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Simply Breakfast
Basically just gorgeous pictures of what the blogger had for breakfast. She's a professional photographer, so the photos are lovely, and for some reason I find something so calming about looking at pictures of people's breakfast. There is a similar LJ community, called 'of mornings' which is also neat because posters submit from all around the world.

Desserts for Breakfast.
Food blogger/travel+food photographer Stephanie lives in the Bay Area, and posts lovely photos and recipes.

The Little Flower School
The Little Flower school is basically what it says on the tin, aka a flower school. It's in NYC, which would be sad, although they had a flower class nearby one time, and the one-time class was way over $100, so even if they were here, I wouldn't be able to take classes. Still, they make absolutely stunning arrangements.

Jennifer Causey Photography
Jennifer Causey is a photographer who works with several magazines like Martha Stewart Living, and, as may be imagined, takes beautiful photos.

A Wee Bit of Cooking
A wee bit of cooking is basically my favorite blog ever, even though I've only ever made on of the recipes. Wendy is a teacher living in Scotland who takes the most beautiful photos that make me want to move to Scotland (or at least visit my cousins there). This is a real comfort blog for me.


Simini Blocker
Simini Blocker is an illustrator. I love her art, especially the fact that she posted fan art from most of the books I've read in the past several months!

Sailor Mmm
Sailor Mmm is a blog where different awesome artists post their Sailor Moon fan art!


Laini Taylor. Author of (among other things) Daughter of Smoke and Bone. She has pink hair and the most adorable ginger toddler! And also an awesome blog about writing tips! (http://notforrobots.blogspot.com)

Kristen Cashore. Author of Graceling, Fire and Bitterblue

Veronia Roth. Author of the Divergent trilogy, who makes me super jealous because she is only 23 or so.
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[livejournal.com profile] ofmornings
Beautful, evocative and delicious photos of the breakfasts eaten by LJers all around the world. Recent posts include breakfasts from Hawaii, and Costa Rica
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I have the fandoms I read in most often: bandom, popslash, HP. And then there are those random fics that don't fit in those genres. Those amazing fics that stand alone, outside of fandom, the fics you didn't even know you wanted until you read them. These are those fics.

Letters Home, by penknife.
Secret Garden, Dickon/Mary/Colin.
Set during WWI. Colin can't help wondering sometimes how the story will end.

Beautiful and a little sad. A lot of the movies put in epilogues of sorts, but this is exactly how I want the Secret Garden to end.

He wonders, too, how long it would be before he woke to find that Mary had slipped out of their bed at night. He wonders if he'd lie awake imagining what they were doing, telling it to himself like a story to soothe himself into sleep. He wonders if he'd look down at one of their children playing in the sun and see a spray of freckles across her cheeks, familiar small square hands. He wonders if he'd mind.

By the Waves We Left Behind, by opheliarising. Many Waters, Gen.
What does it mean to be faithful?

Many Waters was always my favorite in the Wrinkle Before Time series, and this fic is amazing. It's mostly an epilogue to the book, and the author captures the style and atmosphere so completely, I actually wondered if somehow Madeleine L'Engle was submitting fic to Yuletide. Perfect.

One day he wants to find someone he loves, and that person won't be Yalith either. One day he will have to keep something from Sandy, hold someone close and dearer than his twin, find a way to forget or make peace with the part of himself that remembers the whole of the universe - stars, angels, people, galaxies - whirling to the sound of one luminous voice. Someday he will no longer be able to touch the unicorns, and he wants that, he does, but not yet. Not yet.

Abracadabra, by Lyricality.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie/Wonka.
Eight years after that fateful day in February, Charlie has finally learned how to want. Based heavily on the look of the future Burton film and the chronology of both Dahl’s books. Depp is Wonka.

I know, I know. But this is such a great fic. The writing is absolutely gorgeous.

Charlie curls his tongue around the Gobstopper and wonders if it all means anything, or if he just likes the idea of holding something in his mouth that Wonka might have touched with his tongue, and with his lips. It’s still substitution, but Charlie is good at that sort of culinary math. Ninety-two percent fantasy, seven percent lonely patience, four percent pure sugary lust, and 2 percent Wonka’s perfect gleaming lips. One hundred and five percent decadent misery.

