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Ignore the entirely unrelated images. This is the only video I could find with the song by the original 1991 broadway cast. (Which, btw, is the cast I saw perform, way way back when.)

The song is 'I Heard Someone Crying' from the Secret Garden. The song takes place Mary's first night at her Uncle Archibald's house, she's unable to sleep because she can hear someone crying somewhere in the house, through the night, Mary and Archibald "mourn their losses" while the ghosts of their respective past (the ghosts of Mary's parents and others from India, and most importantly, the ghost of Archibald's wife Lily who died 10 years ago after the birth of their son.)

The original Broadway cast featured Daisy Eagan as Mary, Mandy Patinkin as Archibald Craven, and Rebecca Luker as Lily Craven. There are dozens of performances available on Youtube, mostly of amateur or high school productions, and although many of them have one cast member who is quite good - the Archibald Craven part seems comparatively easy, for instance - the Lily part features a lot of extremely high tones, which most of the singers struggled to hit.

Also, I honestly think you can't get better than the original cast here. Mary sounds a bit thin, but the strength of her personality and her stubborn will really come through, and I think it's very appropriate considering that so much of the musical is about these two children (Mary and Colin) caught in a world made by the adult's passion, obsession, love and loss. (Also, Daisy Eagan won a Tony for her role as Mary, at only 11 years old!) Mandy Patinkin has an amazing voice, which has been documented by people far more official than me, and I really think the song showcases it beautifully. Many other singers could sing this part, but the raw emotion he puts into it is amazing. And then there's Rebecca Luker. Her voice is so indescribably beautiful (her part in the background of around 2:16ish just gives me chills); she hits these crystalline highs effortlessly, and the haunting quality is perfect, as Lily is a ghost for entire musical (save the flashbacks).

I love the part that Archibald and Mary sing together, because I think that the way that the same words mean something very different to both of them - the widower lost in his grief and unable to move forward - and the girl trying to to find out what life means - really comes through.

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I've been waiting for this album for 3 years. I'd say it deserves a track by track review.

The Cab's first album was released way back in 2008, and due to various factors beyond the band's control, their follow up album has taken 3 years to come out. It's only coming out now because the band left their label and paid for it's release out of their own pockets. Bravo to the boys for standing their ground and staying true to their hearts, and putting out the music they want to put out.

All of the waiting and drama aside, the Cab's first album is one of my favorite albums, so I'll be
happy if this album is even half as good.

Angel with a Shotgun.
Starts off with a heavenly chorus of kids. "I'm a soldier with a shotgun/fighting 'till the wars won/I don't care if Heaven won't take me back." It kind of reminds me of a younger, less posed Maroon 5 (who actually wrote a song with the Cab on this album.) There's a bit of grit in Singer's deliciously poppy voice, and it sounds great. "If love is what you need/a soldier I will be."

Temporary Bliss
This track leaked early, and I've been listening to it on repeat for months. This is everything I loved about the Cab on their first album, musically, vocally, thematically. "I'm your one and only/only when you're lonely/Baby why you callin' me?/Not another one night/tryin' to be your whole life."

This is the first single, but I haven't heard it until now. More medium tempo than I was expecting, it's kind of an acoustic R&B. It's not my favorite, so far. That said, it's very different from the first two songs, which tells me the Cab is going to go through a lot of genres, which I always appreciate.

As the title suggests, this is a ballad. Beautiful piano, and beautiful crystal falsetto. "I'm not perfect/but I swear I'm perfect for you." I found myself singing along by the end of the song.

Funky, sexy rock. I'm so proud that Alex can more than handle this kind of song now. His voice sounds great. I'm betting this is the one that Maroon 5 helped them right. "My heart may be missing/but my hands will make up for it."

Sweet vocals that remind me of old school 50s love songs for some reason, despite how pure pop they are. "Your eyes like a shot of whiskey/warm me up like a summer night"

La la la
A sing along chorus like vintage pop punk. Lyrically it reminds me of a more mature version of Zzzz from their first album. I love all the references to music, because it seems so natural for a musician to compare a beautiful girl to a symphony. (also, the fact that all of these beautiful compliments are belied by the fact that he thinks this girl could be his "favorite one night stand."

Her love is my religion
An upbeat medium tempo. I love songs that mix love and religion, especially love as religion.
"Cuz I see the scars and the freckles on her face/and I'm seeing God every time she says my name".

