bonified Boy Band. Are they about ten years late? Not if the way this song makes me dance is any indication. It may be pure nostalgia, but every time I put it on, it makes me want to bust out a synchronized dance sequence with anyone who happens to be around.

HONORABLE MENTIONS, since i already mentioned them earlier...

'Duck duck grey goose'- Let's Get It'
well fashioned entrances tend to turn heads/ i came to break necks and get in their beds
Dance-rock with those vagrantly clever teen guy lyrics. I still love them!

'Shake that Bubble' - Young and Divine
It's the time when the ladies all hit the club/And we're rolling down the line/cuz we know who's at the door
I still love this song too! This is like my favorite song right now. I don't even know, it's just so much fun!
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* title borrowed from Gala's blog, which should also be on this list. :)

- Acme's Bread's 'Pain de Mie', which is basically like shokupan: thick but soft crust, and fluffy white insides. I am having a slice of it (or two) with butter for breakfast now, with a cup of Typhoo tea. Also, the bakery was staffed today by a Scene girl with pink hair and pink plaid scarf. As I texted to Cy, just have her go for a cup of coffee at the Ikemen Starbucks, and you've got a perfect anime!

- The fact that William is bringing empires on part of their acoustic tour. Yay! TomRad and William are friends again! (Apparently, William has said flat out that if it weren't for Mike, Tom would still be in the band.) But minus points for bringing empires on the part of the tour that starts the day after they play here!

- Singer from the Cab's blog. He's so adorable and earnest! Such a romantic! I would totally have a crush on him if I were about 10 years younger. As it is, as you see, I just think he's adorable. XD

- bandom twitters

Where we learn, Ryan is staying with Pete!

ztnewetep weve renamed the house: the orphanage. the wife isnt super pleased but conversations are great and friends are plenty 3:52 AM Mar 1st from web

# Water Co. shut off my water. Back to the Orphanage I guess. Responsibilty, I want you. and yes, i've seen birds in Hawaii be cannibals.2:00 PM Mar 2nd from web

William and Mike:

billbeckett: Hugh Jackman just gave Barbara Walters a lapdance on national television.5:00 PM Feb 22nd from TwitterFon

# @billbeckett i cant believe you got SO excited about that when you called.5:28 PM Feb 22nd from web in reply to billbeckett

Alex from All Time Low: (yay new record!)

# Heading into NY today. Last step. Ten songs are finished... The moods on this record are all over the place. It ain't whatchu got last time.8:50 AM Mar 4th from web

Also this gem:

# I imagine that if there were such thing as moon cows. Moon milk would taste great. A tall glass of moon milk with a tasty moon pie. Yup.7:13 AM Mar 3rd from web

Also, how bandom is so incestuous. Following twitters said twitter was follow (like a friends list) I got from Ryan to Mike to Alex to Jac Vanek, Scene Queen and Ryan's ex-girlfriend (and then, to Jeffree Starr)
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'My Boom' as it were.

1) Pear jelly. Or, as the jar says 'Pear Williams' jelly. In Antique Bakery vol 1 they were serving scones with apple jelly, which intrigued me, but the closest I could find was pear. It's really good though.

2) French yogurt. Or I would, if I could find anything like it. I'm trying some Artisanal 'French Style' yogurt made here in Cali, but it's not quite the same.

2.5) other french things I'd love to have here: pots au chocolate, flower flavored syrups. The most amazing I ever found was lilac syrup. It tasted just like lilacs smell, it was incredible.

3) Daichi Miura's new single 'Your Love' featuring Kreva. I always hate comparisons like this, but seriously, if Usher and Lil' Wayne were Japanese, they would be Daichi and Kreva. (In fact, I think Kreva might actually be Lil Wayne in disguise. LOL)

4) Boa's new single 'Eien'. Boa is one of those artists who I never think about when I'm listing my favorites, and yet I have all her albums, and I love about 80% of her music. The b-side is a collaboration with Crystal Kay, and Verbal, which is great. (I always like Verbal's collaborations, he's a great rapper.)
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1) My barista forgot to put vanilla syrup in my london fog this morning. It is sadly lacking.
1b) I paid with a bunch of those gold dollar coins I got when I bought my train ticket, and I felt like I was paying with like...gold pirate galleons or well, Harry Potter style galleons.

2) I couldn't find any other books in my mad dash out the door this morning, so I grabbed 'The Devil's Cub'. I still love Vidal. So. Much. But I am also amused by the fact that my mother fell head over heels for the dashing, wicked Marquis when she read the book too. LOL In fact, she didn't even want to send the book back to me.