Gorgeous, by phabella. US5, Ritchie/Jay.
Home is where Jay is.

US5 are a boyband operating out of Germany, who I first learned of through InRock Magazine. Great details and sharp characterizations.

Izzy coughs and tries to take the knife from Chris, saying, "C'mon, you freak, it's gonna take you a year to cut one fucking green pepper," while Richie crosses the kitchen, looks down into the sauce pan and wraps his arm around Jay's waist, breathes in the smell of pasta sauce and Jay's cologne and home. "Hey," he says. "Smells good." He brushes his lips against the smooth, warm skin of Jay's cheek and it's nothing, it's like every other greeting in Europe, except that Jay runs his free hand over Richie's back and behind them, Izzy coughs again, pointedly. But it doesn't mean anything, Richie thinks, and turns away to help with the vegetables.

More, by disarm_d. x-over. Adam Lambert/Brendon Urie
"Don't you have experience with this kind of thing?" Adam asks.
"Dick?" Brendon asks, blinking.

I never knew I needed Adam/Brendon until I read this. It's amazing. Just really, really emotionally realistic. No snippet for now, because I don't want to click on it at the office. LOL
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This is mostly for my own reference. *All text from [livejournal.com profile] rainscenes

Kou Kou Kyoshi.
She's the schoolgirl in love. He's the terminal teacher using her to offset the loneliness of his impending death. Together, a doomed co-dependent mess masquerading as romance!

This drama is sort of awe-inspiring in the new and creative ways it gets UTTERLY FUCKED UP. It's about a girl in love with her teacher, who is slowly dying from a brain tumor, who leads her to believe she's the one with the fatal illness so he'll have someone to UNDERSTAND HIS PAIN. Toss in some sex, suicide, rape, underage prostitution, middle-aged men lusting after schoolgirls (yes, more than one) and you might as well slit your wrists now. It's what the characters of this drama would do, anyway.

Katagoshi no Koibito
She's an office lady dreading the approach of her 30th birthday. He's the sixteen year old runaway who crashes at her apartment. Together... well...

Nodame Cantabile
He's the talented but arrogant conductor. She's the messy, disorganized spaz who can replay the classics by ear. Together, Beethoven!

Another classic! If you haven't seen Nodame, drop everything and check your sanity at the door. Herein lies quirky romance, gay voyeurs, musical misadventures, mismatched fashion, electric violin, purple ooze, stalker afros, mongoose costumes and flying pink sparkles, and it's all set to Mozart and Chopin.

He's a solider who washes ashore a small town in 1950s Japan with no memory of his past. She's his spunky pseudo-sister fighting her feelings for him. Together, they listen to Elvis!
Utahime ends vastly different from how it starts, and that what you think is zany 1950s silliness will come to own your soul with love and heartbreak and poignance and well-rounded characters. It starts cracky and only brings out the big guns halfway through, but this is a drama where everything was planned from the first episode, and the sheer level of detail in how everything comes together is fantastic.

ETA: Also want to watch: Tatta Hitotsu No Koi, and PRIDE.


May. 20th, 2010 12:51 pm
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Apparently the next volume (2 out of 3, considering the volumes are labeled like Japanese novels into 'top' 'middle' and 'bottom') of Watase Yuu's 'Sakuragari' is out!!!!

I've been waiting for this for months and months!! A year, maybe even.

I'm sure I blogged about it earlier. It takes place in the 1920, and the main character Tagami is a student who becomes a live in page for the wealthy Saiki family. Basically it is a Watase Yuu yaoi, with explicit gay sex, rape, (het) incest, murder, betrayal ect ect. It is very very twisted, and kind of addictive.

My only problem is...if it came out in March, why haven't I seen it at my local Kinokuniya? :(
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There's a meme going around, so here are mine. I'm keeping this limited to relatively recent favorites, since there's not point in rehashing all my old favs I've already recced.

1. Cathedrals and Finger-Steeples, by [livejournal.com profile] jocondite. PATD (Brendon/Ryan)
Brendon takes Ryan on a road trip to escape it all for a while. I just love the journey this takes you on, waiting with bated breath to see what's going to happen.

