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Tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving in a long time with my little sister, my first with her husband, and several friends who have just moved out, and my last Thanksgiving with the friends who we've had Thanksgiving with every year since moving out here 8 years ago, as they are moving across the country next month.

Took my floating holiday so I can make this: http://www.thebittenword.com/thebittenword/2011/11/thanksgiving-make-ahead-roast-turkey-and-gravy.html

I'm glad I have the day off, because I just calculated and including the time to make the gravy, the whole thing will take 4 or 5 hours. LOL I hope it comes it comes out well!

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I feel very productive today. It's only 8:30 AM and I've already live-streamed Miyavi's birthday concert, and had a phone call about a prospective full time translation gig.
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I'm working from home most days, which is really nice, since it saves me about 4 hours a day in commuting time.

I've been enjoying autumn recently, as much as one can in Northern California. I've been making a lot of autumny food, lots of soups and potpies and poached fruit, and eating a lot of apples. Right now the perfect apples are McCouns from NY, they're not local, but the local apples have been mealy, and these are everything an apple should be, gloriously, teeth achingly crisp.

I finally got around to watching the Duchess, which was based on the Amanda Foreman biography of Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire. I felt in many ways the film may have suffered by being released so soon (relatively) after Marie Antoinette. Georgiana and Marie (who were friends) shared many similarities - their vivacious, charming personalities, and their love of parties, fashion and gambling, and this meant that much of her life an endless frenetic party, and I think the movie didn't show much of that possibly because that side of 18th century life was such a big part of the Marie Antoinette movie. But I thought the film was a bit poorer because of that, because a lot of the characterisation of that side of Georgiana's personality was told to us, rather than shown. That said, I thought all the actors were quite good, props on them for going the whole way with the Georgiana-Bess-Duke love triangle/threesome, and I was no surprised to see that the costume maker won an Academy Award because unlike Marie Antoinette, which was very very stylised, the costumes in The Duchess, while also absolutely gorgeous, also looked like they were actual 18th century costumes.

I'm kind of in love with all things Georgian now, as I am coincidently reading a Heyer set in the period, and also, just got a biography on Emma Hamilton out.

Also, and unrelatedly, congratulations to Miyavi and Melody on the birth of their second daughter yesterday!!
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So, apparently Felicity is going to be retired this year. Samantha and Kirsten have already been retired - Samantha was the first to go, around 2008, which shows you how closely I've been paying attention to American Girl news. Then again, what would I? I'm far too old.

However, the American Girls dolls are a big piece of my childhood.

The first three American Girl dolls (Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly) were released in 1986, although I didn't get my first until I was in first or second grade, I believe.

The AG dolls were unlike any dolls on the market - they weren't baby dolls, they were girls who were supposed to be 8 or 9 years old. 'Our age'. When I was in elementary school they were HUGE.
Every little girl had one and the ones who didn't, wanted one. They were quite expensive, making them Christmas presents. I knew a girl who cut out the life-size picture of the doll from the huge, gorgeous catalog (Pouring through the new catalog was always one of the highlights of the month for me.) and carried it around until her parents too pity on her and bought her one.)

My first was Samantha. I had wanted Kirsten, because she had blond hair and blue eyes, like me, but my best friend and next-door neighbor Rachel had just gotten Kirsten, and she didn't want me 'copying' her. After Samantha, I went on to get Kirsten, and when she was released in 1991, I got Felicity, who would become and remain my favorite. (She was a redhead who liked horse, so it was like she'd been made for me.)

My friends and I played constantly with these dolls. (For some reason, one game I remember most vividly involved them being orphans toiling as indentured servants to cruel and haughty wealthy mistresses.) My friend Ann had all of Samantha's accessories and furniture, and one of the first things I would do at her house was look covetously at the gorgeous little wicker table and chair set that was part of Samantha's birthday set. My friend Robin was the only one I knew who had Molly. She also had the 'outfit for me' version of Molly's red and white striped pajamas.

For years, Christmas revolved around the dolls.One thing I asked for every year was one of the trunks to put all the dolls clothing in. My dad, ever the woodworker, actually made me a gorgeous wooden armoire with double doors that locked with a little key, to put all their clothes it. He also made me a little wooden bed, with a fancy headboard, for them to sleep on.

