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Oh wow, and actual entry! Haha. Recently I've been really busy with a bunch of projects, which is good.

I realized that I never wrote up the Miyavi concert last month. I don't know; I sort of felt overwhelmed, I guess, at the idea of trying to remember everything that happened. So, short version. It was amazing. Miyavi is amazing. He played a little medley of songs people requested, including Selfish Love, and Senorita, which I was really happy about. And, he also played We Love You, which I have to admit had me teary eyed, thinking of how he'd played it the very first time I ever saw him, years ago when all I knew about him was that had hot tattoos and my friend was playing the DJ set before he went on. As much as I like his newer stuff, it was great to hear some of my old favorites. (Including Wonderful World, which he ended the show with.) He was really adorable, especially talking about Lovelie and Jewelie. It was one of their birthdays, and people had brought a sign. He seemed really touched. My favorite part was when he talked about his daughters are when he plays his music,how Lovelie strums the guitar and says "Daddy?" while Jewelie looks on like (and I'm quoting Miyavi here) "What the fuck are you doing Daddy?" Hahaha. He had a bunch of new tattoos, including a HUGE one that looks like it takes up his whole chest, which he teasingly showed us a corner of. He played some new songs, which was exciting. He sounded amazing - both voice and guitar - and he even did some behind the back playing for us. What can I say? It was everything I could ever want or expect from a Miyavi show? Love and rock.
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Miyavi and Gackt are having a conversation via Twitter, which is very adorable. I am not sure why they are having the conversation in English, but it's still so heartwarming.

It started after Miyavi posted this first: From Germany #prayforjapan http://instagr.am/p/C7Lqa/ about 5 hours ago via Instagram

That prompted this exchange.

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL Are you in Germany right now? It is morning here, I am fine but some friends don't call back yet...How is your show there?

@GACKT hey sup bro, cool 2 hear from u. just had the show in Italy n now got 2 Hungary. everythin is great here but u kno so worried abt jp.

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL U r in Hungary right now? I know U r worried about Japan, we are ok, still fighting. we never give up, right?

@GACKT yeh, i kno. we never ever give up our bright future. lets keep sendin our luv n hearts 2 the victims in the disaster sites.

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL Of course I keep on sendin my luv there, 2 every1. There are a lot of people who r still fighting in the disaster areas.
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今日は出社せずに、FC会議まで子守しながら自宅作業。ive bin watchin my kids while workin at home 2day. yeh, Jewel got so chubby. LOL

Some more adorable tweets:

# Luv got sick. even tho a lil feverish, still callin her sis's name cryin next door in the morning. so touchin... stay strong girl!! about 18 hours ago via web

# 熱が出て苦しいはずの長女が、明け方に隣の部屋で泣いてる次女を心配して片言で名前を呼ぶ姿を見て涙が出た。強く在って欲しい。 about 18 hours ago via web
of course I never take the fact I can strum the guitar on stage n rock out wiz my sweet fans 4 granted. so i thankfully kill u by my music ☺ 7:15 AM Dec 18th via Twittelator

the lovely annoyin fuckin long easily tangled beautiful black extensions r finally gone!! エクステとれた!!got freedom!! YES!!!!!!! Tuesday, December 21, 2010 8:37:42 AM via web

# 今更ながら14日は流れ星の日だったんだね。嬉しいけど、でも願いは自分で叶えるよ!! tons of shooting stars were falling on the 14th. but ill make my wish come true wiz my guitar!! 8:37 AM Dec 17th via web

とことん惚れろ。そして他に何も要らなくなるくらい、惚れさせろ。そしたら毎朝、目覚めるだけで幸せだよ。RT @aka382kyo 昔から雅さんを尊敬してます。彼女を幸せにする方法教えてください 7:13 AM Dec 18th via web

Fall head over heels for her. And make her fall so head over heels that love is all she needs. If you do that, you'll be happy to open your eyes every single morning. RT @aka382kyo I've always respected you, Miyavi-san. Please tell me how to make my girlfriend happy. 7:13 AM Dec 18th via web )
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I can't help think that 'Torture' is about the whole thing with PSC. Also, when I loaded my copy into itunes, it lists 'Revenge' as S.M.F.B

Torture is all in English except for the bolded lines.



I'm singin' here to get rid of fear.
Hope it disappears right here with the rain.
But I know life is pain. not like a fairy tale.
Meaningless to pray, just goin' on my way.

This endless pain and this unbearable anger and irritation
Bleedin' from my eyes cuz of a pack of lies
that binds up my mind so that I can't escape.

Hey GOD, can you feel the pain you give to me?
Kill me heavenly before I awake.
Why you torture me? just hatin' me?
Even if it's destiny, I don't run away.

No one wants to see an empty fairytale
with an ending without dreams or hope

I don't wanna see
I don't wanna see anymore.


I can't more forward, I can't go back, nothing but ideals, going nowhere
Damned if I go, damned if I don't
If I gotta do this then I'm gonna die pitching forward*


I haven't lost. I haven't lost. That's what I tell my reflection in the mirror
I'm gonna grab the shirtfront of that sun who glares fierce and glittering down on me

At some point my regrets have become my footprints
And I've had to swallow my sorrow

I'm gonna fall over and over
and over and over, I'm gonna fly

"If your dream ain't gonna come true then just don't dream it."

I get it
I get that, but I just don't get it.

