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Getting back into Takarazuka. I watched their version of the French Romeo et Juliette, and it was really good. Some parts were kind of weird, and I feel like some of the vocal parts were a bit low for some of the otokoyaku, but I really liked the Romeo - Otozuki Kei - he had such a great presence and a really impressive voice, and Juliet - Maihane Mimi - was good except that sometimes she sounded off-key. But they were adorable together. And I forget how sexy otokoyaku are.

Also I am now obsessed with Elisabeth.
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I just watched a wonderful newish (2012, I believe) BBC Documentary on Clara Bow, called Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess. It included a ton of new footage I'd never seen before, includng a lot of clips from her talkies, and a clip from the newly discovered Red Hair, which is her only picture in color. I was surprised to hear that she actually sounds just like any other actress from the period. She slipped up on a few words here and there in the beginning, but that Hollywood accent was so much stronger than any hint of Brooklyn. I'm not sure why it surprised me so much - I guess I'd just gotten the idea that she couldn't transition into talkies. But the documentary reminded me that it was really more about all the scandals and personal betrayals along with the fear of microphones that led to her leaving pictures. And as far as mic phobia goes, so many actors and actresses had during the period, because movies were changing forever and you couldn't even act the same way anymore since a director couldn't talk you though an scene with microphones on set. Not only that, but usual, Clara got screwed over by Paramount - Greta Garbo got 2 YEARS to get rid of her accent, Clara got 2 WEEKS. It's all a shame, because from the clips, she seemed really good in the talking roles. Just as good as she'd been in the silents.

Watching anything about Clara is always such a rollercoaster of emotions, the early part of her life was so horrific, and she was just so grateful to be acting, and she just got taken advantage of by so many people. It makes you wish she'd had someone there to show her the ropes and protect her from all the greedy backstabbing people. But she was just so trusting and loving. I think that's one of the things that made her shine on screen though - she was so natural, and she had such a vivacity and a joy for life, and it really comes across.

Other than that, there's a bunch of other things I'm looking forward to watching - Jamie's Great Britain show, a BBC show on the Regency Period, more of Jamie's 30 minute meals which I've been loving, etc etc...

EDIT: Now I'm watching the episode on Clara Bow from the Silent Film mini series from 1980. The scenes of her in Mantrap are just brilliant. And what a treat it is to hear Louise Brooks talk about Clara. It's so fascinating to get her take on Clara, and there's something so heartwarming about her passionate defense of Clara as the best movie actress of the 1920s. (Remember that Kenneth Brown is only including Clara in this docu to rectify an earlier omission in his book on silent films after a FURIOUS letter from Louise.) What I would give to have been a fly on the wall during the voice test with Clara and Louise together! Wow! Speaking of voices, I love Louise's voice - of course she's an very old woman in this documentary, but I think her voice fits her perfectly! Arch and cultured and lovely.
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Oooh, apparently they made a movie of Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken, aka according the English title the novel gives itself, "The Handymen of Mahoro Town". I first read the manga version (manganization?) of the novel because 1) it was drawn by Yamada Yugi, who is one of my favorite mangaka, and 2) it was in the yaoi section of Kinokuniya.
(It's not technically yaoi, despite the slashy undertones of two grown men living together.)

I liked the manga so much that I went out and bought the novel it was based on, which is by Miura Shion, and I ended up loving that too. It's kind of one of those zany slice of life stories.

I'll definitely see the movie when it comes out on DVD, even though neither Eita or Matsuda Ryuhei are anything like what I pictured as Tada and Gyoten. ("Oh, so you mean his name's not Chihuahua?" AKA Hana-chan looks perfect though.)

Original illustrations:


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Things that I squee'd about in January

Under a cut due to many embedded vids etc )
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So, 2011, guys! The year of the rabbit. XD That means this much be the theme song XDD

(Uh, also...those lyrics are absolutely filthy. Oh DAIGO XD. Maybe it's a good thing that can still think of you mostly as your character in Love Shuffle. LOL LOL)

Now, on to the things I'm loving:

1) TOP and G-Dragon's 'Knock Out'.

So perfect. How are they simultaneously so cool and so ridiculous? They have that great mix of swagger (deserved since they've been hailed as musical progedies since they were teenagers and happen to be part of the super famous and successful BIGBANG) and not taking themselves seriously.

This is what good rap is all about, tongue and cheek, macho posturing and bragging, and tons of puns, in-jokes and references to pop culture and the rappers' own career and past scandals, etc. A concise explanation of all the references in the song can be found here.

2) I have a new RL OTP, you guys.

