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So, apparently Felicity is going to be retired this year. Samantha and Kirsten have already been retired - Samantha was the first to go, around 2008, which shows you how closely I've been paying attention to American Girl news. Then again, what would I? I'm far too old.

However, the American Girls dolls are a big piece of my childhood.

The first three American Girl dolls (Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly) were released in 1986, although I didn't get my first until I was in first or second grade, I believe.

The AG dolls were unlike any dolls on the market - they weren't baby dolls, they were girls who were supposed to be 8 or 9 years old. 'Our age'. When I was in elementary school they were HUGE.
Every little girl had one and the ones who didn't, wanted one. They were quite expensive, making them Christmas presents. I knew a girl who cut out the life-size picture of the doll from the huge, gorgeous catalog (Pouring through the new catalog was always one of the highlights of the month for me.) and carried it around until her parents too pity on her and bought her one.)

My first was Samantha. I had wanted Kirsten, because she had blond hair and blue eyes, like me, but my best friend and next-door neighbor Rachel had just gotten Kirsten, and she didn't want me 'copying' her. After Samantha, I went on to get Kirsten, and when she was released in 1991, I got Felicity, who would become and remain my favorite. (She was a redhead who liked horse, so it was like she'd been made for me.)

My friends and I played constantly with these dolls. (For some reason, one game I remember most vividly involved them being orphans toiling as indentured servants to cruel and haughty wealthy mistresses.) My friend Ann had all of Samantha's accessories and furniture, and one of the first things I would do at her house was look covetously at the gorgeous little wicker table and chair set that was part of Samantha's birthday set. My friend Robin was the only one I knew who had Molly. She also had the 'outfit for me' version of Molly's red and white striped pajamas.

For years, Christmas revolved around the dolls.One thing I asked for every year was one of the trunks to put all the dolls clothing in. My dad, ever the woodworker, actually made me a gorgeous wooden armoire with double doors that locked with a little key, to put all their clothes it. He also made me a little wooden bed, with a fancy headboard, for them to sleep on.

My grandmother made me Felicity's nightgown to wear for Christmas one year. In the following years, she gave me Samantha's nightgown and Kirsten's - although she bought them as it had been so much work to make Felicity's.

Whenever we went on trips, at least one of the dolls came with me, dressed up properly in her traveling outfit. (And of course Felicity went with me when I went to Colonial Williamsburg, that trip having no doubt been inspired by her in the first place!)

I read all the book's in each girl's series, even Molly's, despite not having the doll. I had the set of plays, and my friends and my sister and I would often put the plays on. Speaking of my sister, one of the first games I remember playing with her after our parents got together involved a setup where all the dolls had been gathered via time machine to make a rock band. (The highlight was Samantha singing 'What is Love' with Kirsten's brother Peter.)

I credit these dolls with getting me interested in so many things. They fostered a love of history, especially certain periods, and a love of reading, and even the smaller things that I can only see now, like that scene where Felicity dresses in Ben's clothes to go riding and how that is probably connected to my love of stories including cross-dressing! LOL

Without them, my childhood would have been very different...

So here's to you, Felicity Merriman. Thanks for the memories!
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I was browsing Gala Darling's blog, and I came across her entry about her new Filofax[Personal Organizer] and how it was rocking her world. A filofax, I snorted, what a silly idea...

But I read on, and when I got to the mention of how her filofax had a mirror in it, I immediately thought, well, my (techo) had a mirror...

And then I realized. A filofax is the same thing as a techo.

* A techo is a techo in the same way a teiki is a teiki. Yes, there is technically an English word, but I never thought of it by the English word. For example, all of us exchange students (ryugakusei) always referred to them as our Teiki, and I distinctly remember Britney saying one day, "I don't even remember the english word for it!" (Note: It's 'monthly bus pass')

I loved my techo. While I lived in Japan I had it with me at all times.

I bought it when I was a high school student at Bunkyo High, used it the entire semester, and then, when I came back to Japan to to JWU, I brought it with me and started using it again.

My techo was (is, technically, I still have it,although I retired it upon my return to the US) pale pink and iridescent. Inside, it had many slots in the cover for folding papers (phone numbers, mail box receipts etc), and a three ring binder, which contained adorable lined notebook paper, blank pages, 'get to know you' sheets where people filled out little questionnaires (yes, I bought that, I didn't make it), a little address book, a book for Print-Club (Purikura) stickers, a pouch that zipped up (which held loose purikuras), a mirror, a subway and train line map, and clear files for pictures (in which I kept nama-shashin of MAX and Namie.)

I loved my techo. <3 <3 <3
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There is no use expecting logic or emotional consistency from Pete.

I think Andy's right when he talks about how burnt out the four of them are, and how they need some space and some time apart, and that whatever happens in the future, the four of them love Fall Out Boy.

And in some ways, I think Pete loves it hardest of all.

Why? This is Pete, and we all know how hard and how fatalistically he loves.

And this is his post from yesterday. The day after he said he could never imagine playing in Fall Out Boy again.


So whatever happens, even if this break up is forever, Fall Out Boy brought so much happiness and love and fun into my life.

So thanks for the memories, boys. You remain the only band I would ever wait for 7 hours in the rain to go see.
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This is the first mention of Fall Out Boy in my Journal, from July 2005.



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