2. Give Me More, by [livejournal.com profile] wearemany PATD. Brendon/Ryan
Brendon grows up, examines his faith, and finds himself, and Ryan. This is another of those fics that just feels so realistic to me. I love how it's so adolescent: nothing is easy, even the stuff that should be.

Lying, though, feels like one of those things that shouldn't be about God. It's just wrong, and he keeps doing it anyway, keeps acting like a scared little boy. He doesn't want to be a guy who lies just because it's harder to say, hey, I'm ready for my life to start now, please prepare to be disappointed in how I've turned out.

3. all you can ever learn is what you already know (myspace is a place for liars) , by [livejournal.com profile] sobrellevar THS. Darren/Chris
I know nothing about the band members, but I love this fic. Nothing happens and everything happens, and it's got an amazingly avant-garde style. I love it to pieces.

4. Joyful Girl, by [livejournal.com profile] longtime_lurker. FOB (Pete/Ashlee)
This is het and Ashlee POV, two things usually guarenteed to make me hit the back button, but for some reason, I didn't, and I'm so glad. A beautiful, often painful look at Ashlee's life, and how she and Pete just fit. The only problem about this is that is is so realistic, in my head this is just how it all happened.

He wakes her up in the middle of the tropic night to ask her, Do you know what it's like to hate yourself so much you'd break your own bones, cut the skin from them if you could? and she just laughs shortly and taps the side of her perfect nose. It takes Pete a minute.

5. I Know Too Much To Feel Young , by [livejournal.com profile] lady_stargazer
Loosely based on canon: Ryan's heat gets turned off. I just love the atmosphere this has: slightly out of wack, but realistic. they've gotten fame and stardom, but Ryan's still searching for something.

Spencer’s big old phone is on the kitchen table, along with a document that says BRINGING THE MAN DOWN: THE LITTLE PEOPLE VS. THE VEGAS WATER COMMISSION in black Sharpie. There are little doodles of flowers and stars around the page.

6. Nobody Wants Reality Tour 2010, by [livejournal.com profile] elle_dritch
Patrick wants to marry Vicki only to find out that he's already married to Pete. I'm being lazy and pasting my original review: I've been kind of drifting away from bandslash lately, but this was amazing. Both hilarious and brilliant. This was the best characterization of Pete I've I ever seen. I think you got his psychology amazingly, incredibly spot on.

Pete was his own critic, his own biographer and torturer, and he used other people to hurt himself, other people and his own words. For a while, Patrick had thought Pete'd actually managed to come to terms with himself, but maybe he'd just been stupidly over-optimistic again.

7. Hurricane Sensation , by [livejournal.com profile] gigantic CS, Others (Gabe/Various)
This is the most realistic depiction of Gabe I've ever read. Total canon!Gabe.

Although, there was a brief period where Gabe considered getting new friends after an unfortunate game of "I Never..." revealed that he didn't have any with whom he hadn't fooled around at least once.

8. Woman Like a Man, by [livejournal.com profile] longtime_lurker FOB, Pete/Patrick.
Another entry is the good old genderswap category. Pete wakes up as a girl. Gritty and realistic. I loved this one.

So Pete binds up his breasts - they're small and compact like the rest of his frame, it's not a major problem, although they ache at night when he lets them out - and goes out onstage in a concealing jacket. He plays desultory bass and throws himself around the stage until he's exhausted, just like always. He leans his mouth against Patrick's neck and feels Patrick shiver a little, just like always. Patrick's voice soars above the teenage hollers and reaching hands, pure gold, and Pete walks offstage half in love with him, just like always.
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I just finished the final, 14th chapter of 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. It was a wonderful ending, and I didn't want it to end. It made me feel all peaceful and happy, like lying out in a sunlit field.

I've been reading Maya for years now - since Draco the Amazing Bouncing Rat, back when I was in college, in 2002 or 2003 I think. She is an amazing writer. It's more than just her delightful, unique writing style, and her wonderful dry humour, it's the sheer emotional veracity of her characters - she gets all those complicated nuances of emotion better than possibly anyone else.