Ayu, AKA arguably the biggest Japanese pop star in the world, shocked basically everyone by announcing her engagement to Austrian model/actor Manual "Mannie" Schwarz, on Dec 31, and then marrying him in Vegas on New Year's Day, 1/1/11.

The two met in May when Mannie played the role of Ayu's husband in her 'Virgin Road' music video.

They are absolutely adorable together. I uh, am considering making a primer. But I can't tell if that's creepy, despite how many band primers I've read in my years. (Also, it would be super easy, considering all the flirting they did over tweeter for the whole time up until now. LOL)

3) OMG, an actual fic rec!!
Scott Pilgrim and the Unsubtle Seduction". Scott Pilgrim, (Scott/Wallace)
This gets the tone/language of the movie and comic books perfectly. I want to read a 100 more of this fic.

4) Still, Marry Me, Mary! Only 2 eps to go now, and it's just so good! I'll be sad when it's over, but I also just want Moo-Gyul and Mae-Ri to get their happy ending already!
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Girls Generation, my favorite (current) Korean girl's group has finally come to Japan! They're called 'Shojo Jidai' there, which is the Japanese reading of the kanji they use. I know some people are weirded out by that, but honestly, that's how I automatically read those kanji anyway, so it doesn't bother me. LOL

Judging from the 22,000 people who came to their first concert this week, I think they're going to do really well in Japan. The cool thing about it was that the audience was 80% female. Already, people realize that they're on the level with artists like Namie, rather than idols like AKB or Morning Musume.

Sooyoung can speak Japanese pretty fluently too, so they've already got a leg up on their fellow Korean girl groups like KARA who've recently debuted in Japan.

New clips showing part of the girl's first showcase.

Here's they're Japanese debut song, Genie. It's not bad. The Japanese doesn't fit very well, and well, as far as pronunciation goes, this is their first song ever, so I'm sure they'll only get better.

Now I will post my favorite songs, because <3 <3 <3.

Some of the songs not only have English subs, but tell you whose singer, which, with a 9 member group is very helpful. (My fav member is Jessica <3)

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Once upon a time, AKA a few weeks ago, I ordered some books on Amazon.co.jp.

Today, they came! Yay!

Here is what I got

'Ai no Omokage', by Jyoorugetto Heiyaa
AKA The Japanese translation of Georgette Heyer's 'These Old Shades'. (In case anyone cares, the Japanese title means 'Shadows of Love'. A pretty good title, I think.

Hana Sora Iro no Utsukushii Nihongo Cho, by Michiyuki Megu
This is an exploration of the traditional Japanese names for colors, flowers and celestial phenomenon. Lest anyone think it sounds boring, I will let you know that Chiaki Kuriyama (AKA Gogo in Kill Bill) recommends it because it taught her the meaning and power of words, and the wonder of Japanese. So there.

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, by Kitagawa Eriko
This is the novel of my favorite J-dorama of the same name.

NO MAKE, by Lena Fujii
Lena's newest book all about hair, make up, her blog, etc etc.

Wagahai, by Miyabi
Miyavi's old essay/photo book from 2003, which is out of print now!! Yay.

Sakuragari, Last volume
FINALLY. I have been waiting a year for this!!! (And now I have to reread the other two volumes because I forget what happened...)
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Best way to relive your nostalgia for a show? Check out the show's Crowning Moment of Awesome page.

Now I really want to watch some Buffy. I actually own the entire series (I was given the box set as a gift years ago), but unfortunately it's at the 'rents.
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I am eating one of my new fav Japanese candies: Choco Dutsumi.
It is a soft chocolate wrapped up in chocolate flavored mochi!! XD I love it!!

Here is the cute commercial: http://www.bourbon.co.jp/cm/chocodutumi01.html

Apparently they have green tea flavored too:
I wish my store sold it.
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My book: Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire , by Amanda Foreman. AKA the book that The Duchess starring Keira Knightly was based on. Georgiana's lived during the late Georgian and early Regency periods, so having all that Heyer under my belt makes the book that much more interesting, because I recognize people and cultural references. I am excited to see the movie when I finish, but I doubt it will do the book justice.

Gogo no Kocha AKA Afternoon Tea AKA the best tea brand ever, has a new flavor: Patissier Apple Darjeeling au Lait.
We need to get more apple tea in the US. I miss it, and love it.

This article: Japanese Shoppers Freaked Out by Singing, Dancing, Shirtless Staff at Tokyo Abercrombie
Holy International Marketing Fail, Batman!

The new Coke Zero CM in which Namie has a dance against All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby Team. It is truly bad ass.

Last night I made this cake for Cy's co-workers birthday. It took all evening, as it was surprisingly labor intensive, but it came out really well.
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As if I needed another reason to love Hikki!

