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Author you’ve read the most books by:
Hmm...Georgette Heyer (23) or Anne Rice (22)....
Wait no...it's actually L.M Montgomery at 26!

Best sequel ever:
'The Dream Thieves' - The Raven Boys #2

Currently reading:
I'm currently reading about 5 books at a time, but the one of those I've been reading most today is Mary Pickford, America's Sweetheart AKA the the laziest title you could ever give your biography of Mary Pickford.

Drink of choice while reading:
Tea (afternoon/evening) or Coffee (morning).

E-reader or physical books?
Physical books unless it's 1)not available as a physical book or 2)super long

Fictional character you probably would’ve actually dated in high school:
Hmm...that's a good question!

Glad you gave this book a chance:
Codename Verity, The Fault in Our Stars

Hidden gem book:
The Queen's Thief Series

Important moment in your reading life:
Maybe reading my first full length novel in Japanese?
Or crying at a book for the first time - it was Memnoch the Devil, haha.

Just finished:
Non-fiction: Three Squares
Fiction: Dancers in the Dark

Kind of books you won’t read:
I don't really like mysteries, crime novels, and I have to be in the mood for a modern day romance.

Longest book you’ve read:
Hmm...I'm not sure!

Major book hangover because of:
Fiction: Codename Verity
Non-Fiction: American Venus

Number of bookcases you own:
4, but we need more!

One book you have read multiple times:
I re-read books a lot, actually.
The one I've probably re-read the most is....Tale of the Body Thief. Haha.

Preferred place to read:

Quote that inspires you from a book you’ve read:
Too many to think of just one!

Reading regret:
I wish I'd read 'I Capture the Castle' when I was younger. I loved it, but I think it would have become one of my top favorites back then.

Series you’ve started and need to finish (in which all the books are out):
The Gathering Storm.

Three of your all-time favorite books:
Privilege of the Sword
Friday's Child
A Natural History of the Senses

Unapologetic fangirl for:
What I did for a duke.

Very excited for this release:
Third Untold book, Next raven boys book. Just One Year.

Worst bookish habit:
Reading a bunch of books at once.

X marks the spot—start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:
Sorcery and Cecilia.

Your latest book purchase:
The Gilded Age Lives. Eli Monpress

ZZZ-snatcher (book that kept you up way too late):
I can't remember...


Feb. 20th, 2012 04:51 pm
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1. Make a list of 5 things you can see without getting up:
[livejournal.com profile] jaded_hopeless
The sad dying roses from Valentine's day (they are shades of cream and sunset orange)
A tube of Ketchup Pringles San brought me from Canada when she came to visit
[livejournal.com profile] jaded_hopeless's awesome 50s style black and sparkly blue purse
How to cook everything vegetarian, by Mark Bittman

2. How do you style your hair?
In a chin legnth bob with layers. It's curly so that limits the styles you can have.
3. What are you wearing now?
Jeans, a pink sweater and a sparkly blue scarf I got from my grandmother.

4. What's your occupation?
Freelance Translation

5. What do you hear right now?
Footsteps upstairs and Cy talking to her mom on the phone.

6. Who was the last person you hugged? 


7. What was/is for dinner?
Today I just had ramyoun. LOL

8. Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream (or other)?
Other, if there's a choice. Chocolate if not.

9. When did you last see your sibling(s)?
Over Christmas.

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online? 

Gmail, LJ, Tumblr, Twitter, Arama, Omona,Gala Darling

11. What was the last thing you bought?
Irish bacon and Irish bangers

12. Do you think your name suits you?
Yes? I do like it, I think it's pretty and I've only ever met one other girl who shares it. I have kind of a weird relationship with it thought because until I graduated college all my friends called me by various nicknames, so I'm kind of still getting use to having friends call me by my name.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Enjoying life :D

14. Where's your birthmark?
On my thigh

15. How easily do you cry, and about what (apart from obviously traumatic things like losing someone you’re close to)?
I tend not to cry at movies or books - at most I'll usually just tear up.

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?

17. How are you?

Good! My feet are cold though.

18. When did you last SWOON?
Over GD and TOP. XD LOL

19. What's the last thing you have regretted?
Getting a ring a size too big? LOL

20. What's the last good movie you saw?

Hmm. I saw this indie movie called Kaboom last night. It was pretty interesting.
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Day 23 :: A YouTube video

This video is strangely compelling. It's so cool how the text moves like that.

Day 24 :: Whatever tickles your fancy
Just because it made me laugh like a crazy person.

Day 25 :: Your day, in great detail
I am going to do Xmas, because that's the 25th day.