Another Me
Hard driving and bitter-sweet. This is the angry break up song, which somehow manages to have a beautiful and heart-wrenching bridge.

Grow up and Be Kids
I'm only on the first song and I already love this song. I wonder if this is the one that Pete helped write the lyrics to. It sounds like him. I can't even describe this song, it's
like...calypso funk? I just know I like it.

Lovesick Fool
Epic piano opening. Haunting and bittersweet melody. Lovely song.

Living Louder
This is the anthem. The one that makes you want to throw your head up and sing along, the one that makes your heart ache and your eyes burn, but in a happy way.Perfect ending to the album. "Cuz we're all just kids who grew up way too fast/yeah the good die young, but the great will always last/we're growing older/but we're all soldiers tonight."
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So to be honest, I'm not really feeling Ayu's new album. I think it's partly because I loved her last album so much - I thought the combination of TK's music and Ayu's lyrics worked really well together. I also think that there is too much Timmy on this album. One of the songs he wrote for her is really neat, the vintage sounded Eyes, Smoke, Mirrors, and I don't see many of the current J-pop song writers coming out with something like that, and certainly not for Ayu. But I find most of his other songs just...not very interesting.

However, Tell me Why makes up for the songs on the album I don't like, because I love it. I read an interview with Ayu where she talked about how she wrote the songs for this album long before she and Manny decided to get a divorce, but that after it happened, she got chills re-reading the lyrics she had wrote, because she realized, "Even at that point, in my heart, I already knew."

I can't help feeling that the lyrics to Tell me Why and Return Road are some of the lyrics that she was referring to.

Tell me why

What are you thinking about right now?
The truth is that the only thing I want to see in those eyes of yours
is something kind, something warm.

Why do you force yourself to look like your having fun when your eyes are so sad?
Why do you pretend to be so strong and say, "I'm fine."?

I want to hear you say it outloud
Because even those tiny, insignificant things that don't come across on the screen
have meaning.

Why do you always take everything on yourself, and suffer alone?
Why do you blame yourself and say, "It's all my fault that things turned out like this."?

Am I so powerless that I can't even give you any support?
Please, I want to share it with you
Your pain, your confusion, and your past.

Why do you always force yourself, with your eyes so sad...

Why do you pretend to be so strong, and say "I'm fine."?

Oh, oh, tell me why (x7)

Why do you say it?

Return Road

The reflection of you in my eyes
and the reflection of me in your eyes

Alone now, I close my eyes in silence
and think back on the moment we met
when our eyes locked and I forgot how to breath

That's all, so why am I sobbing so uncontrollably?
That invisible thing that we saw, that we felt, that we vowed
Is it still smiling down at us from somewhere?

The two of us aren't reflected in our eyes anymore
but that doesn't mean that something else is reflected there
Just that that thing we saw so clearly that day is nowhere to be found now

Other people will probably ridicule us for this
But no matter how much authority anyone speaks of us with,
We are only ones who know what happened with us.

That's all, so why am I sobbing so uncontrollably?
That invisible thing that we saw, that we felt, that we vowed

Other people will probably ridicule us for this
But no matter how much authority anyone speaks of us with,
We are only ones who know what happened with us.
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Oh, so I decided that since I've only done J-pop songs so far, I'm going to have do this meme twice: once for J-pop and once fore Western music.

There were a few songs to pick from, but I chose this one, because it's one of those songs that I can't sing along to, or else I start crying. (Or at least tear up). And it's not just me - Keiko seems pretty much unable to sing this song without crying a little. It's just that theme of how you inevitably lose contact with people are you grow up, and how you can never get back those times...

(I couldn't find a recorded version, so here's a live version.)

"Precious Memories" - globe

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I actually have an entire playlist full of songs that make me happy, so this one was easy! Or hard, because I had a lot of choices to decide between. I decided to go with this one though, because I literally can not listen to this song without a smile on my face. Or without singing along (with a huge goofy grin on my face.)

"Automatic" - Utada Hikaru

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Hmm...this meme is very heavy on the J-pop so far. I'm sure I'll get some of the other music I listen to in here as I go on though. In terms of American (or in this case, Canadian) music, or albums that make me happy, and of Simple Plan's live recorded shows make me happy. I'll often put them on if I'm in a bad mood.