She's been throwing out autographed tennis balls at the end of each show ("I love doing that!" She said gleefully at our show.)

Here are the tennis balls she threw out at our show:


"Legalize Gay Marriage"
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Heart-kun, the chihuahua with the heart-shaped marking, was born in 1997 to breeder Emiko Sakurada of Odate, Japan. Of the 1000 or so dogs Sakurada has breed, she had never seen one with such markings.


2009, when Heart-kun's brother, LOVE-kun was born!!


Love-kun is so tiny! And look how much Heart-kun has grown!!

ETA: 11 days later, Heart-kun's daughter was born!! Her name is Kokoro-chan!
(Kokoro = 'heart' in Japanese)
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shiny new (free) mags + coffee + ham and cheese turnover = happiness
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From here

Due to the new vampire craze sparked by "True Blood" on TV and the "Twilight" movies, movie studios are considering going back to earlier history of the famed vampire Lestat from the Rice books.

On one hand, I would be excited about that. I always wanted them to make 'The Vampire Lestat' into a movie. It's certainly more manageable than 'The Queen of the Damned' was, because it doesn't cover so much time, or have a million different viewpoints. It's pretty straightforward:

Lestat, the son of an impoverished French aristocrat, moves to Paris to become an actor with his best friend/lover Nicolas. He attracts the attentions of a crazed old vampire, who turns Lestat into a vampire against his will and then kills himself. Lestat learns about and struggles with his immortality, but is pretty okay with it. The local coven isn't pleased with Lestat's general flaunting of and reveling in of his vampirism. Lestat wants to learn all the things about vampires his maker never told him. He tries to learn from Armand (WHO IS MY FAVORITE FOR EVER AND ALSO BEAUTIFUL, 17 AND AUBURN HAIRED. DNW ANTONIO!!) and his self-flaggelating coven, but rejects their dreary idea of immortality and sets out on a quest to find answers. He finds Marius (Who is also awesome, and has long bleach blond hair, not a crew cut dude from QoD movie!!) and Those Who Must Be Kept aka the original Vampires. The Queen lets him drink, making him super powerful. Marius leaves him. Most of that last bit was incorperated into the QoD movie now that I think about it. Then all the stuff from interview happens, then back to the present for the whole Vampire Lestat vampire Rock Star thing. (I think he would be like Adam Lambert now? LOL LOL LOL)

So anyway. Much more doable. I mean, they managed to make it into a musical, right? (WHICH WAS AWESOME AND ALSO GAY.)

Which is why I'm worried. Because well...

1) The Queen of the Damned movie SUCKED. It was a terrible movie, even if you take it as an original movie rather than a book adaptation. It was just SO BAD.

2) The QoD movie also totally made Lestat straight (Lestat/Louis OTP forever!!!), and changed Jesse into his girlfriend. (Who tbh always seemed to kind of lesbian to me.)

3) Now, I personally was obsessed with the Vampire Chronicles when I was 13. But they are very different than Twilight. And I would be worried they would try to change it to be more Twilight-y. (See #2)

I'm torn. I mean. Lestat is my favorite hero of fiction, to use that phrase from the Proust Questionnaire. Lestat is awesome. And I would love to see a movie that got The Brat Prince right. (Also Armand, but hey, I will be satisfied with getting the main character right at this point.) Because I mean...Interview was good, but...the Lestat of Interview with the Vampire is very different from the glamorous, irreverent, playful, passionate Lestat of the rest of the series.

So I would love to see a GOOD movie made. But the potential for suckage is just so HUGE, it worries me.

(Which, actually Tale of the Body Thief, which was my fav for a long time, would made a movie really easily. It's the most linear and clear cut of all the books: Lestat meets (well is stalked by) a guy who can switch bodies. Lestat and the guy switch bodies for a week, the guy runs away with Lestat's body, Lestat has to find him, while in the guy's human body.)

New World

Nov. 13th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Oh man I LOVE this song. I want to listen to it forever!!
(I'm so glad, because I loved w-ind's second to last album, and I was so disappointed with their last one. And I hadn't been feeling their last single either.)

lyrics )
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At one point I made a list of perfect or near-perfect albums. Today I realized I've got another one to add:

Blakq Audio's 'Cex Cells'.

The worldview created by the lyrics is one of the most cohesive of any album I've ever heard. Pete often talks about wanting to live inside a song. On Cex Cells you're living inside an album, as though the album was a huge victorian style mansion, all done up with strobe lights and mirrors, and each song is a room in that house where you wander, lost and connected among the vicious, glittering crowd, with their heated glances and knife-sharp hearts.


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