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Some Kind of Wonderful! No one ever talks about this movie, but it was my favorite as a kid. I watched it so many times. I remember how scandalized I was by the post-sex scene at the beginning. I had such a crush on Lea Thompson back then! LOL I still think of that movie sometimes, and all the iconic lines, like, of course, "You look good wearing my future."

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Appropriate question, after seeing VAMPS. ;)

However, there will always and forever only be one answer to this question:

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Like so many other children of the eighties, one of my earliest memories involves Michael Jackson: Max, Lindsay and Charlotte and I, up in the attic of their parents' house, dancing to 'Beat it' on the record player.

I also have memories of listening 'Bad', and probably also like many other kids, wondering why he wanted to be 'bad'. LOL

'Heal the World' was a huge deal in my elementary school. We all sung it at one of those after school assemblies where you all stood up and sung a bunch of songs for the parents. It remains one of those songs that randomly gets stuck in my head. I could be anywhere at anytime and if someone started singing 'Heal the World...' I'd immediately start singing with them, automatically.

It's so weird that Michael Jackson is dead - like I said to Cy last night, I just kind of felt like he'd be around forever. I mean, if you think about it,the Thriller album came out the year I was born: he's just been there, as this given in the Entertainment Industry, one of the most innovative, talented men in music, for my entire life.

In the end, all of the other things surrounding him, the allegations, the strange rumors, the personal antics, that's not going to be what anyone remembers. What will live on forever is the man's incredible talent and his amazing songs.
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wow, I don't know...

The thing about high school is it pretty much sucks. Especially in fiction. I mean think about it.
Sunnydale High is on the Hellmouth, Hogwarts has to deal with Voldemort, Ohtori Academy has a really strange Student Council set up, etc, etc. Fictional high schools are worse than real ones because you have to deal with things like vampires, demons, evil wizards, black magic etc on top of all the bullying and bad teachers etc. Even 'normal' ones like the one in Hana Yori Dango has horrific bullying. Or Degrassi High, where kids snap and leave people paralyzed.

So I guess it'd have to be...

1) Ouran Academy from Ouran High Host Club. Nothing bad seems to really happen there, and it would mean I was super rich. Plus, it has a Host Club!

If I was a boy, I'd want to go to either:

1) Osaka High from Hana-Kimi. Nothing bad really happens, there's no real bullying unless you're on a sports team, and everyone seems to have a lot of fun.

2) The school from Princess Princess [D]. They dress the prettiest boys up as Gothic Lolita!!
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I always hated that word, crepuscule. It sounds like some horrible skin disease. Here are my feelings about Twilight. I got about 1/3 of the way through the book, and couldn't finish it. I read a good portion of the final book in the airport bookstore, and I just don't know how it made it through the editors, because it was horrible.

But theoretically, the basic story was one I could get behind. That whole the basic teenage girl loves vampire story. the book just didn't do it for me, but the trailers kind of caught my interest. Not only because apparently both actors took it all as very Serious Business ('We're not Disney kids! We think about our character's motivations!') but really, as a movie... when the teenage girl is a huge Mary-Sue and the vampire SPARKLES in sunlight. Like, literally? That looks like prime Mystery Science Theater material.

So yeah, I may have to bite.


EDT: Okay. So Hot Topic is selling a Twilight shirt printed with the quote Your scent is like a drug to me.'

Yes. Your scent is like a drug to me. Please, please tell me that RPattz (aka the guy who played Cedric in HP) actually says that in the movie, because if that's the kind of horrifically bad dialogue this movie has, it will be amazing.ly hilarious. Seriously. That is fabulous.

Now I think I may need to see it.
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These aren't in any order.

1. DA PUMP - 'Shippu Ranbu'

2. The Academy Is... - 'Almost Here'

3. Hikaru Utada - 'DEEP RIVER'

4. FALL OUT BOY - 'Infinity of High'






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I am celebrating it the way we've always celebrated it in my family: by making corned beef and cabbage! This year Aileen and Jorge and Aba are coming over to eat with us. It should be fun!

This weekend Cy and I went to go see 'Funny Games'. It was chilling, but very well done. Just read this review, it says everything I could say, but better.


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