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Dear really hot scene boy bike messenger with the gorgeous tattooed arms and the brown indie haircut,

Next time, please don't be in such a rush, so I can oggle more chat with you. Also, please delivery packages to our office every day.

Love and Kisses,


P.S Also, thanks for giving me an opportunity to bond with the hot, cool girls in the office over your hotness.
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Dear HR,

Please to be hiring the hot Emo designer-boy with the awesome sweepy Emo bands, the skinny black jeans and pin on his jacket that says 'I <3 helvetica' who is currently sitting in my reception area listening to his iPod.

A hot Emo boy is just what the Design Department needs.

Love, Me
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Note to self:
Why have you not learn in 15 years: when you hide something, write yourself a note because otherwise when you go to look for it 2 years later, you will have no idea where it is, and it will be effectively lost forever.

PS This is especially true when hiding risque photobooks of hot girls, because you really can't ask your parents if they've seen it. While 'She's a friend of mine, and I wanted to support her career.' may be true, it is not a valid excuse for having said photobook, especially in parental eyes.
If you don't remember where you hid it, 1) people could find it and 2) you have to search for another copy and it is probably not in print anymore.
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Open letter to a certain phone/internet/cable company who will remain nameless:

I hate you. So much. For sending me a 'notice of disconnection' today, dated 12/14, and making me freak out and tear through all my papers to find the phone number to call because I know I paid my bill online. For making those numbers impossible to find without the actual bill. For making me check my account and see that yes, the transaction went through. For making the little 'payment received 12/13' message so small that it took a few minutes before I actually saw it. For making me nearly cry with frustration. Hormones or no hormones...

Absolutely no love,

Now I will go and write some more Bam slash. So there.
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1) That song from Wicked, between Glinda and the Wicked Witch? Total femslash.

And 2)
Open letter to the Macy's people,
When you have a float (say, one for Hi!Hi!PuffyAmiYumi) upon which are riding the real life stars (say, Ami and Yumi), it would be very nice if you could, I don't know, show the actual stars. Because some people might actually want to see them more than the float.

Thanks, Me
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Dear Me,

Do not concieve of grandious schemes to write a movie script about Natalie Clifford Barney and Renee Vivien while you have three papers to be writing. And especially do not throw historical accuracy to the wind as far as looks go to cast Angelina Jolie as Natalie even though she'd be perfect for the role of a rebellious wild Victorian lesbian like that .


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