Day 26 :: Your week, in great detail
Monday was my first day back in CT. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday hanging out at the house, spending quality time with my Grandmother and the poodles during the day, and eating yummy dinners with my Grandmother and my parents in the evenings. My grandmother and I at breakfast and lunch together every day and we had really great conversations. I've especially liked hearing her talk about my paternal grandparents who died when I was in elementary school, and stories about her and my grandfather, or stories about when she was a girl and a young woman. Thursday I went into the City. I met my sis for lunch and we ate at this really yummy ramen place that was playing a very random selection of Namie's songs the whole time! Then we went to a Japanese bakery and got montblanc, tea and macarons. She stayed out with me for way longer than she probably should have but we had such fun chatting. Then I wandered around Barnes & Nobles and got a call from Subsy saying that she'd finished work early! I met up with her and then we went to Kinokuniya where she got the last copy of Hiro's book, and I got a fun looking mystery story about an ojousama sleuth and her sarcastic butler. Then we went to a favorite Chinese place of hers where we had the best Peking duck I've ever had in my life. It seriously blew me away with deliciousness. We also had a hot pot, which was yummy and spicy and hilarious because the staff came over to discuss how amazing it was that we, like Chinese people, liked to eat hot pot on a cold night. Then we went to Karaoke with J, and sang for 2 and 1/2 hours. We wanted to sing more, but alas, we couldn't get anymore time. The next morning Subsy and I accidently woke up at 7:30 AM, but it was nice because we got to have a leisurely morning chatting before I had to brave the public transportation back to Grand Central Station. I'm so glad that both Em and Subsy are in NY now because it means I get to see them whenever I go home to visit my family, which happens at least once each year. When I got back to the house, I baked my Xmas cake, which was a three layer gingerbread cake frosted with whipped cream.
Christmas morning I wrapped the presents I'd brought and put them by the tree and then we all got coffee and opened presents. I got my new iPod which is an i-Pod touch that I have christened G-Dragon. I also got the most fluffy blanket in the world from my cousins, various sweaters, some more pink cooking accroutrements for the kitchen, etc. Everyone like their presents, and my mom wore her Adam Lambert shirt I got her for dinner that night. Most of the rest of the day was spent cooking with Mom and Grace, who is a co-worker/friend of hers who came for Christmas dinner because she couldn't got back home to Australia for the holidays. For dinner we had Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding, turnip souflee, potatoes and fennel gratin and green beans. We opened Christmas Crackers, and there was nothing in Hank's, which he said was a metaphor for his life. LOL. The next day was the blizzard, so we stayed inside and watched the snow.
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Day 22 :: A website


Zootool is about collecting, organizing and sharing your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the internet.

This is something I found in my frantic search to find a replacement for delicious during the 24 hrs we thought it would be taken down.

I've just started really using it, but I'm having fun with it so far. It's kind of like if delicious and tumblr had a baby.

My Zoo is located here: http://zootool.com/user/appletea/
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Day 21 :: A recipe

A caveat: I have not actually made this recipe. But it looks so yummy, and very festive.

Chestnut and chocolate truffle cake by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

This is a wonderfully soft and gooey chocolate cake, which can be served warm or cold as a pudding. It makes a great alternative to traditional Christmas pudding – and it's also an absolute doddle to make.

dark chocolate - 250g
unsalted butter - 250g
chestnuts (peeled and cooked) - 250g
milk - 250ml
4 eggs - separated
caster sugar - 125g

You will need a springform cake tin measuring approximately 23cm in diameter, lined on the bottom with baking or greaseproof paper.

Preheat the oven to 170°C/325°F/gas 3. Melt the chocolate and butter in a pan over a very gentle heat. In another pan, heat the chestnuts (tinned are fine) with the milk until just boiling, then mash thoroughly with a potato masher (or process to a rough purée in a machine).

Mix the egg yolks with the caster sugar. Stir in the chocolate mixture and the chestnut purée until you have a smooth, blended batter. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold them carefully into the batter. Transfer the mixture to the cake tin and bake for 25–30 minutes, until it is just set but still has a slight wobble.

If you want to serve the cake warm, leave it to cool a little, then release the tin and slice carefully – it will be very soft and moussey. Or alternatively leave it to go cold and it will set firm. I like to serve this with a trickle of double cream.

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Day 16 :: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Since I can't find a file of the song I thought of first...

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Day 14 :: A non-fictional book

This is the one I'm reading now:

Looking Back: A Panoramic View of a Literary Age by the Grandes Dames of European Letters, by Shusha Guppy.