I'll put a cover on my impatient heart
And until this trembling voice gets worn out,
I'm gonna scream over and over

Until that dream dries out
I don't care how many times I fall

Because I can fly just as many times

* This is a paraphrasing of the motto of Sakamoto Ryoma, the famous samurai, "If you are a man, even if you die in a ditch during battle, you will die pitching forward." It means that you should always be positive and move forward no matter what.
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NOTE: Wow, it's been a while since I've had to do one! For once he says different things in the Japanese and English sections! The italics are the sections that were already in English.

BYE 2010 SUMMER Tokyo

the hot as hell summer 2010 is over.

Summer 2010 in Tokyo is over.  

It was a hot summer.

I ended it not with a festival
Not with fireworks
But with a live house

We had a small party after the last show was over
All of the staff seemed sorry to see it end too

"Hello from Tokyo to the whole fuckin' world."

glad to have had the opportunities that let us feel the same thing at the same time via the webcast thing.

my crew n staff will also miss this tour-ish tour.

To be honest, there's something that's been stuck in my head since the last part of the tour
But I still haven't found the answer.

I feel like once the album is out
it will naturally come into view

im in the final stage of completing the album "WHAT'S MY NAME?"
hopefully it makes u wanna dance or play the guitar.

It's my first album in 3 years,
and I think it's turned into a really good one.

I put my soul into my guitar, please try to feel it.

All set to rock y'all.




Aug. 5th, 2011 05:29 am
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Just got finished watching Miyavi's Tokyo concert, streamed live to my laptop in Boston. Technology is amazing, or more importantly Miyavi is amazing. He's streaming his entire Tokyo tour so that us Comiyavi from around the world (and other parts of Japan) don't have to miss out. We really are one. <3

Needless to say, it doesn't compare to actually being at a show - I had to tell myself I wasn't just watching a concert DVD a few times, for one thing, and for another, and most importantly, my Cy wasn't here with me. It's just not the same, but it was still really awesome. He sounded amazing, guitar wise. Vocals wise, I thought he'd sounded a million times better at our show. But I was able to really concentrate on the lyrics of the new songs which was nice. (OH man, Gravity! So intense! Miyavi!!>_<) Speaking of the new songs (which is almost all he played)they are all amazing! I can't wait for the new album!!!! (Which now has a name: 'What's my name?') October is so far away! LOL
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Yesterday was the Miyavi show here in SF. I won a contest which meant that Cy and I got to watch Miyavi's sound check, watch the show and then have a meet & greet with him. Here's my super long report of all that.
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tl;dr version:
It was amazing. I love that man, I love his music, and I am so glad and so proud to be his fan.


Mar. 25th, 2011 11:15 am
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music/lyrics by MIYAVI

Hello the world.

I'm gonna bite you I'll bite u Don't look away
Who the fxxk saying that I don't got fangs anymore?
If it's for the sake of what I need to protect I can be back at ZERO
Over and over Like a wolf I'll keep on crawling up

I'm still starvin'
I'm the Wolf survivin' with Love

Take a look Look around u Notice anything?
It don't pay to be honest to a fault
All your pride, it's ain't got NO meaning what so ever
That shit Throw it away Just throw it in the gutter
Can you hear me? I'm screamin' out from Tokyo
Covered with wounds, I'm singing Peace and Love ROCK ON
Love and lust and emotion, and this time, all of that, everything
Yeah, Imma gonna Break 'em all  I'll slash through it all

This is The way a Wolf survives with Love.

t/n: 1)italicized parts are originally in English
2) There's a Japanese proverb 'Shojikimono ga baka wo miru', which is the equivalent of 'Honesty doesn't pay'. What Miyavi says here is basically just a roughed up version of that.
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The trailer for “NEO TOKYO SAMURAI BLACK WORLD TOUR Vol.1”, which includes Miyavi's new song 'Survive' in its entirety!

My thoughts:

1) The song is a lot harder than some of his recent stuff, but I think that fits with this song being his first real song since he left PSC, etc, and I really like the rough, deep guitar sound, as well as the softer verse at around the 2 minute mark.

2) I need this DVD in my hands right now. It looks amazing. (Also I want to screencap like every frame of the commercial.

3) I was supposed to go to a tiny acoustic show during that tour but it got canceled. T__T

4) Holy hell is that man gorgous

ETA: Okay so I totally just pre-ordered the deluxe edition...
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Just realized I never did this one. Better late than never, right?? ^_^;;;

Note: I'm doing this from a really crappy scan with the end of each page blurred beyond legibility. Sorry for the holes!
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Damn, this took me three hours!!! LOL

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Happy Birthday, Miyavi! I'm glad you're here! Thanks for all the music and the joy! Keep on rockin'!!


Jul. 30th, 2010 11:14 am
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This is someone's Daddy, you guys!

Also I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed yesterday while listening to "We love You" and thinking of him singing it to baby myv...


(photo from the official announcement at Oricon.co.jp)
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My girl !!
Current mood: adored

dear co-miyavi all over the world,
thanks for ur kind messages and comments !!

my lovely baby was born finally yesterday 07/29 at 4:40 PM
after 20 hours of labor at the hospital.

and lemme say sorry that i ended up putting this blog up late
cuz i passed up last night right away when i came back home...

anyway now its morning here,
i still totally cant believe that im a dad now.

but im sure that she is my girl !!

please welcome my daughter to co-miyavi family
and much love for u guys too !!


Yay, I'm glad it's a girl! I hoped it would be! XD


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