It's funny, because I'm not really sad, because I have all her wonderful stories to read and revisit like old friends.

And I will definitely be buying her novel when it comes out next year.
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- That it's Friday. The part of my week in between Monday/Tuesday and today is like a strange black hole.

- The weather is so beautiful. When I walked down to the water for lunch, I could smell the grass, and it smelled like summer.

- My newest Heyer. (False Colors) It's all well and good that Kit's mama and valet convinced him to pretend to be his twin brother Evelyn at the dinner party, but he doesn't even know how he's supposed to address his 'fiancee'. Hee hee. Also Evelyn has become a 'damned dandy!' <3

- i know too much to feel young spencer/ryan, PG-13. Ryan’s water gets cut off, so he moves into Spencer’s and starts a guerilla war with the Vegas water commission.

- The lyrics to 'Give Me Up' sung by Beni Arashiro, because they were written by a man and then sung by a woman, which makes them interestinly gender-bending. 'Do you want to make a fool of me/just like you do with all those other guys/Now I lead a new life here on my own today/And I don't wanna mess with no woman'
So...Beni a formerly (?) bi girl in love with a gay man? Maybe?

- My co-workers earnestly discussing the logistics of stealing the Pocky from the huge house of cards style Pocky display in the show room. (So far the consensis is to take the center box from the middle layer.)

- BRENDON URIE and the entire RockSound Interview, especially this:
Where do you see yourselves personally and musically, in five to 10 years?
Brendon: In five years I see myself doing a five-to-10 stretch; in ten years I see myself clean, married, and out.
All: Out?
Brendon: Oh, oh, no; I mean married to my husband of course. No, I mean out of jail, out on parole.
Ryan: A citizen again.

- Trace for finally giving up on a shirt altogether )
And also Mason with his cigarette and his drink. Yay teenage debauchery
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Today I went to Starbucks for the first time in about two weeks. They've changed their cups, their logo, and their advertising angle since I've been gone. The cups are black and white now, and I don't really like them. They don't seem as 'friendly' as the old cups. And I don't know if I buy this whole new focus on 'Pike Place' and their humble roots and their amazing hand-brewed coffee. I'm not sure if this an extension of that latest pitch emphasizing how amazing their expresso and how everything begins with that amazing expresso, or something new. I'd love to know what was going on with their public image and consumer opinion (or more importantly what the suits in PR and Brand Identity etc *thought* was going on) that they decided they needed an image overhaul like this. Often it seems like what the consumer really wants and what the suits think they want are very different. Like Bon Appetit. I'm getting used to it now, but I still don't like the new format as much as the old format.

As I was leaving Starbucks, I got this whiff of 'New York.' After a minute I realize what that particular scent is, something about the mixture of chilly morning air and concrete. It's rare that I can actually analyze a scent like that. The other day, for example, I smelled Japan on the sidewalk leading up to work, but I couldn't say really why. Sometimes, if I listen to certain songs, I can almost recreate in my mind that particular scent that Seishin dormatory had. If I concentrate hard enough, I can almost smell it. It's funny.

Last night I finished 'Venetia'. Of all of Heyer's books I've read so far, this was the one I had the most trouble with. Which is to say, by the end, I loved it and loved Venetia and Damerel's banter and relationship (That whole orgy banter! Be still my heart!) but as I was reading, it felt long in places, too much inside of Venetia's head somehow, and it was a bit tradionally 'Romance', especially in the beginning, and I had a hard time getting into it. But I still loved all the characters by the end, and was sad to get to the last page. (Also, Aurelia FTW. Such an authentic voice there, I actually heard her voice very distinctly in my head.)

Now I'm reading a non-Heyer, called 'The Stolen Child' lent to me by Cy's boss. And then it's on to 'False Colors' starring the infamous Kit Fancot I've heard so much squee about. I'm also re-reading 'Wasurenagusa', and I'd forgotten how much I love Nobuko Yoshiya's books. (Somehow, even though I have like 5 of them.) Even if they kill me with the Taisho era Japanese. Thank god for Novala-sama's witty index.