As you can tell from (extremely long) subtitle, this book is a bunch of interviews with various European authors, most of them British. It's extremely fascinating, because most of the women, who were born anywhere from 1900 to 1915, all lead really amazing lives that of wealth, privilege and intelligence, surrounded by a circle of amazing friends, including people like Virginia Wolf, Vita Sackville-West, Noel Coward, D.H Lawrence, and even, in one shocking and disturbing case, Adolf Hitler. The lives the women describe are a lifestyle that has long ceased to exist, where girls were taught by governesses and private tutors, and men only cared about fishing, hunting and shooting. The women,in their 80s and 90s at the time they were interviewed for this book, talk about their writing, their love affairs, and everything in between, with humor, irreverence, and a lovely old fashioned wisdom.

This book makes me want to interview my own grandmother, really, although she is on the tale end of this generation, being born in 1916.

NOTE: The reviews on the amazon page are NOT for this book. I'm not quite sure what's going on there.
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Day 13 :: A fictional book

Hmm...I already posted the book I'm reading...so what else should I post...

Let's try...


The Masqueraders, but Georgette Heyer. (1928)
A comfort book of mine, this my favorite Heyer, even though it's very different from her usual far, both in time period (being set in the the Georgian period, around 1747) and in plot.

Robin and Prudence have lived a life of adventure and scheming to the tune of their self-styled genius father's piping, one that lead them to the wrong side of the Jacobite uprising, and now has brother and sister obliged to re-enter London society as sister and brother, while the await their father. Robin is now a beautiful and flirtatious young woman named Kate, and Prudence, the young stripling Peter. The masquerade goes well because neither sibling is a stranger to pretend, but when Prudence meets Sir Anthony, she begins to doubt the wisdom of this new scheme...

Cross dressing twins, mistaken (and revealed) identities, swindles, intrigue, masked balls...it has everything, including a twist so unexpected that I exclaimed outloud and then spent the entire day explaining it to my family, none of whom really cared.

(Also went around saying things like 'Lud!' and prefencing sentences with 'La', and generally talking like it was the 18th century.)

Lastly, Robin is my favorite forever. Also, a Lulzy 80's era cover here
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Day 12 :: Whatever tickles your fancy

I am skipping the photo ones because I don't like to post photos of myself in this journal.
Also, now I have an excuse to post this:

This is a video of the band from the other day's Video of the Day, F.Cuz (which is pronounced 'focus')...playing a game that involves passing pieces of paper back and forth with their mouths and ripping it into increasingly small pieces. Yeah.

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Day 07: A photo that makes you angry/sad

I'm not going to do anything super serious, because why? I don't want to write about sad things on my blog unless I have to...


This picture makes me sad, because it marked the moment when one of my favorite groups ended.
4 - 3 + 7 =/= the same group
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A photo that makes you happy

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Day 05 :: Your favourite quote
"Those are crackers for the deer, but I ate them with a tear..."

Day 06 :: Whatever tickles your fancy
You knew this was coming, right?
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Put your music player on shuffle.
List the first 21 songs that come up.
Then use those songs to answer the questions below.
And don't cheat by skipping ahead to find "cooler" songs!

1. US5 - "Bad Girl"
2. Panic at the Disco - "Northern Downpour"
3. ZONE - "Boku no Tegami"
4. globe - "Over the Rainbow"
5. AFI - "Summer Shudder"
6. Spice Girls - "Too Much"
7. Coco D'or - "Avalon"
8. Spring Awakening OST - "The Mirror-Blue Night"
9. BoA - "Scream"
10. Mai Kurai - ""Make My Day"
11. hiro - "Early passed our time to winter"
12. Namie Amuro - "No communication"
13. Empires - "My Poor Lover"
14. Blink 182 - "Feeling This"
15. MC Solaar - "Sauvez Le Monde"
16. OLIVIA - "Sea Me (English Version)"
17. MAX - "Ginga no Chikai"
18. YeLLOW Generation - "Tobira no Mukou he"
19. Utada Hikaru - "Play Ball"
20. D&D - ""Cinderella Honeymoon"
21. Cobra Startship - "Send my Love to the Dancefloor (Hey Mister DJ)"

the questions )
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Day 04 :: Your favourite book

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/Maledicte-Lane-Robins/dp/034549573X>Maladicte</a>, by Lane Robins. I'm just going to do the book I'm reading now, because I'm really loving it. It reminds me a lot of a slightly 'darker, and edgier' version of the world depicted in Ellen Kushner's 'Swordspoint' and The Privilege of the Sword'.
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Day 03 :: Your favourite television programme

Three words: Marry me, Mary!

