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After long last, a new song from Hikki, who is still on her indefinite hiatus. It's the theme song for the new Evangelion movie. I wish that this meant she was ending her hiatus soon, but I think it's just a one off. Still, it's beautiful...

Sakura Nagashi

You were so beautiful,
as you watched, full of regret,
the flowers falling when they'd only just opened,
saying, "Every year, it happens so quickly..."
I wonder what you would think if you could see me now
Living without you
Everybody finds love
In the end

If you could hear the healthy newborn cries
echoing again, somewhere in this city that you protected,
I know that you'd be so glad
The sound of the footsteps that will come after ours

Everybody finds love
In the end

I can't believe that I'll never see you again
I haven't told you anything yet.
I haven't gotten to tell you anything yet.

Is this the disconsolation felt by the trees
As they watch the petals fall from the flowers that had only just opened?
No matter how frightened I am, I won't look away.
If there is love in every ending

* Sakura Nagashi is a kigo (seasonal word) used in haiku, which refers to cherry blossoms being scattered by the rain, and floating in the water.
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BoA's finally back, and I'm surprised to find just how much I've missed her!

God, this is is SUCH a good video. It's so well done. Understated and perfect. This is a song that tells a story and this is just the kind of video a song like that should have: a video that matches it so perfectly that BoA is singing exactly what's happening in the video at several points. It's such a deceptive song for me, because it's so beautiful, but once you find out what the lyrics mean, it's heartbreaking too. I love the way the video has the 'mobile' version of BoA (her mind?) walking by the different memories of the two of them as the stationary BoA (her body?) is at the table going through her breakup. (Speaking of which, the part where she grips her chair during the line 'How am I going to get up again?', and then the handshake before she leaves which is presumably the last time she'll ever touch him...man, it just broke my heart. I really got teary eyed.) I love at the end when she talks about how memories of her will disappear from her mind, where her image turns into soap bubbles, along with all the memories of them, because it's such a lovely metaphor. A soap bubble is so beautiful but when it disappears, it leaves no trace behind. I love the end, where the camera disappears into BoA's eye after she walks away from the table and reemerges with her reemerging through the cafe door on their very first date.

The Dance version, which is the version I saw originally, is also really great. I love the dance - BoA has always been one of the best dancers in K-Pop. It's so sophisticated.

BONUS: BoA comeback performance featuring Yuhno from TVXQ. They are so cute together in the commentary I saw! And they are so well matched during their performance! What great dancers. I only which that part had gone on longer...
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Look over here, baby. Call me, Ring Ring Ring
Pretense so natural it's unnatural
I see you there, Paparazzi.
Here's the smile you want to see, Ahahaha.
Hide & Seek Every Night
You're the satellite of the glittering stars.
Don't you want a hot scoop?
Let's work together on this. We're in it together, right?

Life is a party. From the garage to the suite.
You're constantly going Boom Boom Boom
A flashy Car chase, all around glamorous
Drawn in, Boom Boom Boom
Love above price, the [camera] flash tears apart the darkness for money
Life is a party. From the garage to the suite.
Whether I'm wake or asleep it's Boom Boom Boom

The ooh la la of images on the screen, the more you hide, you more people want to see
That girl who acts so serious is actually
At home that dandy is actually a mama's boy.
On the edge of their seats from the thrill of a secret kiss
Punkadelic Crazy Night
A searchlight for the exciting stars.
Bad Boy Bad Girl, don't worry about it
Dancing rather than being made to dance to someone else's beat, that's my style

Life is a party. The higher the damage the more you sell.
If you're caught it's all over.Boom Boom Boom
The shadows hiding on the edge of the night
have anticipated my next move, Boom Boom Boom
Rumors sparked more rumors, and then
it's been building, so before it starts burning...

What a Girl What a GIRLS' GENERATION
I just want to love and be loved
but every love affair is tainted.
'I can't stand it, I can't stand it!'
I don't have time to fuss over it like that.
Here and there and everywhere it's Boom Boom Boom
The more people look at me, the more I shine, so
Come on friends, come on over here, ratata.

Life is a party. From the garage to the suite.
You're constantly going Boom Boom Boom
A flashy Car chase, all around glamorous
Drawn in, Boom Boom Boom
Until the tear I shed becomes a shining diamond
Life is a party. From the garage to the suite.
Whether I'm wake or asleep it's Boom Boom Boom
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* I haven't actually watched it yet, since I'm waiting for Cy, so we can watch it together, but I'm loving the song!


It's been a while.
It seems like you've been doing well since we last met.
You've grown so pretty.
Although you always looked beautiful to me.