ETA: Clash of the Teen Subcultures!
Scene Kids vs. Emo Kids!! Bwahaha. Is it bad that my only real thought was 'HAHAHA. They are wearing cassette tapes on chains as necklaces!! The only form of portable music when I was a kid is now a fashion accessory!!! Hahahaha


Oct. 18th, 2008 12:14 pm
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I don't care if you're not in the fandom, if you don't even know who these kids are in the 'Real World', if you don't read AUs, if you don't even read *fanfic*.

Read this. You won't be sorry.

Wednesday Nights Boys
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It's raining this morning. A thin cold rain on a pearly grey morning. It's the kind of morning I'm glad to be able to stay in my nice warm apartment, curled up with a cup of coffee, a home-made muffin and a book.

I just finished the book, actually. It was called 'Who was that man? A present for Mr. Oscar Wilde', by gay British author Neil Bartlett. I first got into Mr. Bartlett when I read his book 'The House on Brooke St'. It was strange meandering novel, switching back forth through time period and point of view from chapter to chapter, paragraph to paragraph, never linear, hinting at people and events before the fact only to explain them pages, chapters later. It was not easy reading, but it was rewarding. The way it all unraveled and came together so perfectly, so beautifully in the end made it all worth while.

'Who was that man?' is non-fiction but written in much the same style, the meditation of a gay Londoner in the 1980's searching for himself and the gay world of the 1890's that Oscar Wilde lived in (or visited, really). Bartlett weaves his own experiences and those of Wilde, of rent boys and drag queens together with quotes from books, plays and newspaper articles, police reports together with descriptions, musings and dialogue. A dense dreamlike maze of a book full of glittering prose.

I definitely recommend either.
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- Wearing my brown boots, which I had forgotten about. Even though I wore them with a very mini skirt, and hence got one or two looks from passersby: leering and lecherous or scandalized and saddened.

- The fabulous red plaid jacket I got. It's very British/Punk-ish, and I really want to wear it with my black lace skirt aka the black lace sleeveless dress I pinned up with to be short and flouncy.

- My book. 'The Priviledge of the Sword' by Ellen Kushner, sequel to the equally (dare I say slightly more?) fabulous 'Swordspoint'. The best part is that the genre is called mannerpunk. Lots of chocolate drinking and calls being paid. Also, girls dressing as boys, more Alec/Richard and other fabulous things I will leave out so as not to spoil. If the idea of a hot!mysterious!swordsman and his snarky, bored!ex-University student lover who relieves said boredom by picking fights so his swordsman lover will have to defend his honor intrigues at all, do pick up 'Swordspoint' and this sequel. Absolutely delicious!

- The VMA interview with Gabe and William, because theirloveissotrue. William is so beautiful and earnest and Gabe is so Gabe. He sings 'Same Blood', which William knows is his favorite TAI song! They are both wearing matching socks, which William winks at the camera over! (Because they accidently picked up each other's song from the bedroom floor, of course!)

- All of the HIM in the magazines! Ville is so svelte and pretty again, apparently because he went to rehab after he woke up bleeding from all orifices and having to wake up every two hours to drink! Also, HIM's new record!

- And, in the social interaction column, lunch with Cy, and messages with Subs and Kai-chan!
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1) Frank and Gerard continue to make out on stage

2) Iphignia wrote a FOB/PoTC cross-over fic here

3) According Nana on MAX's blog, they are actually working on something new. (A single? I also heard rumors that there was an album that got shelved)

4) Andith continue to be adorable, although get a little into the PDAs. But it's even more adorable because they've 'been a couple' for two years now. Is it bad that I hope they are together forever? LOLS

5) I got some cool highwaisted 1930's ish shorts at the mall today.

6) This cute Sirius/Remus fic, 'Ten reasons to love bikini girls' (DH spoilers)

EDT: Wizard Rock! Hahaha
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This is a quick multi-fandom rec list of some of the fics that got me through the long monotonous days at work. These are the fics that I read over and over, the ones that I would flip right over and start re-reading.

'Ripple' by Georgina

He takes another shower afterwards, staring at the tiles. They're blue on blue and kind of mottled, like being underwater, and he wonders why Nick has a bathroom that makes you feel like you're drowning.