*I just realized that yesterday's song was technically a Hikki song as well. But I have so many memories attached to her music, and getting to see her perform last year - it was just such a wonderful show and she was just so warm and sweet and genuine - has just made her music that much more special to me.
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* note: this is actually 'a song you hate' ,but why do I have to put songs I hate up? (Also, it's really just an excuse to put this song up <3)

"First love" - Hideaki Tokunaga (orig. Hikaru Utada)

This song is such a classic and it's been covered by hundreds of people, but the covers usually fall far short. Tokunaga's version not only retains the poignancy of the original (I can't listen to this song without getting tears in my eyes), it also manages to make this classic song feel like a completely new song.

Thanks to Christian for introducing me to Hideaki Tokunaga, or as he called it 'the Aaron Neville of Japan'.

Here's the original to compare. It's an HQ music vid, with 16 year old Hikki in all her 90s glory. LOL.

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I'm notoriously bad at choosing a favorite book, song, movie, etc. I have favorites, but not a be all end all favorite.

So I am just going to do my favorite song as in the song I am listening to a lot now.

'Nothing is Impossible' - winds

I've been listening to w-inds' new album constantly since it came out, and this is the track that I cue up the most. The opening is addictive somehow.

I love the fun, almost urban feel to this song, how it's a little sophisticated. And I love how the bridge suddenly becomes more heartfelt and open, matching the lyrics. (Speaking of the lyrics, I dare you to find me another j-pop song that name drops Veuve Clicquot. LOL)

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Also known as 'How many metaphors can you think of for snow?'. Each song title links to a music video or a live performance if no video was made.

1. snow dance, dreams come true
I want to become the softly drifting snow, and stroke your cheek/I'll sing farewell, and then blow away, across the city

People gather around the fire I feel all the warmth that the cold inspires/
Frost covered tree tops are bright Shimmering silver tonight

3. eternal white, MAX
Our finger tips touched, and passion like a flickering flame, melted the cold north wind/We gazed into each other's eyes and I couldn't ignore your gaze/I'm starting to give you my heart

4. Powder Shadow, MAX
I held tight to your frozen back for the last time As long as it snows I won't forget/Our innocent powder shadow/The bittersweet pain flutters down from the white night and echoes in my heart/I'm sure that somewhere out there you're looking up at this same sky...

5. I'm in love, MAX
It looks like the rain will turn to snow today/The bustle of the town has stopped outside the window

6. snowy love, Miyu Nagase
Like the heavy drifting white snow we ended when winter did and all the kindness you left with me melted and disappeared in the spring sunshine/I can't even forget the words you said that day, and I want to hear your voice just once more even if it's only in my dreams

7. M, Ayumi Hamasaki
Maria, everyone is crying. But I want to believe/And that's why I'm praying that this will be my last love

8. shiroi hana, ZONE
My tears turn into white snow and stain your heart/The two of us will meet again someday/I won't lose my way in the falling snow now/In the endlessly unfolding night sky, white flowers bloom

9. Resistance, Mika Nakashima
The white wings of angels come fluttering down/Cry! crushed by this faithless city and days of sacrifice, give me a kiss of grief...

10. White Love, SPEED
This white love fluttered down from the mid-winter constellations and drifted into my chest/It seeped into my heart and turned into tears

Love Like Winter, AFI
Warn your warmth to turn away,
Here it's December, Everyday/Press your lips to the sculptures,
And surely you'll stay (love like winter)/For of sugar and ice,I am made.
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Some days I like really awful Korean Boybands who sing in Japanese (and lots of English). Today is one of those days:

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Duck, Duck Grey Goose opens the album, and provides a introduction to the band. It establishes the band's sound, which is rock with theatrical instrumentals. The song opens with bombastic violin sounds, like the soundtrack to a movie with a lot of drama. They lyrics set the tune for the album, and introduce the singer as a confident and saavy player who has the town and the girls of that town in his hands. ('I'm the king of this town/I'm sure you'll come around just wait till you see the crown/I hate to say I'm a pro at this game/but to throw the towel in now would put my name to shame') The chorus goes on the band (I'm sure all she saw was the waterfall of champagne/we make it rain all day every day).
The instrumental features crowd noise and a literal introduction ('Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls, I present to you the one and only, Let's Get it!'), in keeping with the theatrical tone.

The song ends with the intro to Tell me How bad, which would be slightly more effective if now for the gap of dead air between the two songs. But that could just be how it plays on my iTunes.