Or, the more evocative (?) yet slightly unweildy literal title, 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'.

I started watched the show after reading [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's hilarious write up, but I'd never been able to get into a Korean show before so I wasn't sure if I'd end up liking it. Was I in for a surprise! I fell totally in love with it, and now I'm totally obsessed with this show. It's been a while since I've watched a show that had me feverishly awaiting each new episode like this.

It's this weird mixture of endearing moments, amazing chemistry between the leads, exciting and scandalous interpersonal dynamics. (It's also very slashy, and I could legitimately (?) see it ending in a threesome. LOL


On the right is Kan Moo-Kyul, sometimes homeless rock star who never dates a girl for more than a month. On the left is Byun Jun-In, son of a wealthy business man desperate for Dad's affection and financial backing for the tv drama he's producing. And the girl stuck in the van?
That's our heroine, Wi Mae-Ri. All Mae-Ri wants to do is help her feckless Dad who's on the run from loansharks, and get the money to to pay tuition so she can return to her university where she's majoring in Korean lit.

And these three? They're married. Except Mae-Ri and Moo-Kyul's marriage is fake, and her marriage to Jun-In is fraudulent. Jun-In's dad used to be in love with Mae-Ri's dead mother, so he decided that his son should marry the daughter of the woman he loved. Mae-Ri had other ideas, so she enlisted Moo-Kyul's to pretend that they were married to get out of it. Which would have worked great, had her father, thrilled at the idea of marrying into a rich family, not forged her signature on the marriage contract!

Mae-Ri has 100 days to chose which guy she wants to be with, spending 9 - 5 with Jun-In and 5 -10 with Moo-Kyul. She plans to chose neither, and use the money Jun-In's dad has lent to sweeten the pot on her tuition so she can go back to school.

But Jun-In's dad tells him he'll only finance his drama production if Jun-In marries Mae-Ri! And Moo-Kyul, well, the arrangement that began as a complete annoyance to him seems to be changing into something more...

Add to the three selfish, immature and incompetent parents, Moo-Kyul's band, scheming managers, and Moo-Kyul's ex-girlfriend, Seo-Jun who also happens to be the lead actress in Jun-In's drama, and who knows where things will end by day 100!


Mae-Ri is an awesome heroine, because when an issue comes up (Seo-Jun thinks Mae-Ri talked shit about her, Jun-In's dad is putting pressure on her dad to get her and Jun-In together before the 100 days is up, etc) she immediately goes and confronts the person to get rid of any misconceptions or deal with any underhanded behavior. She's so proactive!

The chemistry and adorable domesticity of Mae-Ri and Moo-Kyul is one of the best things about the show. She knits him mittens, and cooks his favorite food, he conditions his hair in front of her and secretly wears her half-finished mittens around the house... And as another reviewer noted, they are one of the most touchy feely couples I've seen in a drama.
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Day 02 :: Your favourite movie

Hmm...my favorite movie I saw recently?

Well, I think it would have to be...

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I've never actually completed one of these, but maybe this time, hmm?
Gacked from outofpotions.

Day 01 :: Your favourite song

For all the favorites, I'm going to do 'current fav' not most favorite ever.

Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness

The rest of the days )
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Day 01 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

I can think of a lot of books I wish would go on longer, but not so many series? In terms of a series I wish would end...I've been waiting for the next (possibly last?) book in L.J Smith's 'Nightworld' series since the early 1990s. We finally got a date for it last year or so, but it never actually came out. I just want to know how it all ends!

the rest of the days )
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Pick the first track that comes up when you type the word into itunes.

Happy: "Nothing Ever Makes Me Happy" - globe

Love: "This Love" - Utada Hikaru

Hate: "I hate everything you love" - PinBoys

Light: ""Under the bright lights" - empires

Dark: "Dark Blue" - Jack's Mannequin

Good: "Damn you look good and I'm drunk" - Cobra Starship

Bad: "Do not disturb(tell me how bad)" - Let's get it!

Smile: "A loaded smile" - Adam Lambert

Cry: "Baby don't cry" - Namie Amuro

Girl: "I kissed a girl" (cover) - Attack! Attack!

Boy: "Boys like that" - EARTH

Sad: "Sad Day (for happiness)" - Cinema Bizarre

Lost: "Paradise Lost" - MAX
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Here are the three big ones that come to mind.

[livejournal.com profile] outofpotions, this ones for you.

And even though they never use LJ anymore...

[livejournal.com profile] sutelae

[livejournal.com profile] yappari


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