Nick Carter/Justin Timberlake. Bandslash (n'sync/bsb)This is the fic that ruined all other JuNi for me, because I loved the characterisation and dynamics in this fic so much. I just love every single thing about this fic, the pacing, the grittiness of it, the bittersweetness, and of course, the happy ending.

'Inertia'/'Tincture II' by Claire Redding (J-rock)

When Hyde comes out of the gate, he looks tired, not old. Leehom feels sometimes that he's the only one who knows the difference.

Leehom/Gackt, Leehom/Hyde, implied Gackt/Hyde.
I reread this fic about a dozen times before realizing that it's actually two fics I pieced into one. But it works so well. I love the way she goes off on tangents that only serve to make the narrative even stronger when she ties them back into it. Unfortunately, Claire's page has disappeared from the internet, but I can e-mail anyone this fic if they want it.

'And the Moon in Their Net' by Gale.
"Okay," Joe said, pushing himself up on his elbows. "Let me get this all straight in my head. You mouthed off in a club about some chick you shouldn't have been talking smack about – and by the way, *that's* the most reasonable part of the whole goddamn story – and someone overheard you and told her. And normally she'd just show up and talk shit about you on the internet, but because she's the queen of a completely different *species* she's going to kill you."

"Ohhh, no," Patrick said. "That's not the best part. Go on, tell them."

Pete glared at him. "I was getting to it." He paused again. "So," he said, "because you guys are like my brothers, I. um. Your names came up, and." He scratched his arm. "So when I say she'll kill *me*, I really mean 'she'll kill *us*'."

Pete/Patrick. Bandslash (Fall Out Boy)
In which Pete is 1/16th faerie. I have read this fic more times than I can count. Everything about it is brilliant. Gale's Pete and Patrick always feel so canon to me, even when they have to play a show to appease the queen of Faerie when Pete's big mouth gets them in trouble, as per usual.

'Drop Dead Gorgeous' and 'The Way We Get By' by Maya.

“I think you may be going overboard with your carefree bachelor lifestyle,” Malfoy said, in a distracted sort of way. “You left your groceries on the floor, and also, I think something crawled onto your sideboard and died.”

“That’s my jumper,” Harry said, looking doubtfully at the sodden orange heap.

“And also, I think your jumper crawled onto your sideboard and died,” Malfoy amended agreeably. “And also, you’ve run out of marmalade.”

“I don’t like marmalade,” said Harry.

“Don’t you? Huh,” said Malfoy. “But people could drop by. Requiring marmalade. And then where would you be, it’d be awfully embarrassing. I counsel you urgently to acquire emergency marmalade reserves.”

Harry/Draco. Harry Potter. Fellow aurors Harry and Draco are partnered up to work together, and much madness and mayhem ensues, including unrequited (?) love and diagrams made from popsicle sticks. Maya's new fic, and it's companion piece. I didn't realize 'till I read there just how much I'd been missing Maya's writing, her elegantly flippant Draco and long-suffering, brash Harry.

Honorable Mention:

Harry/Draco. HP
I only read this once at work, because it's many chapters and well over 100 pages, but I was blown away by how well it's put together. Many HP fics are 'novel legnth' but this one is 'novel quality' in the way it builds the plot and characters up to the climax of the story and through to the end. A really, really, well thought out and executed piece of writing.

Some movies

Jul. 1st, 2007 10:39 pm
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I've have been watching a bunch of movies this weekend. Here is what I have watched...

A Good Woman - 1930's remake of 'Lady Windamere's Fan'with Scarlet Johannson. The costumes and sets were gorgeous (made me want to 1) live in the 30's and 2) go to Amalfi), and Scarlet was just as beautiful as ever, but something about it was off for me. Something didn't seem to quite work. Also Helen Hunt's character irritated me so much I actually fastforwarded through her. I'd forgot what a genius Oscar Wilde was. Those epigrams are just as clever as they were 0ver 100 years ago...

Pride and Prejudice - The new one with Keira Knightley. I actually loved it. There was something very comfortable/comforting about it, especially the way that everything worked out perfectly in the end. I could see how Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy live in so many people's hearts.