Do not disturb (Tell me how bad) establishes a formula repeated in a few songs where the song opens with the refrain from the chorus (in this case, 'Tell me how bad') before sliding into the first verse. This song continues the persona from the last one, as the singer states, that he 'came to break necks and get in their beds', and that 'they all want to be number one on my team'. This song could be read as being about a groupie, because the girl 'comes to all my shows', but is definitely about a girl who has wanted the singer for a while, and he's finally delivering. (You say you're game, down for whatever whenever/Well today is your day/Games I don't play) As the title hints, the lyrics follow the couple to a hotel room, all the anticipation, and promise of what's to come. Once again, the bridge touts the band's prowess, in a line that the band has taken as their slogan, given it's place on their merch t-shirts. ('We're second best to noone.'), and again in the ending, which has some spoken word, 'Check your watch! Cuz it's our time now.')

Shoot for teams has more of a dirty guitar sound. The story changes throughout, at first glance, it's more of the same ('Do you got a man and does he know you won't be coming home tonight?') as it follows the singer picking up a girl and going off with her, but this is a one night stand that changes things ('it's safe to say that we won't be the same, no matter how hard you try, not even you can change the tide'). The singer has feelings for the girl, but she doesn't feel the same. The bridge takes the clock back a little, and tells succinctly just how things started ('things started getting hot and heavy in an instant/and I started thinking "Oh my god, she just might be the one."') and then goes to end the song on a melancholy note, with gentle music, 'Behind your eyes, you'll sleep with him tonight/Make up your mind baby girl, when are you mine?')

Maps is the closest the album gets to a ballad. It offers a glimpse of the real guy behind the frontman's persona, as it tells a familiar story of a band guy in love, and how hard it is to be on the road all the time. It's surprisingly tender, looking back on the relationship, how their time has gone so fast, and how the singer is trying his best to balance love and his dreams of making music. ('we'll make sacrifices, do what we do with hopes of something better. Cuz I don't wanna lose you, but girl I can't let this go.') Despite the refrain of 'I don't wanna be in love anymore/I can't stop but I don't wanna be in love anymore', it ends on a hopeful note (Girl I know we're gonna make it).

Circoc and Roll is the first new song, beginning with a melody guitar riff and a scream of 'Let's get it!'. (The frequent band shout outs never feel tired or overdone because the band seems so earnest and so confident.) The lyrics tell the story of a girl who is either cheating, or has the singer as one lover of many. ('oes he taste like me? Is the grass as green as you used to think?') This song is more straight up rock than the other tracks, but it ends with classical piano, a good lead in for the last track.

The chorus features crowd vocals and crowd noise and it's easy to imagine singing a lot ot this with the band at a show.

To catch a snipe, another new song, is the most theatrical of the album. It sounds a bit like if Let's Get It was trying to be Panic!At the Disco, but they handle it well. The lyrics tell a more literal story, and are more like narration, telling the story of a guy trying to make it in hollywood. ('Kill the lights' he screams/Watch me shine he sings/Ladidadad') It switched back and forth from first and third person, and finally establishes the singer as an ambitious rival. (He's hogging my spotlight. The song ends with operatic sounding chorus vocals, and the singer laughing in a maniacal fashion, fading into a tinkling piano sound, only to end in canned applause, a perfect close out to the album.

Others people's reviews:


Jul. 21st, 2010 09:57 am
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I'm not even anything more than a very casual paramore fan, but this is an amazing deal.
You can buy a bonus edition of paramore's new album (out Sept 29) for $40 and it comes with the following:

Every Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set includes:

- The standard CD plus two acoustic b-sides

- 40 page handwritten journal of album lyrics from Hayley Williams

- 5 exclusive band photocards

- Deluxe (yellow) vinyl 7" with two acoustic b-sides

- A DVD featuring an exclusive making-of documentary, all new interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, plus high definition versions of your favorite paramore.net episodes

- 16 page full color album booklet

- An exclusive double-sided Paramore poster

- Numbered certificate of authenticity

That's really impressive. If I was a fan I would buy that in a second. I wish j-pop albums did that, since they cost about $30. Although I guess these days you can always get a cd/dvd version with the music videos. But still.
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These aren't in any order.

1. DA PUMP - 'Shippu Ranbu'

2. The Academy Is... - 'Almost Here'

3. Hikaru Utada - 'DEEP RIVER'

4. FALL OUT BOY - 'Infinity of High'








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