My grandmother made me Felicity's nightgown to wear for Christmas one year. In the following years, she gave me Samantha's nightgown and Kirsten's - although she bought them as it had been so much work to make Felicity's.

Whenever we went on trips, at least one of the dolls came with me, dressed up properly in her traveling outfit. (And of course Felicity went with me when I went to Colonial Williamsburg, that trip having no doubt been inspired by her in the first place!)

I read all the book's in each girl's series, even Molly's, despite not having the doll. I had the set of plays, and my friends and my sister and I would often put the plays on. Speaking of my sister, one of the first games I remember playing with her after our parents got together involved a setup where all the dolls had been gathered via time machine to make a rock band. (The highlight was Samantha singing 'What is Love' with Kirsten's brother Peter.)

I credit these dolls with getting me interested in so many things. They fostered a love of history, especially certain periods, and a love of reading, and even the smaller things that I can only see now, like that scene where Felicity dresses in Ben's clothes to go riding and how that is probably connected to my love of stories including cross-dressing! LOL

Without them, my childhood would have been very different...

So here's to you, Felicity Merriman. Thanks for the memories!
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I just wanted to thank everyone for all your kind words, it really means a lot to me. Thanks.
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So...I was laid off yesterday. (As were some other people in the company) It was completely out of the blue. I had no idea this was coming.

I spent most of yesterday (what wasn't spent with former co-workers, laughing, drinking and crying) in shock. I'm still in shock, I think.

Maybe this is for the best. I wasn't thrilled about my current situation for most of the year, so this is just the kick I needed to get off my butt and find something better.

That said...

I woke up at 4 AM today and cried over all the people I had to say good bye to, and the almost three years I spent there.

It's funny, because in a lot of ways I never felt like I was really part of the team, but when push comes to shove, I really loved a lot of the people I worked with and I guess I was part of the family even more than I realized.

All I can do now is move forward, and look at everything as positively as I can.

Like the title of this entry says, and ending is always a beginning.
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Our cat Thunder reached the end of what my step-mom called his 'sweet cat life' this weekend. It was good, long cat life, 20 whole years bringing comfort and joy to our family. He came into my life with my step mother and sister, when I was 10 years old, an intelligent and mischievous looking cat with a handsome face, a long soft coat of bright orange, and huge double paws. He went by many names, Thundy, Thundercat, love cat, was always my step mother and my sister's cat more than mine - I am at heart a dog person, after all - but he was always there on the weekends and vacations I spent at my father's house, and I loved him just the same. He would always jump on the counter to try and lick the butter, always let my sister (who was 6 when we met) drag him around ungracefully and affectionately, and was always there, a purring and solid warmth, when anyone in the family needed him. Ironically for a cat named Thunder, he was scared of thunder and lightening, and so during a storm he could always be found, usually with my sister, on the stairs in the center of the house. So many times one of us would call 'Cute Cat Alert!' and the rest of the family would come tiptoeing in to see him sleeping in some adorable posture in some adorable place, like curled up in a drawer, or the laundry basket, and take a moment to bask in the cuteness of a beloved cat.

He soldiered on even as his magnificent lion like coat thinned with age, and he grew older and more feeble, always coming back from any sort of bad spell, but his condition gradually worsened, and we finally learned from the vet that his kidney's were failing, and so my step mother made the decision that it wasn't right to let him suffer anymore. My sister was on hand with my step mother to be by his side as he slipped peacefully away.

It's funny just how completely a pet becomes a member of your family. Thanks Thunder, you were a great cat and we were lucky to have you.

We miss you.
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This was a fun weekend. On Saturday we had breakfast and did Hip Hop Abs (LOL), and then I went over to Rob's to have lunch and watch 'Robin Hood' with Errol Flynn. I'd never been to the Sunset before, and I really liked it. It felt real California to me, as opposed to San Franciscan. Something about all suburban it was, and all of the Spanish style stucco houses. It was a beautiful day, so we ate lunch outside, and then we watched the movie. Errol Flynn is awesome. He's just so rogue-ish and charismatic. A play and also heartfelt role like robin Hood was perfect for him. My other favorite part was how Will Scarlet had to have a bit of red on every costume. ('Tis but a holly bush, go your way.')