On the Line - Lance Bass' movie, co-starring Joey. It was about as good as expected. I really like Lance. (He is also really gay. The movie would have played just as well -better? - if he'd been chasing after the guy of his dreams. My favorite part was the spoof at the end where Justin and Chris had cameos as flaming makeup/hair stylists. For some reason the kiss scene at the end was really hot. Or rather, Lance kissing was really hot. Like porn. I don't quite understand it, but there you are. I guess it was the angle or the way the light hit him.

Stella Maris - Silent film from 1917 starring Mary Pickford, aka America's Sweetheart. I actually just skimmed through some of it, but the acting was much more natural than I expected. And Mary was a great actress. Also, her hair is just gorgeous. The really cool thing was that this DVD had news reels and Mary's home movies on it for the extras, which were really neat to watch, because I'd never seen candid footage from that time period before.

Amour de Femme - French lesbian film about a married woman who falls in love with a dancer. Very nice, quietly beautiful film. The dancer looked almost exactly like Seri from Vivi, which was kind of cool, and kind of weird.
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Today I made Shouga-yaki for dinner. Which may be the best thing ever. Ever.

And everyone should watch Criminal Minds tonight (or tomorrow) so they can get their weekly dose of the adorable awkward rather gay 24 yr old genius with the photographic memory that is Reid.

Or go here and listen to Brendon from Panic!at the disco, and some boy sing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' to each other, complete with added names.


Jul. 2nd, 2006 08:38 am
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It's been a while since I rec'ed (or read, for that matter) HP fic, and I don't know if I've ever rec'ed any gen, but this fic is just amazing.

It's a look at Azkaban through the eyes of the various inmates: Sirius, Rodolphus, Bellatrix, etc, and it's gritty and just the right bit mad.
The Abyss Also Gazes

LoTRPS rec

May. 17th, 2006 01:46 pm
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The Only Way Over is Through It

I haven't read LoTRPS in a long time. It's never been a big fandom for me, but I ran into this fic on someone's rec list yesterday. It's also Elijah/Billy, which has never been my pairing (I'm more partial to Dom/Billy, or anyone with Slut!Elijah), but it's really well written. It's one of those really long fics with the lanquid pacing that I love. A good portion of it is just Elijah's head, his thoughts and feelings, and reactions, and a lot of angst, but there's hot sex, and amazing well drawn characterizations all around.
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First, go here, and read anything and everything by Calico. She writes some of the hottest fic I’ve ever read. My especially favorites are Toasted and Tropics.

Text book Case , by Arsenic
A delicious boarding school AU with Chris as the streetsmart kid on a charity schoolship, and Joey as the rich boy forced to follow in his father’s footsteps rather than do what he wants. (Chris/Joey)

twenty three
It feels kind of silly and decadent to meet up in LA for a single day, but what's the good of being famous if you can't be silly and decadent every now and then?
Just, really good, slow and languid and full of so many tiny details. (Lance/JC)

A few fics by nopseud:

The Wedding Cake Theory .
Sometimes it takes a while for people to get where they need to go
I think this is the only popslash fic that was so good I emailed the other to tell them how much I loved it. It ran the gamut from making me squee to almost bringing me to tears. (Lance/JC)

Don’t Waste Your Money
Chris makes an impulse purchase. (Chris/Justin)

and the sequel…
Get Your Money’s Worth
Howie cleans JC's pool. Nick pops round for tea. No, really. (*NSYNC/BSB crossover.)

Syrupy Lambs
Not everything sweet is good for you.
This had me cracking up the whole time. (Justin/Lance)

And the hotter, angstier, and much longer sequel:
Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I have a bunch more, that that's it for now. LOL

Recs ^^;

Sep. 24th, 2005 01:34 pm
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Further proof that I am hopelessly and decadently corrupted,I have spent a good portion of today reading popslash crossdressing smut. But uh, some of them are really good. Although crossdressed!Joey kind of squicks me. But Lance, JC, and Justin are quite nice.
Also, a rec from last night, Plan 3 . JC/Justin/Nick. high!Justin&JC were never so adorable.


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