3) Apparently the newest issue of Vivi (which has Anna Tsuchiya on the cover, looking hot as always) is over 300 pages, which means it's back to it's usual size. Last month's issue was 100 pages shorter than usual, and it looked so anemic!

4) Pretty pleased with the Oscar wins. Sean Penn gave a lovely speech, as did Kate Winslet. I'm not quite sure why Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress, because while she was really hot in Vicky Christina Barcelona, it wasn't particularly Oscar worthy, I didn't think. Also, how cool was it seeing Anwar Dev Patel at the Oscars? From Skins to the Academy award. Pretty amazing. I loved how they had the former Oscar winners giving the introductions to the nominees, it was so nice to see all the love and respect between the people we see as equal stars.

5) I had a very nice weekend. I've finally started reading Antique Bakery, and was so inspired I made scones! We watched a bunch of movies, including a really homoerotic Hitchcock (Rope) , a pretty Chinese lesbian movie (Spider Lilies) staring the popstar Rainie. (Who is so adorable! I think I need to check her out!) and Higurashi no Naku Koro, aka When They Cry which is really fucked up. XD

6) I kind of want Princess Hours, except not for $89 on sale. They showed an episode of it on TV the other day, but without subtitles...
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- I got some blood oranges from a local farm at the morning farmer's market. So far my 'eat fruit for breakfast every [weekday] morning plant' is going well!!

- I saw a guy walking an adorable high stepping whippet

- The Blue Bottle coffee company has finally opened a stand! But I am trying not to drink coffee. Maybe I will get a cup as a treat one day.

ETA: Photobucket
Look at the carnage from my blood orange! One of the nterns was like, 'Ooh, that reminds me of Dexter!' Haha
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We watched his new DVD this weekend. It's a mix of music videos and footage from his world tour. He's just so...Miyavi. He always makes me smile (and usually make nnnngh noises from his hotness too. LOL) I can't wait to see what his new chapter will be like.

Junjo Romantica
I had bought the first volume of the manga a while ago just to see what all the fuss was about, and couldn't really get into it. But Mirai recommended the anime, so Cy and I started watching it and...we basically watched the entire first season this weekend. I love it. I'm excited there's a second season, and I'm now reading the manga from where the first season left off. There's something really engaging and sort of emotionally deep about the characters, even in the midst of all the craziness (and dub-con).

Hana ni Arashi
I just kind of picked this up on a whim, because I liked the cover art, so I read the first few pages on the Hana to Yume website before I bought it. I love it. So far it's my new favorite shojo series!
Riko Kunimi is just a normal 17 year old girl, who happens to have super reflexes. She can leap unharmed from the third story window of her school, and dodge speeding cars, and all this makes her even more determined to be as normal as normal can be. Her plan for a plain, normal life is derailed by the appearance of Ran Tachibana, 17 year old heir to a global fortune, who barges into her class one day, accompanied by several body guards, announces that he's fallen in love with her, and proposes to her in front of her awestruck classmates. Riko refuses - out of the blue proposals from rich guys she's never met are certain;y not normal, and who the hell does this guy think he is?? - but Ran won't take no for an answer, and says that he's let her run, and if he hasn't caught her by 5 pm the next day, he'll give up. It's certainly not a thriller - she wakes up to him in her room the next morning, and her parents love him - more like a romantic comedy. The series is just a lot of fun. What really makes it is Ran, handsome, confident, and romantic to boot, and also selfish, arrogant, and the kind of guy who, in the split seconds while he thinks he's about to end up killing someone when the breaks on his car don't work, wonders whether he should try to buy the silence of the onlookers or black mail them instead. But he's also the only guy to ever tell Riko he loves her just the way she is.

All Time Low
I just got this record, so I haven't finished listening to it. I've kind of known about ATL for a while, when Cy originally got the record way back when, I knew them enough to say, 'Oh hey, that's that band with the lead singer Alex who's really hot, and they do that photo shoot in tight-whities eating bananas!' But they'd kind of stayed under my radar and it was a huge surprise to me when AP named them artist of the year because I don't feel like I've seen them explode or anything?
Anyway, listening to their album, I kind of understood why. Right from the first song, they forge a kind of relationship with the listener. I felt like I knew them, like Alex was talking directly to me. They seem to have that knack, like FOB does, of creating a world around their band and their music, an experience, rather than just a bunch of songs.


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