On Sunday we took a nice long walk, and then just had a nice peaceful day, and then A and J came for dinner. It was great to see them again!

It was a very nice weekend, with very good friends!
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Also hopefully in my weekend future:

Cupcake Party

Banana Marscapone Souffle Pancakes
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Now: Strawberry-Rhubarb crisp, and ginger milk tea.

Up later today: That food, and 'Wait Until Dark' at the fab art deco theater that runs old school style showings on Fridays of 'old news reel - cartoon short - feature'.

And this weekend: finish making Cy's Regency dress, and see 'Alice'.

Interspersed with: episodes of 'Be Good JOhnny Weir', and some soul searching AKA thinking about what I should be doing with my life and whether I've wasted my potential.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:12 am
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It's very rainy, and quite cold today. I'm very glad to be inside - especially with my London Fog Tea Latte.

I ran across this recipe for Irish Stew, which uses beef instead of lamb, and I'm seriously craving it now. How perfect for a day like today!

I've been doing some sewing lately, for the first time in ages, and I'm starting to toy with the idea of trying to make some clothes for myself. (I've only ever made costumes for Halloween, or back in high school, cosplay.) As I looked through this months issue of Vivi, it seemed to me that many of the clothes would be easy enough to make myself.

[Unknown site tag]




I'm in the mood to order some books. Maybe I will.
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Kumar Kal Penn is the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement now???
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Saturday I trekked out to my old work neighborhood (how weird to be there! I hadn't been back since I quit that job) to have lunch with Rob at the infamous 'fried chicken and waffles' place. It was a beautiful day, the waffles and chicken were both DELICIOUS, and we had a lot of fun.

After, I met up with Cy and we went to go see Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Unlike many similar series, it was very enjoyable as a movie, having not much knowledge of the books. Apparently it suffers from serious Adaptation Decay, but having never read the books (I plan on it now) I really enjoyed it. I was pretty much pre-deposed to like it though, because as a kid I was seriously obsessed with Greek Mythology. (I used to have this imaginary storyline about myself and my friends being the Greek Gods come down to earth in human forms -as they often did in the Myths- and having various adventures, often involving revealing their true forms, etc. I was Persephone, my bossy best friend was Hera, my grey eyed friend was Athena, the boy I had a crush on was Apollo, etc, etc. LOL)

Sunday was raining, so it was a pretty quiet day. I made soup, and we watched the Olympics.
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From 'Itsudemo Yasai Wo!':

With Greasy Food

Good veggies to eat with Greasy food like curry, tonkatsu, tempura, gyoza and hamburgers.

These vegetables remove excess grease from your body:
Gobou (Burdock Root)
Daikon Radish

These vegetables make grease easier to digest:
Green beans

These vegetables clean your blood:
Nira (Garlic Chive)
Garlic Stem (????)

With Carbs

Good veggies to eat with carbs like fried rice, yakisoba, spaghetti, donburi and ramen.

These vegetables make it harder for fat to form

Bonus: Add low calories veggies like mushrooms and bean sprouts to keep from overeating!

With Fish

Good veggies to eat with fish dishes like teriyaki, shioyaki, or misoni.

These vegetables increase the benefits of fish:

These vegetables make sushi and sashimi easier to digest:
green beans

The book lists ideas for incorporating each veggie into each of the dishes mentioned, but I don't feel like translating all that.
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I am going to eat more vegetables. I will eat multiple kinds of vegetables every single day.

This is my secret weapon:


Because Yes.
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Friday was my birthday, so I had the day off, and my darling Cy took it off too, so she could spent it with me. So after a yummy brunch, Cy and Danielle and I spent a lovely, lovely day together in the city. My plan was to go to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to get myself the Gothic Lolita dress I've been wanting since I was 18 or so. On the way there, we went to Betsey Johnson, because they were having a sale. The shop girls remembered me from when I went to pick out a dress for Ayako's wedding, and they were all super nice and enthusiastic. It turns out that Alice - who still looks just like Joan from Madmen - and I own at least three of the same dresses, because she had the one I bought for Japan, and she said she had the two I was most enamored with and trying to chose between. Two hours later we emerged with a dress and amazing spring coat for me, a totally cool handbag for both Cy and Danielle, and well as promises to the shopgirls to return, either to buy the other dress I'd fallen in love with, or to show off my purchase from Baby.