But something's a little different today
For some reason you look colder than usual
When you look at me your gaze is full of pity.
I seem small next to you.

TOP:I act like I'm okay, force our conversation to another topic
GD: There are so many things I want to ask but you cut me off short.
TOP: Your long hair sways,cutting my cheek as you move past me
GD: You turn your back and go without looking back
Would it be funny if I grabbed you here?

TY: No words will come to me.
Trembling, you step back from me, one step, two steps
You say that I scare you.
You are the moon drives me crazy.

DAE:*I love you baby I’m not a monster
You know how I used to be
As time passes, you'll forget
And then you'll know, baby

TY: **I need you baby I’m not a monster
You understand me, don't you? Don't go like this.
If you abandon me, I'll die.
I’m not a monster

SEUNGRI: Let's be together forever, no matter what happens
Through the sad times and through the happy times, until the end
You don’t say that tomorrow
Let's love like today is our last day

GD: A life without you is a life sentence.
I'm cut off from the world, and it's driving me insane
You are my incurable disease, a series of ordeals
My heart is full of lingering affection and regret

TOP: Everyone in the world has turned their back on me
Judgement tangled in their gazes
The thing that hurts me the most
Is that now you're just like them.

* repeat


SEUNGRI: Don't go. Don't go. Don't leave me.
Don't. Don't. Don't. You're not like yourself.
DAE: You're so far away, your love has waned
Don't search, don't search, don't search for me.

SEUNGRI: At the last, at the last, at the last
TY: Remember me as I looked standing in front of you.
Don't forget me.

* repeat

GD/TOP: I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
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Since my computer is still shutting off randomly so I can't make my HUGE post about Big Bang.

Namie's newest PV. I'm loving it. I love the 'masculine' Namie vs the feminine Namie, the dance, the song, the chess/steampunk-y motifs...

Name Namurro - Vai pra Lá from cloudhoney on Vimeo.

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BB's first single since all the scandals last year. I'm so glad that they're back!
I haven't actually watched the video yet. ;)
But the lyrics are so pretty. The rap-ish parts are in italics.

Winter had passed and Spring has come
We withered and my heart is bruised by longing
I'm singing ma blues
I've grown accustomed to the blue sorrow of blue tears
I'm singing ma blues
I sent my love off into the floating clouds

In a different place under the same sky, you and I
I'm leaving you because it's dangerous
Adding one more stroke to the word 'lover'^
It's cowardly, but I'm hiding because I'm clumsy and stupid
This cruel breakup is the end of love
No words will comfort me
This is perhaps the last romance of my life
Now the curtain falls

I was born, and I met you,
and I loved you to death
My heart is frozen, stained blue
Even I close my eyes, I can't feel you, you know.


I feel like my heart has stopped
The war is over, and you and I are frozen there
The trauma is branded onto my brain
When these tears dry, I will remember my love mistily
It's not painful or lonely
Happiness is all a soliloquy
I can't handle anything more complicated
It's no big deal. I don't care.
Inevitable wanderings
People come and go

I was born, and I met you,
and I loved you to death
My heart is frozen, stained blue
Even though you're gone, I'm still me, aren't I?

* Chorus

Today again, under the blue moonlight
I will fall asleep alone.
In my dreams I'll search for you who left
And as I wander, I'll sing this song

* Chorus

^ Adding another stroke to the word for lover ('nim') turns it into the word for stranger ('nam')
님 --> 남
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This should really be the video of the month, since I've been listening to it nonstop...

To lie, I shall be here

You're the only one I love, and my love for you will never change
We have wonderful memories that we built together but I must be off right now
We can't spent tomorrow like today. Just to tell a huge lie

* (To lie) I shall be sing it for you though the night
(To lie) I shall be turning on the broken light
(To lie) Piercing the sky
To lie (To lie) (Tick tock Tick tock...)
Once I'm ready to carry this crime inside my heart, I’m going to lie.

You're sharp so I know it won’t take you long to figure it out, but We have no choice
If we stay like this We’re falling down then you say what?
There's a cruel wall between us, and it's insurmountable. We must be separated.
I tell this clumsy lie for your sake


In this moment now, I’m gazing into your eyes
Don't cry. How badly is this lie going to hurt you baby?
Someday, not so far away...and then we kissed.

To lie, I’d never be...
It’s hard for me to give you this gentleness, like an excuse
My pride makes me want to end this with a lie.
You haven’t noticed yet, you don’t know anything, and I deceive you. I’m a liar...


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Synchronized dancing + bondage gear + chandeliers + Facial Arousal Raunchy Thrusting (tm Simon and Martina)? Must be a K-POP video!

