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5/27 (Wed)

How are you guys?

I've been really busy with recording the last coupe of days, but it's amking me realize again just how much fun music is. Cuz pretty much all I've been doing since I went solo was exchanging business cards! (LOL)

So I've released a lot of info on different sites, and on June 1st, I'll be releasing a new song. It basically just at the demo stage, but I hope you all like it.

Also, I'd adding the Official Fan Club site and the cell phone site. I couldn't wait and I ended up posting the logo on myspace. The seal has all kind of hidden meaning, so it's my super special fav!

C.W.I.F: Co-miyavi Worldwide International Family

I named it that because as the name suggests, I want us to be like one big family regardless of county or race or culture. Well, it does involve money, so everything may not go smoothly, but I'm giving it everything I've got, so let's make it together!

Along with that, I'm going to make the blog here [on the official site] Fan Club Only. (But because I know there are a lot of co-miyavi in various situations, I will make the cell phone site viewable to all)

Anyway, on this blog I'm not going to write anything that isn't directed towards my fans. I don't wanna have to think about any of those fucking riff-raff or worry about appearances, and I want to put all the straight thoughts I've built up out of my mind, and seriously start being like, 'You know what, my co-miyavi-changs..."

Thank you all for all the beautiful photos and funny pictures you always give me. Sorry the mail address is so plain. I'm searching for the best way to praise you all, so stay tuned!

I'm still making every single bit of this by hand, so I really hope you like it.

I'll also try to keep adding as many Japanese entries to the myspace, so check it out too!

Okay, later!


6/1 (Mon)

Hello hello! Are you all still awake? You can check out my new song 'SuperHero' on myspace, so give it a listen!

I wrote this song in one sitting after getting endlessly inspired when I ran into the director [Kazuaki] Kiritani at a meeting and was able to get an early viewing of his movie now in theaters called 'GOEMON'. So if any of you go see that movie, please watch it in conjunction with this song. (LOL)

I hope you'll be able to enjoy the new world view of Neo Miyavi382Tokyo through the sound and the lyrics, and I'm waiting excitedly for the day I can play the new song in it's final form for you all at shows etc.

Now then, I've added the Official FC page, opened the Miyavi382tokyo mobil website, and uploaded a video from Texas, and comments on the blog so check 'em out and enjoy!

Hurry up and get to sleep!


NOTE: Goemon tells the story of legendary warrior-bandit Goemon Ishikawa. (Basically like a Japanese Robin Hood, whos tole fromt he rich to give to the poor.) It's set in a parallel world version of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period, and involves various historical figures like the famous ninja Hattori Hanzo, and shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Oda Nobunaga etc.
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09/4/7 (火)

Dear Komiyavi-changz

I've wanted to write something since the show ended, but when I sat down at the computer, I didn't know where to begin. (LOL)


I cried so hard, and I laughed so hard!

And I love you all so fuckin' much.

No matter what anyone says, I will keep on singing 'simplifications' and I'll keep on yelling 'I LOVE U' to the world the same as I always have.

Tomorrow I'm official starting my company, so please let me announcement formally for all the kids who couldn't come.

I will be starting over at zero just like that day when I came to Tokyo lugging my guitar 10 years ago, as

J-glam Ltd President Takamasa Ishihara

But now I've got things to protect, and things that are supporting me.

My family and my friends, and all of my fans are all part of my family.

Thank you so much to everyone at PS COMPANY, to President Ozaki, Saichon, Naruchon, Jiya, Sumiyan. I can't say this to your faces, and I won't, but I really love you guys. Please continue to be my family.

You've been so so good to me for 10 years!!

PS COMPANY 雅-miyavi-

NOTE: The 'masa' in Takamasa is the character for 'miyavi'
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09/3/14 (Sat)


I figure I should celebrate White Day, since I am Japanese, after all! (LOL) Last month, on Feb 14th, I announced that I was leaving PS Company.

It was pretty sudden, and I think it made you all worried.

So as payback (that's a weird way of putting it) I've got a sweet (I think) announcement for you all.

I will be starting my own company.

That's all I can tell you guys right now, but little by little, I'm pushing forward with the support of a lot of people, including President Ozaki.

Of course I'll be doing the show in April as a member of the PS Company, and I hope it's a great day.

Anyway, pray it doesn't rain, okay? (LOL)

And today is a special day for me too. I believe that one day I'll be able to share it with you.

Have a great "pollen sneezy" weekend!!

-miyavi-382 TOKYO


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