Aug. 5th, 2011 05:29 am
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Just got finished watching Miyavi's Tokyo concert, streamed live to my laptop in Boston. Technology is amazing, or more importantly Miyavi is amazing. He's streaming his entire Tokyo tour so that us Comiyavi from around the world (and other parts of Japan) don't have to miss out. We really are one. <3

Needless to say, it doesn't compare to actually being at a show - I had to tell myself I wasn't just watching a concert DVD a few times, for one thing, and for another, and most importantly, my Cy wasn't here with me. It's just not the same, but it was still really awesome. He sounded amazing, guitar wise. Vocals wise, I thought he'd sounded a million times better at our show. But I was able to really concentrate on the lyrics of the new songs which was nice. (OH man, Gravity! So intense! Miyavi!!>_<) Speaking of the new songs (which is almost all he played)they are all amazing! I can't wait for the new album!!!! (Which now has a name: 'What's my name?') October is so far away! LOL
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THIS is the best video ever.

Joe and Kevin coming out to sing 'Who I Am' with Nick at the show in LA on my birthday!!!!

It's the most adorable thing I have ever seen! They are wearing red and blue shirts to compliment Nick's white shirt!! Kevin is strumming away hardcore at his big guitar and still manages to look like the world's most earnest elementary school music teacher!! Joe forgets the words! Nick points at Joe when when he says he wants someone to love him for who he is! Kevin is all embellish Nick's guitar solo with hand gestures!! Joe spends a lot of the time he's not singing his heart out to Nick's song (and in Nick's face) hulking around the stage. (Matt, your tradition lives on.) I love the Nick Joe duet version because they play off each other so well! And their voices are very different. Nick thanks us all for loving them for who they are! And still sounds like a politician!

I love every single thing about this video.

ETA: Kevin just looks so happy and glowy all the time now. I love Kevin. <3 <3 <3
Married life seems to agree with him.


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