Read more... )
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I'm really loving this song. I've loved everything ISSA and SoulJa have done together, and when they finally revealed who the 'mystery girl' making a guest appearence on the song was, I was happily (although surprised, since I didn't know she could sing, but I guess this is her debut) to see that it was Rola, who is one of my favorite of the newest generation (can I still call them that?) of Vivi models. I think it's a cool concept for a song too; Issa is the guy who's been cheated on, SoulJa is the expression of his anger, and Rola is the girl who cheated, expressing the loneliness that lead her to cheat. We don't usually get the girl's viewpoint in this kind of song, so I think it's pretty refreshing.

Rola: Pink, Issa: Blue Souja: Red. Purple is Issa and SoulJa together. Italics are in English in the song

Opening Dialogue:
Hello? What do you want? I'm busy.
Actually, why'd you just go in my place like that? That was really uncool.
[Call Waiting Signal]
I'm hanging up now.
[Call Waiting Signal]
I'm hanging up, okay?

Hello? Oh, hey. What's up?

I wish I could cry but I can't
desperately holding back my screams
It hurts so fucking bad, I wish I could rip my heart out of my chest
I just want erase all my love for you
Why can't I burn them like all these pictures...

Girl, I just don't get it. What the fuck are you thinking?
You and I are together; We're not just fooling around here
I gave you a key to my place, and took you to meet my parents
We were only half joking when we picking out names for the kids we'd have "some day".
but when I got back home tonight I heard your voice, and you weren't alone
I heard you calling out some other guy's name

I wish I could punch something, but I can't
desperately holding back my screams
It hurts so fucking bad, I wish I could rip my heart out of my chest
I just want erase all my love for you
Why can't I burn them like all these pictures...

I'm think I'm gonna lose control

Hey wait, I don't think I understand, I mean...
I said, "Wait I don't think you understand.
When? Why? Where? This is bullshit. There's just no way...
I don't even wanna look at you. Get the fuck out up my face
After all we've been through you done threw it all

We can't go back again
Our memories, and that fake crying
and your fake smiles, it was all lies wasn't it?
So fuck you very much although I wish it wasn't so
Thanks for wasting my time
I don't want any memories
Right now, girl I'm never gonna...

I can never forgive you but I'm too in love with you
I wish I could cry but I can't
desperately holding back my screams
It hurts so fucking bad, I wish I could rip my heart out of my chest
I just want erase all my love for you
I'll never love you again...

Except when it's good for you
You never hold me close

(Don't you lie to me...)
So how can you say you love me?
I don't understand it baby
We both feel the same, so
why do you hurt me baby?

It's too late; no matter what you say (Hell no) it's all broken
get the fuck away

I wish I could cry but I can't
desperately holding back my screams
It hurts It hurts so fucking bad, I wish I could rip my heart out of my chest
I just want erase all my love for you
Why can't I burn them like all these pictures...

I think I'm going to lose control

I love u
I hate u
I love u
I hate u
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Oh Teen Top, I should have known that those fabulous promo pics of all of you in underwear and heels promised something awesome.

Who knew that a song about cheating on your girlfriend with an older woman could be so adorable?
(also, I love the dance, how it goes with the lyrics! So cute...)

Lyrics )
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Jasmine, who writes all her own lyrics, is probably my favorite of the more recent artists in J-POP. I almost consistently love every single thing she puts out.

Both of these songs make me tear up, but for different reasons ONLY YOU, the love song to the person who made her love herself and love her life, and ONE, the song about how the only one who knows the best way to live your life is you.


lyrics translation )


lyrics translation )
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I don't even know...Alice in Wonderland, JYJ, BigBang as genies riding on magic carfets carpets, 2PM as pirates rapping in English about how this place is for everyone, Jang Geun Suk having a bromance with the Little Prince....

Thank you for this heartwarming bit of crack...
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Maybe it never existed in the first place
It was just an interesting, sad, and sweet story
Maybe it was all a dream and an illusion
Maybe I was asleep for far too long

In that season when I can smell the scent of summer in the blue sky
I remember the way your profile looked
The city scenery starts to bend and twist,
so I searched for my sunglasses to get rid of all the color

I didn't want to be a princess
I didn't want any glass slippers
I wanted to be who I am when I'm with you
And all I wanted from you was a real smile

I can smell summer in the sky today
as the wind blows past.
I nodded, and said, 'I'll be okay.'
Because if there is destiny like we talked about

I nodded, and said, 'I'll be okay.'
Because I'm really strong.
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Today is my and Cy's 2 year anniversary!