At NP we ran into all the VP people, and they all wished me a happy birthday, which was nice. Danielle and I both tried on a bunch of dresses, and Danielle fit the Gothic Lolita look really well, just like Cy and I knew she would. I ended up buying a dress and matching bow, and chatted with Joshia some.

Unfortunately, while we were in Baby it started raining. We left Japantown, and Cy went off to pick up the new power chord for her computer, while Danielle and I headed back to Betsey. On the way she bought me a really yummy cupcake. The girls at Betsey were so excited that we came back to show them the dress. The cooed and squealed over it and decided they needed to check out Baby sometime, and even offered to re-wrap it in their own tissue paper, because I had to take it out to show them. Cailyn, he girl who had been helping me wrote down the info for for the other dress and said to call up any time because they knew my size so they'd order it for me.

Then Danielle and I headed back to the house where Cy was waiting, and got ready to head out to my birthday dinner. Although there were several late arrivals, everyone that had RSVP'd showed up, and not only that, but for the first time ever, everyone came back to the house for cake. I had a great time talking to everyone and laughing and eating delicious Indian food and delicious cake. I really felt loved and so blessed to have such wonderful friends out here. It was a really great birthday party, and a really great day all around.
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I was organizing my photo bucket, and found this super old picture of Chloe when she was a puppy.
I miss my poodles!!!!

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Yesterday we had a rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightening. When we got home to the apartment, we had no power. We were able to restore power to most of the house by flipping the circuit breakers, only to realize that half our electronics (my BlackBerry charger, Cy's desktop computer (both tower and monitor, Cy's power chord for her laptop, and our wireless router) don't work. After 4 hours on the phone with tech support, and one much more helpful 15 minute call to Jorge, we ascertained that there was apparently a power surge of some sort that corrupted them all.

Thank goodness the stove is gas, so we were able to have a hot meal, cooked by the lovely Cy while I was on the phone all that time.

What a sucky, stressful night though.
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This weekend included: dying my baby's hair sunshine orange, a surprise sleepover with Audri, a lovely dinner with our old neighbor Aba and friend, and watching the last 6 episodes of Kannazuki no Miko, and the 2hours premier of Chuck.

All in all, a good weekend.
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Spent the morning playing 'competent adult' for Cy, who had to go in for a quick procedure. Took my drowsy girl home with her bill of good health, set her up with some jello and Pineapple Express on DVD, and headed into work.

The streetcar I caught was from 1914, which is one of the more rare cars, and one of my favorite. I sat in the wooden seat and looked out the windows at the fog over the bay and the farmer's market stalls lined up in front of the gorgeous ferry building and fell in love with my city all over again. It made me want to get to know it better, to spend some more time this year exploring various neighborhoods that I don't often get to.

Got to work to find my package from Amazon arrived safe and sound. Here's what I got:

3/25sai kore kara no Watashi no 'Yume to Genjitsu', by Ayana Tsubaki
"3/25 years old My 'dreams and reality' from now on", is a book of essays by Ayana Tsubaki, the transgender model/talent I became a fan of (for lack of a better term, I really respect her and want to support her) after reading her autobiography.

C'est Ma Vie, Ayana Tsubaki Photo Book
self explanatory

Kyusou ha Chiizu no Yume wo Miru dorama CD
"The Cornered Rat Dreams of Cheese" drama CD, audio play of the manga of the same title, which is my favorite yaoi manga right now. The emotional honesty and realism kills me every time.

Sojou no koi ha nido haneru 2 dorama CD
"The Carp on the Choppin g Block jumps Twice" drama CD, radio play of the sequel of the above manga series, disc 2. (I bought disc one in Japan)

Welcome to SPEEDLAND SPEED live DVD 2009 @ Budoukan
also self explanatory

GLAMOROUS magazine, January issue
VoCE magazine, January issue
Both have Namie on the cover and were the reason I placed this whole order to begin with.


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