So this song is dedicated to you honey, for where we've been, and where we'll be.

I love you.

(Circa 2007)

(Circa 1997)
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SECRET - "Starlight, Moonlight"

I fell in love with this song at first listen, from the very first 'Shalala'. It's total retro 1950's style pop. Who knew you'd find something like this in K-POP? The lyrics are so sweet, too.

My only gripe is that the image of the teaser fit way better than the modern style they went with for the actual video. I realise they probably didn't want to go all out vintage style, because they already did that with their last video, Shy Boy', but honestly, this is SUCH a 50's style song that it just looks weird to have them singing it in modern clothes.


Here's the Shy Boy video for comparison.
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Replay - you're my everything-


translated lyrics beneath the cut.

Is there anything I can do to make you see what's in my heart? )

Noona is so Pretty (replay)

translated lyrics beneath the cut.

My heart screams in front of our goodbye )

Korea is very age conscious, and noona is what a boy calls a girl who is older than him.
The noona in the original is Victoria from f(x), whereas in the Japanese version, she's played by Yoona from Girls Generation.

One of the things that made me love the original song is how simple it all is. He's totally in love with this older girl, but he can't express it with any flowery words or the kind of compliments she presumably is getting from all these other guys. The only way he can express it so childish - "Noona, you're so pretty." (the heartbreakingly sad refrain of it at about 2:33 gets me most). That boyish phrase holds all of this deep love that she'll never accept because she's never had it before, and there's no way she would be able to see that this younger guy could give it to her.

I really like the Japanese video, even though the original goes a bit better with the story in the song. I think the Japanese video, and the lyrics are more age appropriate for them now, since they are 21 - 17, as opposed to when they released the song originally, when they were 19 - 15 (That would be 22 - 18 vs 20 - 16 in Korean age, as they count the 9 months before birth as the first year of life).
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I know I disappeared for a while, because I was working on a super rush project and had no time to do anything but work, but now I'm back! Yay!

Let's celebrate with this!

SNSD's newest Japanese single and their first original song in Japanese! I love everything about it - the song, their outfits, hair etc - and I've been listening to it non-stop! Jessica is still my fav, followed by Sunny, but lately Fany has been growing on me a lot.
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(Apparently dora dora is part of the verb to leave?)

Dongho Eli Kevin Hoon AJ Soohyun Kiseop 

Just look at you now. I can't open my eyes and look at you.
We've got nothing to talk about. I'm so fed up I can't even listen to you.

What was that sound (sound) A ridiculous nuance (nuance)
My heart goes bounce (b-b-bounce, b-b-bounce

*You said you didn't like me, and left, so why are you doing this?
You talked crap about me and left, so I find you really ironic.

**Leave leave leave leave Don't look at me, just go
I’m gonna let you go! Shut shut up and let me go!
Leave leave leave Don't look at me, just go
I’m gonna let you go! Shut shut up and let me go!

You're the one in the wrong, so why are you hurting more than I am? (Don't make me laugh)r
I'm the one who's hurting, so why are you crying more than I am? (Don't make me laugh) Shut up!

This is unbelievable. What do you plan to do, after all this time?
You shake me up and  twist me up, I'm getting dizzy
Just stop it. What more could you want from me?
You shake me up and  twist me up, I'm getting dizzy


U-KISS! I don’t want you back uh!

With your heavy lipstick and your mini-skirt
Do you think that outfits appropriate for the current situation?
(You're a born playgirl

You're so fickle
(You're a playgirl to the bone)

And I can't take it anymore


Why do you look sad? I don't get it
You're never nice when you're with me
Why is it my fault? The fact that we got like this (nothing but a playa)
It's your fault (nothing but a playa)

If we stay together, I know you'll just leave me again
Leave before I start screaming at your face
(I hate you) Remember what you did
(so I hate you) Remember my eyes 

** repeat
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ETA: Apparently it didn't like my coding and ate the whole post. Boo.

Anyway, a summary of what I wrote this morning: This is so adorable. Usually I like sexy!dark!Kattun over cutesy!happy!Kattun, but...this is just adorable. Also, Tacchan plus sakura is the prettiest thing ever. And they...looks so nice and simple, which is something I never thought I'd say about the stage clothing of a JE group!
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w-inds -'Nothing is impossible', live from Another World Tour 2010

My favorite song from the Another World album.
I can't believe how much w-inds have grown since I got into them, way back in 2002. They've really matured into extremely talents singers/dancers. I'd say they're better than ANYONE Johnny's has out now, in terms of both vocals and dancing. They're so high quality now.
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